Two Archangels In The Beginning Of Summer

Sweat. David
And Michael
Archangels are
As and were.
Then the shorebirds
Perched over
Gravel roof, meadow,
Brackish pond.
His face and his
Face and Roman
Nose or Slavic
Coloring shiny
With Summer
And June, that
Lingering above
His face(and his face),
When overcast, the
Unkempt grasses
That reserved
His tread. Face down
Like touching
Something that
All tightly scrolled
The vines on unused
Faux marbleā€¦
The angels are not
Jealous of summer
Because as long
As there are people
In love
With them
A window is quite enough, a
Killdeer calls its mate
His mate her mate
David and
Michael respond
To silver horns we are not
Italy then. How
Long has it taken
You? David
Passes Michael
The tone
Is his smile or
(his) smile it
only sounds
a few times a

It is dry it is hot outside and the birds bathe in the draining pond the grasses hurt rubbing his(his) bare legs.