A/N: This poem was written during a time in which I felt merely sad and depressed. There were so many problems in my world – my family, my friends, just everything. But still there was always this picture of a perfect world in my mind, bringing joy and a little bit of hope. I tried to 'paint' this picture with words – to tell you all of my fairy-world. 'Cause I know, it's a fairy-world and not real…..

A fairy-tale Where the bright stars lie above

A wide dark sky,

And where the moon shines down

On a quiet earth,

And where the rain travels in clouds

Along high mountains,

And where the snow covers the lands

In a blanket of molten silver,

There the dream is alive.

There, where the waves roll on sandy banks,

Sounding alive,

And where the mists veil the horizon,

Embracing the water,

And where colors blend into one another,

Leaving silver behind,

There time ceases to exist.

There, where water and rain are one,

Common and unique,

And where the leaves shine in silver

Throughout autumn and spring.

There the world is withdrawn,

Disappeared in the mists,

And long-forgotten fairy-tales are not only told.

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