What is this world
But a simple ballroom
Every living being
Entreating to this costume ball
Each face covered with
A personal mask
At this glorious masquerade.

It is upon these masks
That we gaze so foolishly
Believing that the face under
Will match the face presented
The mask of the angel
Adorned in robes and wings
To hide the devil
Who preys on the innoccent.

The angry Titan's face
With the glory of devinity
Surrounding the child
Afraid of it's own shadow
And the world dances
Looking for the partner
With the prettiest mask
Uncaring whose underneith.

Even I wear a mask
As grotesque as they come
Matching the darkness I wear
As I sit out the dances
Watching and waiting
For Sincerity
For the true soul
Who wears no mask
Who seeks me to dance
Not on the mask I wear
But on the soul underneith.

But there are no such souls
Though one can Hope
And as I watch the dancing
I can only offer a warning
That you beware with who you dance...

Chaos Angel ~10/04/2000~

Don't ask, I just get like this sometimes. First poem I've written in near 2 years, so be nice. Also, I should thank so people...
Namely, Micheal Crawford, Sarah Brightman, Steve Barton, and the rest of the cast of The Phantom of the Opera, as this was inspired by the song Masquerade in said Opera. Buy that tape, it's pretty damn good.