Wow…my first excursion into original fiction. I'm so proud. ^_^

Anyhoo, this is a Keyfic. For those of you who don't know what the key game is, here's a quick explanation: A person, known as a trainer, creates an original character (the Key) who must be a) A sexual slave, b) Trapped within an enclosed area they cannot leave, and c) Male. Other than that, the sky's the limit. (And no, this story isn't a smut-fest. ^_^ I'm just using that criteria as a set-up)

Then, the Key goes to an Owner, who has no prior information. You only get a description after you've chosen your Key. The Owner may then write a story centered around the Key, or draw a picture. Since my artistic talents are laughable, I chose the former. ^_^ If you want to learn more, go here: (I think that's right…^^;;)

WARNINGS: This story will contain yaoi/slash/homosexual relationships, whatever term you're familiar with. ^_^ If that isn't your cup of tea, please don't read any further. It will also contain some or all of the following: Violence, graphic sex, non-con sex (rape), torture, death,  enigmatic people, strange visions, pretty boys, and very possibly pink monkeys on pretty white horses. ( Okay, maybe not that last one. What? *glances around furtively* Of course I wrote an outline…) Anyhoo, here it is, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! Oh, and please review. ^_^

The Fire Dancer Key ~ Prologue: The Beginning of the End

Humans are the earth, the embodiment of creation. He is the first, forging the path. Strong and steady, the first will ground his companions. He is the constant.

Inuk are the flame, bringers of destruction. He is the second, the test of the will. Unpredictable and dangerous, the second will spur his companions to action. He is the strength.

Amhan are the sky, bearers of knowledge. He is the third, the light in the darkness. Patient and wise, the third will act as caution to his companions. He is the wisdom.

Tebreth are the waves, singers of change. He is the fourth, who sees what others cannot. Innocent and cheerful, the fourth will lighten the hearts of his companions. He is the joy.

Na'sali are the light, wind riders, the sacrifice. He is the last, the guardian of the balance. All and nothing, the last will be the one to tie his companions together. He is the courage.

Nostun sighed and leaned back in his chair, pulling off his glasses and rubbing the bridge of his nose wearily. Why did he bother? Better scholars than he had scoured these texts long ago. What made him think he could glean more information than they? He stood and stretched, glaring down at the book as if it somehow taunted him, purposely witholding the information he so desperately sought.

The legend of the Fire Dancer was a well known one. Well known, but looked at with amusement, nothing more than a curious tale. A triviality. Something to entertain the children with. Nostun closed the book with a weary sigh. He couldn't blame them, really.

Na salth et dirith, pren si'dirith setsa yaelen sal na mirin et soliel nomun. The rise of darkness, when night rules eternal and the breath of morning fails.San morn re janta pren na si'soliel nomun sal dres torilel hara na piru, na Kaera Soren ses lehn. At such a time when the dawn fails and will never again grace the skies, the Fire Dancer is born. Re seri tormu na fir, na durak les yirest sal na durak les mahden. A child walking the edge, the power to heal and the power to destroy.

The words of the Old Tongue running circles in his mind, Nostun went to the window. No, he couldn't blame them, because he too had once thought that legend nothing more than words. Now, however, there was no denying the truth his own eyes saw.

Staring out over the vast expanse of Tameril, he silently cursed the night that hung over the city. A night like no other. Though it was only spring, the days were growing shorter, the light of the sun weaker by the day. Stars were winking out, the night sky no longer the familiar thing it once was. This was the beginning. Legend becoming truth.

Sighing, Nostun turned away from the window and settled back at his desk, opening the the book once more and drawing the flickering candle a bit closer. Somewhere amongst these riddles there had to be something. A clue to the whereabouts of the Fire Dancer, of the five the book often spoke of.

The part concerning the five worried him. One was a Human, not uncommon. The others however...The Inuk were a violent race of killers. The Amhan reclusive and impossible to find. The Tebreth had not been seen in over a century, and the Na'sali even Nostun had never heard of. A part of him worried that the battle was over before it had even begun.

Shaking his head, Nostun forced the thought from his mind. He had to do something, even if it was only pouring over old texts he could make no sense of. If he gave up, then there was nothing left. Better to cling to an old legend than give up hope completely. There had to be an answer.

The old man continued his studies, while outside, the Eternal Night was slowly creeping over the land.