Naomi Preston was at the age of 23 where she should be diligently working for a job that will eventually
lead to her retirement. However, she never finished college before her dad died and left her with a debt of well
over $ 15 000 . What was a girl to do but search the papers for help wanted ads and rome the streets asking for work?
And work she got, four hour shifts at Java Coffee every day, and five hour shifts in the early mornings at MacDonalds.
It payed well enough so that she was able to rent an old loft, and slowly pay off her family's debt. She had a sister
Carly Sue who was few years older than her that never came back to their hometown after their dad kicked Carly
out of the house.

It wasn't until one day at Java Coffee did luck finally come through for her.


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longer. Thanks to the people who have already updated!

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