Author's Note: I tend to spell things the "European" way, so please bear with my rather unusual spelling!

From the moment I met you

Something in your eyes

Wrapped itself around my heart

Was it the loneliness I saw?

Or was it the gentleness

That lay beneath the fire in your eyes?

In those tears you tried to hide,

I saw through those defences

And into your broken soul

*You make me laugh

You make me cry

You make me feel like I never have

You've built walls around you

For far too long

Like a hurricane in its wake,

You push everyone away

Destroying everything in your path

Oh, can't you see

That you and I are the same?

You and me

We ache inside



No matter how hard I try

You could get to me

Like no one else ever can

You say the world's forsaken you

So much anger, so much hate inside

Never knowing what else to do

But shut out the world

Your smile covers up the poison you hide

Concealing scars you'd forevermore carry

*Repeat Chorus

You ache inside

A broken chilc

But I still

I still love you

And I won't ever give up on you