The Blue Eyed Look of Classicism

His blue eyes in Classical
Integrity quizzical ways of age and wine peering
Thru' a volume on
Modern British Poets while there
The brackish water
Came upon forgotten gold. If all
The scribes collected in the darkness
Of Past had managed to Save-the-World by Remembering
At least he decides
Between Thomas Hardy and
A.E. Houseman

His blue eyes appeared(like Hemingway)
Another June has come-not-yet-gone
The shape of his nose:
Age does not
Obscure origins. Everything
Is painted
Yellow a boy with
Blue eyes that are
Not his light, of Latin and libraries and ponds
But starry
(The South American observatory)
not his dreams of
flying the
Spring birds do and the stars
Above Chile which he has never seen.

He was too busy in Ireland, saving the world,
blue eyes not hidden at all behind gold-wrapped glasses.