Make Me Bad

Chapter 1

A/N: First of all, I just want to say that the bad from the title doesn't have any sexual innuendo. Secondly, I want to thank readers who also write stories because some of your stories I may have read, and they have influenced me to write this because I got a lot of ideas from various stories, songs, television shows, and life. Ah, yes. And by the way, this story isn't based on my life or anything like that.


All my life I've been called weird. Odd. Strange. Even when I was at the preppiest point of my life, most like all of them, they still thought me quaint. It was then that I realized that I didn't want to be like them. Didn't want to be considered one of those who live fake lives, always happy giddy, where there are no leaders, only followers; where everyone is the same. I knew that I would rather be different, than like all of them.

It wasn't an immediate change; more of a gradual one that took me about three months. Everything about me including my attitude changed. My preference in clothes was simple: anything black and extremely different. I listened only to Marilyn Manson and other hard rock bands. I hated people, and any inclination of them existing. School was an improvement. Instead of being called weird, I was called a freak, gothic even.

Sure, I didn't mind it, but my mother did. She accused me of being evil, like my brother. He had moved out the previous year because he couldn't take her. Her constant belittling was enough to put anyone down. Six months after I was thirteen, she sent me away to some center for insane people. I was there for about six months and I had decided that if I was never able to be who I am, I would be one of those people who truly did live a lie, not the people who said tat for attention. I was released, in worse depression than I had before I was sent there, though hidden, to be welcomed home to mother dearest sending me away yet again to a center to find me a new home because she refused to acknowledge me any more in my present, as she called, 'phase'. I was ecstatic. I had hated her, and now I was free from carrying the burden of insults.

It wasn't long before the center had found me a new family. Well, actually, it was a young couple, either in their late twenties or early thirties, but they were awesome. It was two weeks ago that I moved in with them and life has improved so much. They had been considered the freaks of their time when they were younger as well so they approved of my preferences. They even let me change my name to anything I wanted. I chose the name after long debate. Sabriel Wraith. Sabriel, because it was a name from a really good book that I had once read, and wraith, because it was the only thing I could think of from Lord of the Rings to use as a last name.

Adria and Sean Kyller weren't exactly an average family either. They were pretty rich, but not in a boastful way. And they were extremely lenient in the rules that I had to follow. There was only one. Don't become a whore. The only thing I was slightly worried about was the new school I would have to go to. I had moved pretty far and I didn't know what people were like in Mass. I didn't really care what they would think about me, I just wanted to know if I was going to hate my time here or not.

Before I had to return to school, I dyed my hair black, which made my emerald green eyes stand out, and bought an all black wardrobe. I didn't want people thinking I was preppy at all on the first day. And that's pretty much all that happened before the first day.

~()~ Attendance Office Sabriel's first day at Dark Water High

Contrary to popular belief when reading the name of the high school for the first time, everyone that I passed on the way to the Attendance Office was a prep. Enough said. When I entered the plain room through bulky grey door, I saw a lady at the desk that looked as if she was about 200 years old; like she was going to fall over and break in any second. That was before I saw her look up. Her eyes held more life than some kids my age, and they danced mirthfully at me. The shiny blue crystal-like eyes defied her fragile stance and bleach-white hair.

'Hi, I'm Sabriel Wraith. I was signed up the other day and I need my schedule, please.' I said, a bit timidly.

'Ah, yes. I was informed that you would be coming here today.' She said as she handed me a violet slip of paper. 'Read it over before you head to your first class. Make sure you were put in the right classes. Your schedule has you in all accelerated courses so you'll be taking tenth grade studies rather than ninth. I hope that's correct.' She spoke softly, almost inaudibly, but her voice was anything but old. Like her eyes, it contradicted her appearance.

I quickly looked at the paper, before assuring her that it was right and heading off to class. The schedule had times showing when the classes started and ended, and it showed that there was about 5 minutes before first period would start. I decided to go straight to class, or I probably would get lost and not make it there in time. I found it with two minutes to spare, and walked in.

'Excuse me, sir, are there assigned seats in this class?' I asked the young teacher engrossed in paperwork on his Maplewood desk.

'Yes, as a matter of fact there are. If you're the new student, I do believe you can have a seat in the back row, fourth seat from the right. And your name is..?' He answered briskly.

'Sabriel Wraith, sir.' I answered before taking the seat he had indicated. It wasn't long before other students started coming into the classroom, none of whom didn't look at me for a moment before heading to his or her seat. Within about thirty seconds, the classroom was filled. The majority of the class was preps, but there were about three who were undoubtedly freaks, and one who was gothic. All of which were guys. And they were all in the back row. 'Oh goody, I get to be adjacent to freaks. Well, I guess it's better than preps, though I would have much rather been seated away from everyone.' I thought to myself. I noticed a some empty seats in the first three rows, but saw that everyone seated there was a prep.

The teacher had started the lesson by making everyone take notes off of the board. Most people were talking as they were doing this so I decided to follow suit. I turned to the person next to me and asked a question. 'Hey. Does..erm..this teacher always seat people according to whether they're preppy or not or something?' I asked in a low voice.

The boy turned and looked at me as if seeing me for the first time. 'Yeah, he does. He's not too fond of anyone out of the prep category, thus being why people like us are seated in the back. I'm Nick Pernot, by the way.'He answered, smoothly.

'Sabriel Wraith.' I replied.

'I'm guessing that you don't know anyone yet, and the preppies won't be befriending you anytime soon, so why don't you sit at my table at lunch. All the freaks sit there since everyone in this school has the same lunch period.'

'Thanks. How many of us are there in this school?' I was curious to know.

'About twenty of the thousand kinds that go here.'

'Oh, that's cool. At my old school, there was only like ten of the fifteen- hundred.'

'If you want, I'll introduce you to some people in the ten minutes we have between classes. What grade are you in, anyway?'

'I'm in nineth.' I answered, cautiously.

'Oh, I see. Most people in this class are in tenth, but about two of the preppies, and my brother.'

'Okay then. Do people in this school only associate with those of their grade or was that question not imperitive at all?' I asked.

'I was just wondering, is all. And people talk to everyone of their group, pretty much.' He said before turning back to his work.

I looked at him for a minute, just taking in his appearance. He would be about 5'11" if he were standing and seemed to weigh about 180lbs. He had dark brown eyes, and bright blue spiked hair. His clothes indicated that he liked more punk music than hardcore rock, and he was pretty hott. 'I guess I'll be eating in the library because he seems to be a little pissed at my question.' I thought to myself.

I finished copying the notes about 5 minutes before the period was supposed to end so I sat silently, watching the clock. When the bell finally rang, signaling the end of the class, I checked my schedule to see what room my next class was in before getting up and walking out of the class. Someone grabbed my arm from behind and I turned around.

'So do you want me to introduce you to some people or what?' Nick asked.

'Sure.' I said, following him to the group of people across the hall. There were about ten people standing there, none of which looked the least bit preppy.

'Okay, this is Chris, Mike, Ryan, Dan, Corinna, Dom, Steve, Brian, and Jess. You've just met the only other girls in this school who are freaks. Guys, this is Sabriel.'

I nodded to them all as they greeted me, but before I could say anything, Nick was leading me off in another direction. 'All right, do you want to meet more people now, or at lunch?' He asked.

'I don't care.' I answered.

'Fine. I'll introduce you to the only tow people I see other than those you've already met at the moment, and then everyone else will meet you at lunch. Oh, and you're not expected to remember all their names.' He said. We walked up to two guys, and Nick introduced them as Jess's boyfriend Ricky, and Corinna's boyfriend Justin.

'Okay, now what room do you have to be in in the next..three minutes?' He asked.

'224.' I answered boredly.

'That's good, because it's close to my next class and you won't get lost trying to find it.' He led me up some stairs and made a few turns before I was at my next class. I went in and the teacher directed me to a seat.

Second, third, and fourth period went pretty much the same as the first one had, minus the introductions after the classes. However, Nick was in the same fourth period class as me, so he was able to guide me to his table in lunch, which was fifth period.

The table turned out to be a big round table that could fit about twenty- five people at it. Nick finished the introductions of the people who were at the table, but he seemed to still be looking for someone.

'Who're you looking for?' I asked him.

'My brother. You haven't been introduced to him yet.' He answered.

'Is it required for me to be introduced to him this period or would you rather wait until you see him again?'

'I want you to meet him now so I won't have to worry about forgetting to introduce anyone later.' He answered, laughing at something. 'All right, you'll be able to meet him in about five minutes when he's finished tongue- wrestling with his fucked up girlfriend.' He stated.

'Didn't you say that Jess and Corinna were the only other girl freaks though?' I asked.

'Yeah. He sunk so lo as to go after some blonde bimbo names Tracie. I'm surprised they've been going out as long as five months.' He laughed.

Sure enough, five minutes later, Nick led me over to meet his brother. I really didn't care if I met him or not, so I followed dutily, watching my feet as I walked.

'Sabriel, this is Tom. Tom, meet Sabriel.' He said.

I looked up to say hi but when I did, anything I would have said got caught in my throat. I nodded at him to acknowledge him, but I was still in awe. The only thought running through my mind was 'he must be a god.' He was about 5'10", about five inches taller than me, straight black hair that reached just above his lips with an untidily flare outwards, bright blue eyes, and a radiant smile.

'Hey.' He said, his voice flowing like silk.

I think Nick noticed my far away expression, because he led me back to my seat reminding me about five times that Tom wasn't single. But I wasn't listening to a word of it.

The rest of the school day flew by in a blur, but nothing interesting happened until after school ended when Nick invited me and a almost all the freaks at school to come over his house for a party since his parents wouldn't be home for a week.

Of course I obliged, knowing Adria and Sean wouldn't mind if I didn't come home until late, so I got a ride with Nick to his house. It was pretty big, though slightly smaller than mine, but it had tons of alcohol and shit. It was like a dream party.

I spent most of the time during the party getting drunk, and having fun in the mosh pit. Since there weren't many of us, it wasn't violent at all, but it was still wicked fun. Sometime towards the end, I saw Tom making out with that Tracie slut, but little did I know about the big scene she was about to bring on.

As soon as the music had been turned off (sometime around 3 in the morning), I saw Tracie pull away from Tom. He was looking at her questioningly before she started talking.

'I don't like you as much as I used to, Tom, because we're not going anywhere, hun. I think we should see other people for a while because this relationship is just getting damn boring.' She said before turning her heel and stomping off. Too bad she couldn't get away before some of Tom's friends threw her in the pool before sending her back out of the house.

'Who needs a ride home?' Nick asked.

About 5 people said they needed a ride so Nick offered to drive, even though his driver's permit says he's only allowed to drive to work and school. About twelve people left in their own cars, and Nick took the other five. I decided that I'd rather go home than stay overnight, and I only lived about half a mile away, so I decided to walk. I picked up my hoodie and started walking towards the door about five minutes after most people had left, but someone calling my name stopped me.

'Are you walking home?' Tom asked.

'That would be correct.' I answered.

'Why didn't you just ask someone for a ride?'

'I didn't feel the need to. I only live about half a mile away.'

'Yeah, but wouldn't it be so much easier to just sleep here?' He asked.

'I guess..but I'd rather-'

'Just stay. Nick will swing by your house in the morning so you can change before we head to school.'

'All right.' I sighed, before following him to the room where the other two people who were sleeping here were.


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