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Chapter Sixteen

I stormed away fro his room, extremely furious, though I didn't know why I was quite so mad. I didn't want to chance waking up Bea, Micah , and Feline, so I just went into the living room and collapsed onto one of the couches, grabbed the controller and switched on the television. I didn't even slightly want to watch T.V., but it was the only thing I could think of at the moment. I flipped through the T.V. channels, slowly, giving myself time to calm down before I went back upstairs. There were no interesting shows on this late. There's a shocker. I laughed to myself, almost silently. This situation was stupid, and yet so cliché. The only thing that would make it even more predictable would be if he cam out of his room to apologize to me.

A door creaked and footsteps could be heard trailing through the kitchen and I looked up to see Falcon sit down on the chair closest to the television. 'Oh man. If he apologizes, I'm going to feel like I'm in one of those stupid T.V. shows where you can predict everything that's going to happen.' I thought to myself. We sat in silence for about twenty minutes, me, flicking through the channels, occasionally stopping on one for a minute or two before continuing, him just staring blankly at the screen.

"Is there any reason you came out here other than to watch T.V. I mean, you do have a T.V. in your room, you know." I said, my voice shattering the silence.

"Yeah, there is." He replied, his voice sounding hollow. One could almost describe hearing it as a feeling of knowing that all sense of anything was stolen and you were utterly lost, as was the person who had spoken.

"What would that reason be?" I asked when he said no more. And yet, he still didn't reply. "You know what, Falcon? You asked to know. No, you pleaded to know what it was that we had spoken of. And when you find out, you're as lost as I am. It's not my fault that I fell in love with you. And now I almost wish I hadn't." I said, amazingly unshaken, though my words held no meaning to me, and I wanted him to tell me that everything was okay. But it wasn't. And I faced that fact as I made my way back up the staircases, not looking back. I walked into my room, closing the door behind me, incredibly pleased to see my friends sleeping, as I let myself fall back on the bed and slip into a deep sleep that I had not achieved since Tom's death. And I hated myself for being able to do so even as I did it.


It was six o'clock the next evening that I woke up. I was the only one in my room, and I let myself lay around in bed for a few minutes before actually getting up. After a took a fifteen minute shower, I got dressed in a Nine Inch Nails shirt and black baggy pants before going downstairs. I walked into the living room on Bea and Nick making out and I cleared my throat, laughing, before turning back to the kitchen. I found myself without a trace of any hunger, so I passed off food and walked back into the living room, They had stopped, and were now just laying in each others arms contentedly. That was the ideal relationship, which most search their whole lives for. Bea and Nick didn't know just how lucky they were. I couldn't help but be happy for the two, and even though they were still young I couldn't wait for the wedding. Of course, I'd be waiting a few years, but that was okay with me.

"So you're finally awake? You missed school, you know." Bea half asked.

"No, I think I'm still sleeping, let me check." I said sarcastically, smirking.

"You look mighty happy. Did something good happen?" She asked, and I knew she was talking about Falcon and I.

"Oh man. I look happy. How could I! No, nothing at all happened, though. Well..nothing good." I said, wondering why it seemed so easy to put it all behind me. Until I saw Falcon, that is.

He came down the stairs not too long after the conversation that had transpired had concluded itself, and I felt my breath catch in my throat as the pain hit me. I shifted my glance at the floor, unwilling to make eye- contact with him.

"Ri, we need to talk. You didn't give me a chance to say anything last night-"

"I did so and you know it!" I interrupted him.

He sighed, frustrated. "Fine, will you just hear me out then?" He asked.

I turned my attention to Bea and Nick, ignoring the question. I didn't want to hear what he had to say because I already knew the answer. "I'm going on a walk." I stated. "Alone. I'll be back later." And then I walked out the door, hoping against hope that no one would follow. For I had no intention of coming back later. None at all. I needed to get away from him for just a while. Just long enough for me to feel whole again. And yet, I hadn't the faintest idea of where I was going.

Basically, I just walked to the only place I could think of. The airport. And within a few hours I was in a plane. My destination? New York City.


I knew it wouldn't be too hard to find a place to stay for a few days, and even if I couldn't I'd just sleep on the streets. As I walked through the streets with about $500 in my pocket to last me however long I stayed there, I came to realize how fucked I was. I always ran away. From every problem I had, I'd find some way to run from it or pretend like it wasn't happening. And I hated that I had to run so much. Wanting to be a new person, start over again or just make a drastic change to myself so everyone would look at me differently. I wasn't myself anymore. I was some with no purpose, wanting unobtainable things.

And then I stopped as I passed a piercing place. I had wanted a piercing or two for the longest time. This was my chance to get them. I walked into the small shop, a little afraid. I was about to go up to the counter to say what I wanted when some guy that was waiting stood up and stopped me.

"If you want to get them cheaper, go to this address. It's not some dirty place either. Trust me."

I would normally never do something like what he had requested, but for some reason, I did. I took the little slip of paper with the address on it and left the tattoo/piercing place.

It wasn't too far. About four blocks. I arrived there in no time and knocked on the door.

"Hi, can I help you?" An oddly familiar voice greeted me. As I studied the shorter girl who must have been two years older than me, probably somewhere around eighteen or nineteen, it hit me. I did know her.

"LeAnne??" I asked, hesitantly.

"Yeah, who are you?" She replied.

"Suzy.well I changed my name to Sabriel, but you went out with my brother for a while way back when. I wouldn't expect you to remember me." I answered,

"Ohh..Mike's little sister! Yeah, I remember you. So what's up, what brings you here?"

"I went to a piercing place and some guy gave me your address saying you'd do it cheaper, so I came to check it out, and voila, here I am."

"Ohhh.that's mad chill. Wanna come in?"

"Surely. So why aren't you living in Mexico?" I asked, laughing.

"I went there for a year, but it was so fucking dirty so I left. Mahh..so, how long are you staying here?"

"Well, I don't know. Until my money runs out I guess. I have five hundred dollars and then I guess I'll find a way back ho- to where I live."

"Ah, I see. You could stay here until you go if you'd like. I mean, it's not much but it's cool."

"I'd love to! Saves me time to look for somewhere to stay." I said.

"What did you want pierced, anyhow?" She asked, going into another room as I sat on a couch. She returned momentarily with a piercing kit.

"A bunch of things actually. Would it be unfit to get a lot in a day?" I asked.

"I don't suppose so. What do you want?" She repeated her question.

"Hmm...Well I want to get a bunch in my ears, including an industrial , I want a septum ring, a nose ring on the right side, my tongue, my belly button, and two on my lip. And I think that's it."

She started laughing before saying that she didn't know if she had that many rings.

"I could go get some if you don't." I answered.


A few hours later, and in quite a bit more pain, I had all the piercings that I wanted and I was content. I had also dyed my hair a really dark purple. As I sat comfortably on a couch, I took in the appearance of her small apartment. Most of the walls were a deep red, and the floor was carpeted in black except for the kitchen which was grey tiled. She had two bedrooms and a living room with two couches, a television, and a computer. We were currently watching some boring show on the T.V. when I felt something vibrating in the pocket of my pants. I pulled it out, and to my amazement, it was a cell phone.

"How the fuck did I get a cell phone?" I asked to no one in particular. Leanne started cracking up and I glanced at her to see she was smoking a bowl, and she passed it to me. I accepted gratefully and took enough hits to get me pretty damn high before answering the phone that hadn't stopped ringing.

"Good morning!" I answered cheerily.

"Where the fuck are you?" A voice asked, but I didn't really listen well enough to know who it was.

"I.don't.know. But I'm really hungry. And thirsty, my mouth is really dry. LeAnne...wanna get some food?" I asked, laughing between words.

"Suuure." She replied, staring at a three D poster on the wall.

"Who's cell am I on anyway?" I asked myself, not realizing I was still talking to someone on the phone.

"Mine. I slipped it in your pocket before you left." A voice replied.

"Ohh.well maybe I'll call you later because I want food! La la la.." I trailed off.

"Are you stoned?" The voice on the phone questioned.

"Umm.I don't know..LeAnne.would you consider me stoned?"

"Naw, of course not! I'd consider you.umm...an armadillo." She replied.

"No, I'm not stoned. I'm an armadillo!" I replied into the phone, and laughed as I hung up.


Two hours later, much food consumed, we were back at her house, laughing at nothing in particular. And the phone rang every ten minutes.

"I think I'm tired. What time is it?" I asked.

"Uhh..three o'clock in the morning." She answered, glanging at a clock.

"I'm going to sleep." I said, turning over to face the corner of the couch as I laughed myself to sleep, ignoring the vibrating phone in my pocket.



I groaned, falling off the couch as I rolled over, successfully making a thump loud enough to rouse the sleeping LeAnne.

"Ugh. What time is it?" She groaned.

"Five o'clock." I answered, rubbing my eyes.

She got up and stretched. And I have no idea what provoked me to say what I said next, but it came out all the same.

"LeAnne? If I were a lesbian, I'd wanna fuck you."

"Wow. Gee, thanks, Suzy.Random quote of the day. Maybe you're bisexual or something because straight people just don't think like that." She said laughing. Her laugh was so cute and it made you want to laugh.

In truth, she was pretty sexy. About 5'0 she had straight short red hair that fit her wonderfully, yellow-green eyes, full lips, and in no other way to put it, she was pretty much a grungy hippie.

She went into the bathroom laughing, and in about five minutes I heard the shower running.

There it was again, the vibrating in my pocket. Damn phone.

"Heylo." I greeted.

"Figure out where you are yet?" The voice asked, and I really couldn't distinguish it on the phone, because phones always distort people's voices.

"Umm.I know where I am. Who are you?"

"You seriously don't know?" The masculine voice asked.

"Umm..I'm not god with voices on the phone?" I said unsure.

"hmm..well I'm not sure if you even want to talk to me right now but it's Falcon. Where are you, Ri?"

"Ugh. Why should I tell you?" I asked, licking my swollen lip which had swelled overnight with the two liprings.

"Because you live in my house and you say you'll be back later and you don't come home." He answered, frustrated.

" I don't have a home." I spat out.

"Define home." He stated.

"A home is somewhere where you live and you live with people who you love and who love you and who you can always turn to. Contrary to a house which is just a place where you live."

"This is your home, Ri." He protested.

"I feel more at home now than I ever did." I stated.

"You never felt at home with me?" He asked.

"No. Because there was always something else to worry about and when there wasn't you were doubting us." I replied.

"If that's seriously how you think it is, then fuck you, Ri. All I wanted to do was talk to you, in person, and be able to...you know what? Forget it. This is just a waste of time." He said, hanging up the phone as I strived to hold back the tears threatening to run free.

I couldn't believe what I had done. I had completely lied to him. And I had almost believed my own lie because what I had told him were what I assumed. For as long as I had known him he had always been my home. AT first he was the friend that I could turn to, then he was the friend that I loved, then he was the friend that I was in love with, and through all this I could have turned to him at any time and he would have been there. Not just to listen, but to be the person I could fall back on and count on to be there. He WAS my home. And I had lied straight to him. Why? I had no idea.

I knew it was my turn to go to him this time. He had come to me many a time before and I had spat in his face. Now it was my turn to go to him and see if he spits in my face or forgives me. 'When I leave I will go to him.' I mumbled to myself. For now I'd stay here for another few days.

When LeAnne got out of the shower, she asked me what was going on in my life for me to be here rather than where I lived. So I told her. Everything. And she told me what I needed to hear.

"You're stupid! You're going to talk to him tomorrow! Hmmm.maybe I'll go with you. But I'm kicking you out of my house tomorrow morning, whether I accompany you or not!" She said, laughing all the while, though still serious.

"I needed that, Leanne. Thanks." I said, before going off in my own world to think.


Sure enough, by 12:00 pm the next afternoon, we were on a plane back to my house. She had decided to come with me because it would be more interesting than her daily life. The plane ride seemed to go by a lot quicker than the way there, mainly because I was so nervous I think. After the plane landed, we got a taxi to Falcon's place, and she gasped at the size of it. We walked in to find the place with no one in it, which is very unusual because there is usually at least a few people watching television or something.

"You can put your stuff in my room if you want since I'm going up there to change anyway." I stated, leading the way up to my room. She dropped her two bags on the floor and lay on the bed as I changed into my black medieval dress that had a beautiful purple colour in various areas.

We went back downstairs just after that and she flicked on the television. We watched some boring movie on TNT for about fifteen minutes before we were interrupted by someone entering the house.

"Hello, Falcon dear, are you home?" A feminine voice called out, as a couple walked into the room LeAnne and I were in.

"Ummm, no ma'am, I don't think he's here right now." I said, a bit comfortable with my observation that these people must be his parents.

"Oh, who are you?" The woman asked again.

"I'm Sabriel, and this is my friend LeAnne. And you must be Falcon's parents?" I asked.

"Yes, dear. You can call me Sara, and this is my husband James. I think Falcon's said something about you once or twice because your name sounds awfully familiar. Well, do you know when he'll be getting in?"

"I'm not quite sure. I'll call around if you like." I said.

"That would be great. Just in case you don't get in touch with him, here's some things you'll need to know. My other son is flying in from his aunt's house tomorrow morning and he'll get to the airport at 10:00 am. We'll have been gone by then so you'll need to receive him. I'll put a picture of him in this envelope so you know who you're looking for, though he might look different now. I've also enclosed a credit card for any necessary arrangements. A chauffeur will drive you to the airport at quarter to 10:00 in case he gets their early. We're awfully tired though, so in case I don't see you until I leave, Ta ta, darling. It was nice getting to talk to you!" She said briskly, handing me an envelope as she headed up the stairs.

LeAnne started giggling. "Very straight-forward, isn't she?" She said.

I picked up the phone and dialed Feline's cell.

"Bill's porn shop, Bill speaking, how may I help you?" Feline's voice stted through the phone, mirthfully.

"Heylo. Whatcha up to?" I said.

"Hey , Ri. I'm just hanging with Bea, and Micah. You?" She replied.

"Falcon's parents just came home, so they wanted me to let him know some information. Know where he is?" I asked.

"Well, I think he went to the party at Corinna's house yesterday, but you could try Phoenix to see if he knows."

"Uhh.okay. You three should come over though. I want you to meet someone." I said.

"M'kay. We'll be over soon. Toodles." She replied.

"Farewell." I answered before hanging up.

"Well, he's not there." I said to Leanne. "I'll try Phoenix I guess." I said, calling his home phone number.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Hey Phoenix. Would you have any idea where Falcon is, by any chance?" I said.

"Uhhh..he went to Corinna's party last night, but I didn't see him much. The only time I did see him he was mumbling about getting his mind off of you." He answered laughing.

"Ohh.." I said.

"You could try Corinna's house though. Maybe he stayed there." He said, giving me her number.

"Thanks, dude. Hey, you should come over and meet my friend today." I said.

"Maybe tomorrow. Today I have to study for finals." He replied.

"Awww.fuck. I forgot about them." I said.

"Yeah, I think your school has them starting Monday, you might want to study a bit." He suggested.

"Yep." I had done poorly on my Midterms so I knew I had better do as he said if I wanted to get into 12th grade next year.

"You know Tracie's trial is on Wednesday, after school, right?" He asked.

"Ugh. I forgot about that too." I said, groaning.

"Yeah, well you'd better not miss it." He said.

"I won't." I replied.

"Well I have to get back to studying. I'll talk to you later, Ri." He said, hanging up the phone.

I dialed Corinna's number as soon as I got off the phone with Phoenix.

"Hello." She answered.

"Hey Corinna, it's Sabriel, do you know if Falcon stayed at your house last night?" I asked.

"Yeah..I don't think he woke up yet though. Want me to give him a message?" She asked.

"Sure. Can you tell him his parents came home and are leaving tomorrow morning at 8:00 am and they wanted me to tell him a few things. And tell him I need to talk to him.it's imperative." I said.

"Alright. I'll let him know." She said, clicking off the phone.

I yawned, and the doorbell rang. I heard one of the butlers going to get it, and momentarily, Bea, Micah, and Feline walked into the room.

"Wow." Feline said, looking at me.

"What?" I asked.

"How many piercings did you get?"

"Quite a few. And I'm surprised I haven't got sick from the tongue ring." I stated.

"That's awesome!" Bea said.

"I could do some for you guys if you want any. $20 per piercing." LeAnne said, grinning.

"I'm rude. Guys, this is LeAnne. LeAnne, this is Bea, Micah, and Feline." I stated, pointing to each person in turn.

They shared greetings before Micah spoke up.

"Can you do my eyebrow?" She asked, softly.

"Sure. Anyone else want anything?" LeAnne asked.

"Yeah. I want my labret done." Feline said.

"Uhh..my tongue, and my eyebrow." Bea stated.


For the rest of the night we basically studied for the upcoming finals and just talked, but I went to sleep pretty early compared to my usual sleeping times because I had to get up around nine. So we all went to sleep around 11:00.


The next morning around nine thirty, Falcon still hadn't returned. I finished getting ready and taking a shower by nine forty, and Bea, LeAnne, Micah, and I headed to the airport in the limo to retrieve Falcon's brother.

"Do you even know his name?" Bea asked?

"Umm..no. I have a picture though." I responded.

"Did you look at it yet?" She asked.

"Nope." I answered sheepishly.

"Then how do you expect us to find him?" LeAnne stated.

"Right." I mumbled, taking the picture out of the envelope. The guy in the picture looked about 18, had about chin length natural black hair, deep brown eyes, and stood at about (from what the picture showed) 6'0".

"So what's the name?" Bea asked.

"I don't know." I said, flipping the picture over. Scrawled in small neat handwriting on the bottom read: Sin, 2002. "Well, if this is his name, than I envy him. And this picture is already a year old." I stated.

"What's his name?" LeAnne Asked.


"Wow." Micah said, as the limo pulled to a stop at the airport, glancing at the picture.

"Heh. Well, I guess we have to go meet this Sin now, eh?" LeAnne asked.

"Let's go." Bea said.

We exited the limo and made our way into the airport, heading towards the area where the flight was supposed to come in. The announcer on the loudspeaker stated that the flight would be five minutes late, so we basically had another fifteen minutes. We passed the time with a bit of small talk, Bea and Micah finding out a bit about LeAnne, and her them. Finally the plane landed and we waited impatiently for Falcon's brother to get off the plane. The passengers slowly started filing out and Falcon's cellphone rang again. I took it out of my pocket and answered.

"Yeah." I stated, briskly.

"My parents came home?" Falcon's voice asked.

"Yep. They're gone now though. Took you long enough to call back, you fucking lazy arse. I gotta jet. I'm busy." I said, hanging up.

"Is that him?" Bea questioned, glancing at a guy that semi-resembled the picture. He looked a bit older though. Hair was a bit shorter. He seemed a bit more slip than the picture showed as well.

"Is your name really Sin?" Bea called out, outgoing, as usual. And straight to the point.

The guy walking over flashed us a grin before answering. "Yes. And you all are?"

"Sabriel, Bea, Micah, and LeAnne." I said, indicating to the respective people.

"Hmmmm..it's just as well that no one in my family bothers to come." He said, a bit sarcastic.

"Your parents couldn't. They had to leave two hours ago. And Falcon..he's being such an asshole lately. Didn't even return my call that your parents came home until two minutes ago." I said.

"Well that's Falcon being Falcon." He replied.

"Ready to go, or do you have to get bags?" LeAnne asked him.

"I have two bags probably going around the conveyor belt about now." He stated.

"Then why are we standing here?" Be asked, turning to head towards the baggage claim.

Twenty minutes later, we had gotten back to Falcon's house and walked in. Sin dropped his bags in the hallway and directed a servant to bring it up to one of the rooms on the top floor, before joining us in the living room.

As soon as we had walking in, Bea and Micah glanced at Falcon, who was sitting on the couch watching television, before glancing at me, while LeAnne mused to herself. "So THIS is Falcon." She stated, catching his attention.

He tilted his head a bit, glancing at LeAnne quickly before turning to me, not evennoticing his brother yet. No one was making any noise, so I was pretty uncomfortable as he took in my piercings and my new hair colour with what seemed to be distaste. He then turned back to LeAnne, still not noticing his brother.

"Who are you?" He asked, curiously.

"LeAnne Mullin." She replied, not even trying to act pleased to meet him. I don't know why she wasn't though.

"Am I too unimportant to be realized then Facon?" Sin asked.

I watched Falcon's eyes light up as a grin spread across his face when he saw his brother and I couldn't help but smile at the gesture of affection as they embraced briskly.

"Haven't seen you in years, Sin." Falcon said quietly.

"Yeah. So which one of these fine ladies is yours?" Sin asked, and Falcon's grin immediately vanished, as did my mild one. I turned and walked out of the room, not even caring about the rest of the conversation. I retreated to my room, and turned up my Tool CD, collapsing on my bed and staring at the ceiling.

I was taken out of the trance by the door opening and someone turning down my music. I groaned and opened my eyes, not even realizing that they had been closed, to see Sin sitting on my couch, staring a me expectantly.

"What ails you, my dear?" He asked, smirking.

"Everything and nothing." I replied.

"Well I know it has to be something to do with my brother." He stated.

"You wouldn't understand, and I don't feel like telling the whole story over again." I replied.

"Well maybe you can shorten it."

"Maybe I'm too lazy." I said.

"Well if you don't I'll get it out of Falcon and then I'll hear the story the way he sees it, and I won't know your side of it." He replied.

That got me thinking. What did Falcon think of all this. Was he as mad at me as I was at him? Did he hate me right now. I groaned in all the possibilities.

"I'm in love with him, Sin." I said, finally.

"Does he know that?" He asked.

"Yes." I replied.

"Well then. What's the problem?" He asked.

"When I told him-when I was trying to tell him, he started getting pissed because I wouldn't just say what I wanted to say already, since it was also a promise I made to tell him. So I got pissed, yelled the truth at him, and stormed out. Haven't talked to him since, and that was a few days ago." I said.

"Who did you promise it to?" He asked.

"My ex-boyfriend and best friend who died, Tom. He made me promise to him on his deathbed that I would tell Falcon how I felt. So Falcon wanted to me to tell him what Tom said, and I wouldn't, and when I finally did he was mad that it was taking me so long to do so." I said, quickly.

"Wow. And he hasn't tried to talk to you since? That's not like him." He said.

"He..has. But I wasn't up to talking to him at the moment so I left and took a trip to New York City." I said.

"Ah, I see." He said.

"And he also called me on the cell phone that he put in my pocket but I was pretty stoned at the time so he got frustrated and I hung up and didn't pick up again." I said.

"So basically, you're leaving everything up to him." He said.

"No! I uhh, just, I don't know what to say.." I said.

"And you really think he does?" He said, pretty much stating the obvious.

"Oh man..way to make me feel stupid. You're good at that, eh?" I said, shyly smiling.

"I'm just trying to help." He said.

"It's working." I said.

"Are you going to talk to him?" He asked.

"I will.I need a stupid reason to first though so I can ease my way into getting on topic." I said.

"Hmm..well didn't you say he gave you his cell phone, or slipped it into your pocket, before you went to the City?" he asked.

"You don't miss anything, do you." I trailed off.

"Nope. Well if you're planning on approaching him anytime soon, he's in his room. I suggest you go there." He said.

"Yeah, yeah. I know." I replied, getting off the bed and stretching.

"Alright then. Tell me the results and I'll talk to you later." He said, walking out of the room.

"Hey Sin?" I asked.

"Yep?" He called.


"Anytime, darling!" He called back and I just laughed, leaving the room in persuit, making my way towards Falcon's room.

I knocked lightly on his closed door, hoping he wouldn't answer so I wouldn't have to do this.

"Come in." He called from within.

I opened the door, closing it behind me, and walked over to the rug on top of the carpet about ten feet from his bed, sitting down.

"What are you a hippie now?" He asked, turning to look at me.

"So what if I was?" I asked.

"I would never stop making fun of you." He replied.

"Ugh. Maybe I'll be a hippie just to piss you off." I stated, keeping a straight face.

"So what did you really come here for? I know you wouldn't talk to me unless you had a reason." He said.

"You know that's not true."

"Yes it is. Or so it seems since you told me the promise." He replied.

"Well maybe if you would have even had the decency to return my call sooner or even come home I would have talked to you sooner." I said.

"What the fuck is your problem? You always dwell on the past." He said in an undertone.

"I'm sorry." I said, apologizing.

"Wow. That's a first." He said.

"Is it?" I asked.


"Well you were right." I said.

"So what was your real reason for coming here?"

"To give you your phone." I said sheepishly, taking it out of my pants and handing it over.

"Thanks." He said.

"M'kay then. I don't know if you want me to stay, so I'll go now." I said, getting up.

"Stay, we really do need to talk."

"What about?" I asked.

"You know exactly what, and I refuse to talk to you when you're fifty million years away from me." He said.

"Years? That made a whole shitload of sense." I said.

"But yet you knew what I meant, eh?" He asked.


"So enlighten me. Show me what I expect."

"I can't. You're in my way." I said.

I walked over to the bed and pushed him over, climbing under the covers with him and laying mhy head on his chest.

"Better?" I asked.

"Definitely." He replied.

"Humour me with what you wanted to talk about." I said.

"Hmmm...I'm sorry for being such an ass about you telling me the promise."

"It's cool." I said.

"It wasn't."

"Well now it is." I answered.

"M'kay. Were you serious when you said that though?"

"..Yes." I answered.

"Wow." He said.



"But nothing is ever going to happen because we'll never work and we should just be friends or whateer the hell speech you gave me in the pool."

"Ugh. Come on, Ri, you make it seem a lot worse than what I actually said."

"No I don't." I said firmly.

"I didn't mean it." He said.

"Why would you say it if you didn't mean it?" I asked, confused.

"Because I don't want things to turn out like last time. I really liked you, Sabriel. Maybe I even loved you. And you had to destroy it. And you don't even know just how much it hurt me."

"I didn't mean to destroy anything. I was in mass confusion with being torn apart by what I guess now to be my good friend not talking to his best friend because of me and the fact that I had to break it up..my mind made me think I was still in love with Tom I guess." I mumbled.

"I think that makes the least sense of anything you've said today. I still love you, Sabriel. Maybe I'm not in love with you yet, yet being the key word, but I'd be willing to give us another chance." He said.

"When? When time tells?" I asked.

"No. Now. Unless you don't want to." He said, unsurely.

"I do." I answered.


"So we're together, just like that?" I asked, laughing at his use of words.

"Yep. And we could have been together sooner if you hadn't run off to the city." He answered.

"Well I didn't want to talk to you because I figured you would tell me that you hate me or that you don't like me like that at all and the pool incident was just a mistake-"

"Shut up." He said.

And, silenced by his kiss, I did.
To Be Continued...


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