By:Andrew Troy Keller

This is an epic tale of high adventure.
A warrior maiden was riding in search of a great treasure.
King Kropar's daughter has been abducted
And throughout the land,he had requested
That if someone were to return her,
That person should recieve fortune and pleasure.

That was too tempting an offer
To pass up--even to a female warrior.
Suddenly,she had noticed a sight
That had befallen her--a girl with a look of fright
On her face like none other.

Then,after she had gotten off of her horse,
Someone else appeared at a very slow course.
"I am Shikra.",she said."I am to return her
To King Kropar."
"She is his daughter.",he said."Of course."

"Indeed.",she answered."And you are?"
He answered,"I am Mokkar.
And I am to return this girl,
Before she faces an even greater peril."
Suddenly,a voice rang out,"SO,YOU WERE SENT BY KING KROPAR!"

The two warriors looked and were surprised by the sight
Of a demon that had rose to a towering height.
"I AM THE DEMON YAR-GAR!",growled the angry demon.
But then,after he had readied his bow and arrow,Mokkar asked,"Is that right?"

"On that subject,I too must agree.",
Said Shikra,before they've fired their arrows onto the knees
Of the demon--and by pulling on the ropes that were connected to
The arrows,they forced the demon to
Trip and fall directly into the very deep sea.

The demon Yar-gar was no longer seen,so far.
As for the girl,she was returned to King Kropar,
Who had then gave both warriors fortune and pleasure,
By granting them both women and treasure.
And to this day,both Shikra and Mokkar
Had been known as the greatest archers from near and far.