The smoke rose from the lake like its breath being exhaled. Moonlight glided and traced the edges of the water's body to show the nature's way to the enchanting sight. The creatures howled at the night's sky, as if to ask for the eternal breath of life to be passed to them. A seventy-year-old woman, dressed in violet silk rags, descended in to the cold watery grave. She moaned a chant to the man on the moon and waving her arms where the fabric attached.

Her words echoed through the woods surround the peaceful lake. She could feel the wolves running and owls flying, they were coming towards her and her words. Her eyes yellow as lemons shown brighter as her words became stronger. She began to dance with the words that she spoke. She looked like a possessed gypsy with a witch's powers over the forest and water. The moon rose higher in the night till it was shining its lustrous glow on her. She felt a rush of change go through her body and she fell back into the water.

After a few moments, the woman emerged from the water, not as the elderly woman she was, but as a beautiful mid-twenties woman with flowing scarlet hair and smooth supple skin. Her violet rags completely restored to the gown that it once was. She began to walk out of the water, amazingly completely dry. A white wolf made it to her side and strolled at her heels. A throne appeared in the middle of a willow tree and she placed herself in it. An owl flew down and left a crystal crown fit for a queen in her lap. The diamonds shown with the moon's envy and the sun's rejection.

"Come my friends, change for me," she uttered as gracefully as a swan. Her words rolled from her tongue as if destined to bow to her will. With one smooth motion from her hands, a golden shower of dust flowed through the air and fell on each animal. The white wolf changed in to a young man about the same age as she is now. His medium length blond hair swaying in the wind. The owl changed into a auburn hair young girl about fifteen years in age. They bowed and stood up front of her, they had with their clothing still on. Looking royal and proper as she enjoyed them.

The blond male was a devoted lover to her once, they had ruled together side by side, till the curse was set on them. Every full moon they could return, all three of them, to their true forms. Though Syrah, the crimson haired woman, stayed human she aged to an elderly woman as her curse for her beauty. Nicholas was cursed for his love and protection over Syrah. Everything Syrah loved the most suffered horribly. Ginger, the young teenage girl, had the worst curse of all, to be denied the gift of growing older and her wisdom that surpassed her age.

Syrah lifted herself out of the tree throne and pressed her longing lips to Nicholas's. They embrace for a moment and then looked into each other's eyes.

"My dearest Syrah, I have missed your company," Nicholas said. He wrapped his arms tightly around her back and held her closer than ever. "My love, I will always love you no matter what you look like or are. I am your king and your protector, always and forever."

"I know, Nicholas, I fear the woods at night, especially at that delicate age," Syrah replied. " I live alone on the other side of the lake, and the boundary is impenetrable. That evil witch keeps me away and alone from you and Ginger, till each full moon."

Ginger bounced towards Syrah and Nicholas and her spring blue eyes sparkled in the night. "It is fine, Syrah. I did miss you and your stories. Nicholas has been carefully watching your home from the stone on the cliff up there."

Her fragile arm extended to a cliff stone that was about forty feet above them. Nicholas's post for making sure Syrah was guarded; even their distance could not stop their love. A reunion to discuss the plans for the week they are together in the true forms. Syrah wanted to live with him, but the curse bonded her to the other side of the lake once the week following the full moon set. Ginger joined in the hug and pressed her head in Syrah's scarlet hair.

"We will find a way to defeat the witch's curse, my dears, we will. I swear it," Nicholas's words echoed through their ears and into the forest to where someone was watching them.