Watching as the night rolls by, Nysis walks over to her balcony. She looks down to the streets below. Her violet eyes make her world a strange shade. Her senses are reborn with each night's glow. The age of change is coming. It comes faster and faster as each second passes. Once her voice could lead any man to his demise. Now she's living in a world where she does not belong. Over the 5,000 years of her life, she has never found a reason for immortality.

The silver moon brightens the night sky better than any street lamp. She drifts back to her first life remembering the gods had the power of change. She would sing of death and swim freely among gentle waves. The days of ancient Greece had left only one mark on this world. Through myths and stories was the only remembrance. Sirens were angels of death and feared by the people at sea. Through their god-like powers any man who dared harm a siren would pay with his soul.

Returning to the present, she glided toward her cradle of sleep. The black silk caressed her cream-like skin. Feeling the softness of the sheets with each turn. Her thoughts become consumed by her dreams. In her dreams, she holds on to her past. Wanting and wishing it back to life. In a world of technology, her simple ways are long forgotten. The window welcomed the bitter coldness of the world. The temperature dropped into a freezing state. Her heart raced with the chills of the spine.

The flowing breeze made her long raven hair grow unruly. Hair as black as the darkest night with a twilight's tint. The shade made her paleness stand out so much more. Her cream-like reflection was almost a ghost with wild violet eyes shining upon its sight. The silver moon was the only light in her room. The night is what she fears the most. Loneliness of the years haunt her every night.

Over the horizon, the sun climbed with this glorious fingers stretching over the sky. Awaking to the light sprinkles of a morning drizzle. She slowly made her way in to the lilac bathroom. With each foot step a regret of life comes into her mind. The times changed so much, she thought. While looking into a full body mirror, she noticed that her eyes had shed tears last night. Her hands fell in her side at the sight of showing her emotions.

Her average body was in the shape of a pear. Her swollen hips shifted side to side with so little ease. Reaching her delicate hands to start the bath and pouring the essences of lavenders and lilacs into the water. Not to hot and not to cold is the perfect temperature to her. The water was refreshing to the softness of the skin. Her body became engulfed by the crystal foam that bubbled when mixed with the water.

Nysis bathed with the time passing slowly. The eternal clock of changes was ticking, but she did not hear the sound. Each day was another day of loneliness. Unwanted bitterness for the ice maiden. She lifted herself from the bath and covered herself with a towel. Her hair teared with the water. Her feet touched the floor with a graceful ease.

After drying off, she put on her tank top and skirt. She put on her necklace with its crescent silver moon. Her heels were about three inches tall. Black hair pulled back with a white bandana was her hair style. After walking out the door she locked it, headed down the hall to the elevator, and waited for it to reach the floor. Her apartment was her only sanctuary from the world.

Reaching the outside, she headed to the left toward a little diner that served a wonderful breakfast. The sky was clear as it could get. The smog was thin today, most of the time it was thick. Watching everyone hurrying everywhere. What is the use of hurrying? Rushing so time passes faster? They are just rushing to have their lives away.

Nysis walks into the diner toward her table in the back corner. She asks the waitress for the breakfast usual. Everyday seems to repeat to her: breakfast, walk in the park, lunch, library, supper, and then back to home. She is occasionally seen at the dance club down the corner from her apartment. Normal, boring daily routine. No one new she meets. She sends out a vibe to humans that seems to discomfort them.

She received her breakfast and lifted up her fork. She saw out the edge of her eye and saw a young man watching her. He was with a group of different genders. The women were laughing and giggling towards him in order to flirt. The men were chatting about the latest game and their latest fling. Why was he looking at her?

Nysis continued to eat her breakfast and did not care about the man watching. She put her money next to the ticket upon the table. She stood up to leave and walked by him with her violet eyes staring into his brown eyes. She turned her head and walked out with any other thought.

The man, Xeth, was tall, dark, and handsome. The perfect female fantasy. He was about 5'11" with his loose brown hair covering his head. He was well built in the muscle department. He viewed as Nysis strolled down the street and rounded a corner. He wondered why she was alone, but did not say anything. He said seen her before the night before at the club. She just sat and watched everyone dance, and again she was alone.

Nysis walked down the cluttered damp streets watching the birds fly free next to the divine clouds. The breeze of sweet scents from colognes, perfumes, flowers, and shops enhanced the senses of life. Not being able to shake the feeling of being followed, she turned into a lonely alley. She hide between a doorway out of site. She could only see the shadow growing to show the closeness of the stranger. Taken out a switch blade knife from her black leather bag, Nysis waited and intense patted the thrill of a fight.

She could hear a group of people at the alley entrance, she was blocked. The shadow grew closer. She jumped behind the person and held the knife to his neck. Xeth stood still and in shock. Nysis realized it was him and still held the knife in place. The sharp cold metal was bitter to his rugged skin. He tried to kept the blade from grazing his exposed neck.

"Why were you following me?" Nysis asked angrily.

"Okay, hold on. I was just wandering who you were." he replied in panic. "I am Xeth. I saw you last night at the club. I was just going to ask you your name."

Nysis let him go and stood angry. "I am Nysis and that is all you need to know." She started to walk away. Her bitterness was enough to send a chill up the spine.

"How did you learn that trick?" he asked while rubbing his neck.

Nysis turned around and said, "From a good friend." The girl walked around the corner and headed back to her home. That was too much aggravation for one day. Before she opened her door, a single scarlet rose was upon her mat. Slowly lifting the note, it read "I am sorry for scaring you. I hope to make it up to you at the club tonight." It was from Xeth.

The air sang with the scents of lilacs and lilies. The room clouded with an aura of enticement. A desire of the heart held to the moonlit skies surrounded the room. She wanted to decline the invitation of the club, but there was something about him that was quite unique. He had not rejected and forgotten the diner meeting. His eyes haunted her mind with their chocolate merriment. She dressed in her grandest outfit; the black tank top hugged her chest. Black jeans with the attitude of the rebel. Two strands of the raven curls hanging down to add mystery to her past. Hair wrapped in silver chains to remind her of the days long gone in the ages. A model of Greek in its ancient customs.

Nysis entered the room of smoke and blasting thumping. The bass want to kick her in the chest with each step toward the bar. The echoes of chatter buzzed in her ears like insects. She cautiously ordered her strawberry daiquiri and sat on one of the stools. She waited patiently with fingers tapping. A feeling of spying was hiding in the back of her mind, she slowly turned around to glimpse Xeth sitting with his followers in a booth towards the rear of the dance floor. He waved to signal for Nysis to come and join the gang. Her drink in hand, she shifted her hips as she glided to the booth. She stood at the end and said, "Thank you for blossom. It was a polite thought."

Xeth replied, "No problem. I am glad it got to you."

"How did you find out where I stayed?" Nysis questioned.

"Oh, the lady in the café told me. She gave me the address."

Nysis held her tongue and remained quiet.

"So, Nysis, would you care to dance?" Xeth requested. He lifted out of the booth and made his way to Nysis. Not even waiting for a reply, Xeth grabbed her fragile hand and lead her to the floor. Under a night's belly ceiling, he placed her hand around his neck. Nysis was not sure how to react; she just was fortunate to be in someone's arms. Loneliness was her curse and her life. Tonight was a night she felt more like a human than anything.

Nysis, enticed by the scent of his cologne, grew closer to the young man. His hair covered slightly around the ears. He held her close and slowly swayed back and forth with the rhythm of the music. A night of curiosity became a night of dreams springing to life. She was not alone; she was wanted. The music played on, but no sound could she hear. Closing the eyes, she imagined a river sparkling with the radiance of the lustrous orb of the night. Slowly emerging from the serene waters was a young man, much to the likeness of Xeth. He was wearing the traditional white cloth of the ancient days of Greece. She opened her eyes in surprise.

"What is wrong?" Xeth quietly asked. "Are you alright?"

Nysis, stunned for a moment, answered, "Yes, I am fine."

"You jerked. Do you need to sit down?"

"No, please, I am fine. I just want to continue dancing."

Xeth began to relax and was surprised that she was so willing to remain in his arms. Rather than the episode in the alley where he almost lost his neck. Nysis felt out of place now. She knew she did not belong here in this world. Why was she here? A world so different from the outdated life she lead. What was her purpose here?

The song had finished and yet they were still lost in each other's company. Xeth began to return to the club; it was a break for the Disc Jockey. The two walked back to the booth and sat down. Nysis took a drink of her alcoholic drink and Xeth held his beer in one hand. He could not break a sense that they have meet before today, but could not remember when.

The hour of three A.M. began to arrive. The club leisurely began to loss the population. Xeth and Nysis danced the night way with the sound of each other's breath. The group began to grow restless and walked up to them.

"Xeth, the club is closing and we are going to go," one said.

"Okay, I will walk her home and I will be there in a bit," he answered.

Nysis and Xeth walked down to her apartment; they stopped right in front of her door. They looked into one another's eyes and then at the floor.

"Well, I have better let you go now," Nysis said. "Good-…."

Xeth interrupted, "No good byes. I will see you again." He kissed her check and traveled to the elevator. Soon he disappeared and she unlocked her door. She walked in with a smile on her face. A rare site; she had never thought of it. She was so used to being rejected by the world. Now she has been enticed by one human. She walked to the bathroom and realized that she was not thinking correctly.

He was human, mortal. They could never be together. She never ages and he would. Nysis closed her eyes to try to forget the truth. The thought of his life ending unlike hers brought her heart to a panic. How could she feel this way about a human she had just met this morning? Did the Fates bring her to this city for a reason? Was the image of him in her ancient world true? So many question, yet no answers.

Nysis uneasily began to change into her night clothes. The black silk of her gown was embracing pale white skin. Her restless sleep was fogged up with poignant feelings of her reality. Knowing the truth would destroy what a little craze that they had. She finally slept after a few hours.

A screech of a raven upon her windowsill was her alarm to wake. She noticed the bird and strolled over. The feathered creature was a sight. "So you have found me," Nysis said. "I knew you would return." The raven just looked at her and flew away. She began to set out some dried bread crumbs for it to eat.