All Brains, No Heart
(working title.. any other suggestions? i'm open to suggestions!)

summary: Penny Moore was treated just as she seemed. A prodigy, nothing more, nothing less. There's more to her than you'll expect... will anyone see through her image?


She walked around the room, running her fingers over each award, slowly. She soon passed four blue ribbons from past spelling bees, six first prize Science Fair trophies, six framed first honor certificates and many, many more.

She was in what her parents called the "Achievement Room." And that's exactly what it was. The room was filled with innumerable awards, trophies, blue ribbons, award-winning essays and such. Penny Moore wasn't just an average freshman student at Darwin High School. Oh no, she was much more than that. She was a genius, a teenage prodigy. At the mere age of five, she was reading at the reading level of a regular seventh grader. In the first grade, while everyone was still adding and subtracting, she was multiplying and dividing five digit numbers.

But then why is she still a freshman you ask? That, my friends, is because Penny wanted the total opposite of what she had. She wanted to be normal, just an average teenager. She wanted to have trouble with her math homework, so she could have a friend to help her with it. She didn't like all the extra attention. She didn't like the spotlight. She wanted to be with kids her own age. She wanted to fit in.

But she didn't fit in, not at all. She was treated as a freak, a weirdo. No one wanted to be friends with her. They all thought she was freakishly too smart.

Earlier that day, as she was decided she was going to brave to sit next to someone in the cafeteria. Not someone too popular, yet not a fellow outcast.

She took a deep breath before sitting down next to Ashley Brown, a girl who was perfectly normal.
"Can I sit here?" she said barely audible. Ashley's eyes widened as Penny sat down.
"Umm ... no... I'm saving this seat ... for someone," she said. Penny silently nodded and got up and found an empty table.

No one ever joined Ashley Brown. Now, she was in the Achievement room, tears silently spilling. She stopped in front of the largest award. Highest General Average.

She took her slender fingers and gripped the trophy. She stared at it for a while, her violet eyes boring into it. And with one quickly movement, she slammed it into a shelf full of plaques. Her heart beat was racing frantically as she did it again, and again. She picked up awards and flung them across the room. Trophies went soaring in the window, shattering the glass. She tipped over more shelves and broke all the frames.

She heard her parents coming in when it happened.

She couldn't breath. Gasping for air, Penny fell to the floor. She struggled to keep from blacking out and not to panic. Everything suddenly became blurry. She felt a stab of pain in her head. And everything went blank.

One minor detail she never told anyone at her school, Penny Moore had a weak heart.

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