Nysis sat on the bed and reflected once again. She closed her violet eyes and remembered the raven. The radiant coal hair of her brother, Joseph. He had been her guardian through all time. He seems to fly away often to explore the world through his glassy eyes. Joseph was about six feet tall in human form. He challenge a lesser god to a battle and lost. He remain near his sister, Nysis, for the rest of his life. If she would ever die, he would be released from raven form and die as well.

Joseph bounced his way to the bed frame and perched upon it. Nysis glided over to sit on the bed and petted his feathery brow. She missed everything about him, her brother in blood and life. He was not really her brother, just a friend that nearly died to save her life about 2000 years ago. He taught her how to defend herself and how to use a dagger and different weapons. They never became intimate and stayed friends, at the time Nysis did not want a lover.

Joseph stayed perched near her bed and she got ready to resume her sleeping. She knew she would go to breakfast and continue her regular routine. Xeth had made her think about her dress and looks. She would need to find something a bit more modern to wear from now on. Her clothing was old and out-of-date, much like her world. The elegance of her home was even a reflect of old-fashioned antiques and such. She collected this things from the earliest time periods and places she has lived through.

She floating into a deeper sleep than ever, where the ancient man that resembled Xeth was waiting in the water of a glorious river. The hazy night was fogged with a light mist and moonlight silver glow. She gown was of lavender China silk and brought back the memories of her ancient clothing. The tender fabric slid on her body as she walked towards the river. Placing her hand in the cool and sensual water was a dream come true. The air smelled of perfumes of nectar and jasmines. The lilies hovered on the delicate water with endless scents to cuddle the air.

Her hand held a yellow rose and lifted it to her nose. The scents of love and lust were what she sensed with the easy mysterious night. Everything was a fantasy here, even the fireflies were sparkling like stars in the sky. Nysis watched as a few petals fell from the tree above her. One of the petals landed on her cheek, the softness was refreshing to her supple flesh. The light fuchsia blossom was beautiful all by itself, each touch was wonderfully graceful.

While being distracted by the wonders of nature's most beautiful elements, the stranger's arms wrapped around her waist. Holding her close, she could feel his hot breath on her neck and hair. He held her like a lover and friend, a comforting thought and loving. She reacted by placing her hands over his, caressing the muscles that ran threw his arms and hands. His rough yet gentle skin brushed against her tender flesh to make a fire inside her burn. The fire was violent but loving. Why could this guy do this to her?

Tempting hands ran lower to her hips and started to turn her to face him. She slowly twisted to face his well toned chest and strong structure face. He was just as handsome as Xeth was in life. Parting his lips, he lowered his face and neck to feather a kiss upon her full and wanting lips. The kiss was powerful and addictive, she wrapped her arms around his neck to hunger this fascinating kiss. That craving for a kiss that could set the coldhearted on fire with passion. Releasing each other from the kiss, she felt a smile grace her face. Her life was so different because of one mortal human. What was happening to her?

She awoke in a ice cold sweat, the raven was pecking the window to get out. She grabbed her teal satin robe and opened the window. She shook her head and looked at her clock. It was nearly 2 p.m. Oh my, she had slept through breakfast and lunch. Oh well, she would call the diner and have them deliver her something to eat. She heard the door bell ring and she jumped. She never got visitors, everything was making her so nervous and scared. She made sure her black laced night gown was cover by the robe and calmed her hair a bit. Opening the door, she was Xeth with a bouquet of yellow roses, about ten or twelve. He just stood there smiling like he had just gotten laid or something. She raised an eyebrow and he just smiled more.

"Good afternoon, Nysis," he said with an adoring sense behind them. She just looked at him confused about what to do.

"Good afternoon, Xeth."

"I thought you might like something to eat, since you weren't at breakfast or lunch."

"You went to the diner and waited for me to show up."

"Yes, I wanted to see you again and talk. Since you did not show up, I decided to see if you were okay and hungry."

"You brought me lunch?"

He lifted a bag of different sized Styrofoam containers. She could smell a cheeseburger with pickles and mayonnaise, hopefully that was his food. She opened the door wider and nodded at him. "Come on in then Xeth."

He walked in looking around and then finally noticing what she was wearing. "Did you just wake up?" His eyes flowed over her body and seemed to be memorizing the curves the were seeing.

"Yes, I did. I have been awful tired. Last night was the first night I had stayed up that late."

"Oh, I am sorry. I will leave if you want me too." His eyes showed their shy attitude which Nysis was not expecting.

She cleaned off an old eighteenth century table. "You don't have to go. You bought me lunch, here place the food here. I will be back in a moment. I need to put something more suitable on." She said walking towards the bathroom and shutting the door.

Xeth placed the different containers on the table and placed two chairs near it. He started to glance about the three room flat again. The whole one part was the kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedroom in one room. It took up the whole floor. He could not believe that Nysis did not work and could still afford to pay for this big mansion of an apartment. Everything was old and antique looking. The decorations and furnishings looked like they belonged in a museum.

Nysis returned after about ten minutes wearing some black jeans and a T-shirt that was too big for her fragile frame, but she looked very comfy. Xeth smiled and felt like he wanted to spend his life with her, even though it was very fast to think like that. She sat down and they began talking about music, movies, clubs, and the food. They looked like two college students hanging out at the café or something. She was so comfortable around Xeth and all she could think about was her dream of the strong man that reminded her so much of Xeth.

After they had finished their lunch it was about 4 p.m. They had mostly just talked about things and stuff for about two hours. She was happy, and did not even think about what it would be like to involved with a mortal. Xeth's hand would make its way towards hers and rest their teasing the skin with little dance-like movements. At least five times that has happened, but she was not going to complain. It has been centuries since she had had a suitor and she enjoyed it.

When it became time for Xeth to depart, she escorted him to her door and they stood there looking at each other. She beaming smile was enticing to his lips. He just wanted to kiss those enchanting lips and get lost in her touch. "Would it be too much to ask if I asked to kiss you?" Xeth asked shyly.

She was shocked, was he able to read her mind? She had be thinking about ever since he first came to her door this afternoon. "No, I think that would be alright."

Xeth parted his lips and brushed them against hers. There was a spark, much like the dream, the more they kissed the more the spark grew. Each sensation drive them together. She wanted to lay him and down make sweet love to him right now, but she tired to remember herself. They released each other and he looked lost. "See you tonight at the club, 8 p.m.?"

"Yes, " she replied quickly. She could have smacked her forehead for answering so quickly. She watched him leave and closed the door. Her heart fell to the floor and she could have died right there. That kiss, that kiss of temptation. Xeth was temptation in every form, either good or bad. He was her weakness at this moment. She fell on the bed and stared at the ceiling. She felt like she could fly into the heavens. 'Wait till tonight at the club,' she thought to herself.