The doorbell rang before my grandmother could tell me how to fix this. It was Alex. I could smell his musky cologne. No, he must go away. I ran as fast as my four legs would carry me. My door was shut, what a day to change. My grandmother welcomed him into the house. My heart raced quicker. I ran short of breath. I closed my eyes. He is going to think I am a freak.

"Star, are you okay?" he asked.

Why did he ask that? Did he not see that I was a wolf? I opened my eyes to see I was human again. No fur, just skin covered by my jeans and shirt. Was it a nightmare; a figure of my imagination?

"How did it feel?" he asked. "The change is a big step for us."

Was I losing it? Did he just say "for us"? "What?" I asked.

"The change I saw you running while I was coming. You looked so beautiful. Your fur had a red tint to it, like your hair."

"How do you know about what just happened?"
"Well, I went through it about two months ago. My family moved here to escape the big city. They thought it would be easier to hide it here."

"Is that why you brought me the book?"

"Well, yes. It tells about us, but not everything is true. We don't always live peacefully. Those stories were written back in the time when being Children of the Moon was a lot easier to hide. Now there are so many humans."

"Okay, this is a little hard to take in at once. So, then do you know what that shadowy thing was?"

"Yeah, a moon sprite that watches over you. Being able to see it is the first sign of the change."

I could not believe it. This shadow thing was watching me. "If it watches over me, then why did I see it when my parents died?"

"Well," Grandmother interrupted. "That was your parents' sprite. You saw it because you are their child. It came to see you in human form when you were just a few months old."

"That is why it looked familiar."

My whole life was a lie. I thought I was normal; now I am a shape shifter. A creature of enchantment with a wild spirit. Alex and I walked out to the stump by the cliff where the moon still glistened with a refreshing glow. I finally found somewhere I belonged, and there were others that felt the same way as I did.

Penelope and I were still friends, and Alex never came between us again. Penelope had met a guy, the football captain at a neighboring school. Alex was old news to her. We all often went on double dates. Alex and I became very close while he and my grandmother taught me how to control the transformation. At night I would often be found by my parents' graves, where I would tell them about my day. A gift for my change was the ability to read minds. A gift I used on Alex a lot. He often got upset but forgave me. He could not stay mad at me very long. My life was just like I had always wanted. I would say we lived happily ever after, but this is no story