The cello creeps
On careful cat paw feet
Towards the viola, but
The Borodin violin intercedes,
And sunflowers wither and die amid the mediterranean dream

White horses graze in a field somewhere in the south of france
And cicadas sings to silent en-trance
Young lolita with a head full of knowledge
And an eyebrow arched amid freckles and
Raw red lips like a wound
Or a shiny red poison apple
Rolling amid the dirtstained fibres of
An ancient ragged carpet

The arizona sky gleams plastic in the heat
And spastic waves of watercolor rise from the pavement
As red cherries fall from chocolate sundaes
In the days when soda came in glass bottles
And a penny was a shiny find on the new-layed pavement.
And over all that the night sky dusks the world with its huge abyss
And lolita watches from a dusty car window and fears to fall in
To that purple mass above her,
below her

oh dear humbert, the spider, the lonely vampire!
Do you not feel the call of hell over lolita's peach-skinned shoulder?
Do you not taste the salt of its flamed shores in her sandy hair?
Does not munch's scream sound a constant harmonic to your wandering melodic

something magical about barcelona
and the curving spirals of gaudi's intestines
weave forever the sacred family's strangled spyres
borodin weeps on

but valencia saw
with the immaculate wonder of dirty european skies and sunsparkled glass windows
onwhich sun's spark led the viewers eyes into a king of dreamy blindness
a red flower fall from the 14th story of a pink hotel
and land in the street far below

and did he come after her down those coolly winding and frightfully blasé
stairs that would bear silent sight
to such silent tears?