By:Andrew Troy Keller

Marsha Logan and her friend,Gloria Kirby
Were vacationing in Rome,Italy.
So far,they were having a wonderful time.
But then,Marsha had accidently dropped a dime.
It had rolled into the grandest structure in all of Italy.

Marsha had ran into the colisium to retrieve the dime,
Only to be ending up taking a trip through time.
She had found herself in the days of the Roamn Empire--
Back when gladiators do battle in order to amuse their sire,
Julius Ceasar--the most famous emperior of his time.

Suddenly,Marsha heard a voice from behind her say,
"I see that even you had came here on this beautiful day."
She turned and saw a very handsome man
Standing behind her."However,you do not dress Roman.",
Said the confused stranger."But,that shall be remedied on this very day."

After they've left the colisium,Marsha began to smile instead of frown,
For he had taken her to a dress-maker's shop and bought her a gown--
Which was so exquisite that when Marsha started wearing it,
Everyone in the room saw that she looked like a goddess in it.
"I really love it.",said a pleased Marsha."I really do love this gown."

Sometime later,
After entering his house,the handsome Roman had led her
Up the stairs.Then after her eyes were closed,she was led
Into a room where--against a wall--stood a large bed.
Never before had she seen a bed like the one next to her.

Suddenly,he had removed her gown and placed it on the bed with care.
Then,he turned towards Marsha and saw a sight which was truly rare.
Before Marsha,he had regret of sin--
Even after romancing all the other women.
But when he looked at her,he saw that she was more beautiful when she was bare.

Then suddenly,as like the mating of two snow doves,
The two time-displaced souls made mad,passionate love--
A love so passionate
That they had forgotten about Rome and everything about it,
For they were nothing more than two souls in love.

Sometime later,without even uttering a single peep,
The two lovers had fallen asleep.
Suddenly,a voice said,"Marsha,wake up!I've found your dime!"
And when she woke up,she was back in her own time--
And that she was also sleeping on a rocky heap.

After she helped Marsha up and dusted her off,Gloria said,"As I could see,
You must've had one hell of a fantasy."
And then,when she looked at one of the colisium walls
And saw the likeness of herself and her lover on that wall,
Marsha smiled and said,"You could say that,Gloria.You could call it a 'fantasy'."