The night began to grow colder and the gown was very free-flowing, Syrah's skin formed goose bumps and chills raced up her spine. Nicholas held her in his strong arms and keep her warm with his own body heat. Nicholas felt a since of passion building up in his heart as he held her, he loved her with all the world. Tenderly he kissed the back of her neck and held her even closer. He was holding the world again, his world again.

They all grew tried and fell asleep under a willow tree, Ginger was up in the braches of the tree where it had become habit to sleep. Syrah and Nicholas both laid under the tree near the trunk. Their lover embrace kept them warm as they sleep and dreamed of being together for eternity. Nicholas had buried his face in Syrah's scarlet waves and his arms held her at the torso. Until morning light, they all sleep peacefully and happily.

The morning dawned as beautiful and as songful as ever, the light graced the ruby hair that was pillowed on the ground. The bluebirds and robins chatted to make a glorious melody for a wake-up call. Today they would go into town and rent a hotel for the three of them with two beds. They could spend the week there and still feel like normal people, then they would have to check out before the night of change returned.

Syrah could not wait to be held in Nicholas's arms for eternity again. She so badly wanted him to find a counter-curse or cure for this horrible spell. A black 1978 Nova pulled up next to the lake and two men got out. Nicholas raised his head and saw them and stood up letting Syrah lay still on the ground. He looked at them, his black leggings and lack of shirt was quite different in this neck of the woods. He was strong and defensive of Ginger and Syrah. He had his muddy eyes staring at the men with protection as the main goal. If this had been last night, he could have easily chased them away in his wolf form.

"May I help you?" Nicholas asked with strength in his words. He was not afraid of these men. There black suits business suits did not fit the outdoor hunters, maybe they were lost.

"Sir, I think you three might want to come with us," one of the men said calmly. The other man lifted a tranquilizer gun and pointed it at Nicholas. "You can either come willingly or we can do this the hard way."

Syrah stirred in her sleep, her thin arms wrapped around Ginger to calm her during the night. She looked up and her scarlet hair flashed to the men. She was shocked to see a gun pointed at Nicholas. She slowly stood up after shaking Ginger to wake as well. Ginger stood up and hid behind Syrah. Syrah stood her ground at Nicholas's side. Looking up at his brown eyes, she saw a fire raging inside. He was trying to protect them from whatever or whoever this men worked for.

"What is this about, sirs?" Syrah questioned with her light voice. The voice sounded like an angel's with honor and calmness. She was not about the start a rumble with these men, she knew Nicholas would not be able to win. The sun was about mid-high in the morning sky. She wondered why in the world these strange men would need them.

"Trust us, ma'am, all your questions will be answered when we get you to the destination," the one holding the gun said. They were ignoring the questions she asked. What in the world would they need them for. She placed her hand on Nicholas's and tried to convince him to leave them alone. She did not have to say one word; the look in her eyes said it all. Nicholas lowered his head and nodded. "All right, we will go with you."

The man shot the gun anyway and Nicholas was hit first. He stumbled back and pounced on the one without the gun. He had the power to knock him out, but the tranquilizer effected him quickly. He went limp and a hit the ground hard. Syrah and Ginger looked with frightened eyes, what would they going to do?

The men hit the both of the females with the tranquilizers and the fell to the ground like a ton of bricks. Syrah could see a little but everything was foggy. She slowly saw her vision fade and drifted into a deep sleep. Ginger's small body had been hit hard, she was knocked out before Syrah could say anything. It would be a mystery where they were going to be.