..... nightly activies & beauty experts .....

Samuel Conweb was a man of his wealth. That much was to be said, he never took money for granted unlike most
stereotypical children of the rich. While it was true that he enjoyed his luxuries, he wouldn't dare dream of actually
burning crisp one hundred dollar bills unlike many of his friends at his father's exclusive golf club. At twenty eight
years old, Samuel had never felt as bored with his life as he did now. He was almost absolutely confidant that he
would be running Conweb Inc. in ten months... a dream come true since childhood, however, what was Samuel to do
until than? He had nothing to work towards, because it was all guaranteed for him. There was no need to try when
everything had been handed to him without consequences.

He frowned as he thought of his boredness with his life. Here he was living at the five star hotel and Samuel was still
feeling tired. Tired of his vast richness, and the many ugly people he have met in this business of the elite. He supposed
he shouldn't complain, there was a beautiful blonde woman sleeping beside him right now in a room richly decorated
in classic french couture.

Samuel Conweb glanced at the time 6:17 and sat up in bed and adjusted his reading glasses as he continued reading
the article written about him in Entertainment Weekly. It was no better than a tabloid in his opinion. They had taken a
picture of him dancing at Club DiJeiro with President Hamilton's "virginal" daughter Molly. He chuckled at the word
virginal, Molly was anything but virginal. At the club, he barely had to say a word to her, before she was convinced
that she was in love and wanted him right there, right than. Though she was somewhat inexperienced, the night was
still enjoyable. It was a good thing, he found Charlotte on the sidewalk later that night and convinced her to come back
to his hotel suite or else it would be the first time in 10 years Samuel wasn't properly satisfied.

The phone rang on the table next to the bed.

Samuel knew who it was immediately, there's only one person who dared to call him at this time, and that was his father
Victor Conweb.

"Hello father." Samuel said.

"Samuel, my son... did you sleep well?"

"Of course.... that is, until you called."

"No overnight activies I hope."

"Of course not father." Samuel lied. He wasn't in the mood to listen to another lecture about settling down. His father
had always objected to his womanizing hobbies. Samuel just didn't understand why, considering his father had been the
same at his age.

"How's Ginger doing?" Samuel continued.

"Your stepmother has been doing two hour workouts with her fitness instructor Pablo every morning. Costs me two
hundred per session. So I'd say she's looking much better than the last time you saw her." replied Victor.

"That's good, so she finally lost the weight eh? Its about time."

"She may have ballooned a bit after our honeymoon son, but she's still your stepmother, so show a little respect."

Respect. What a laugh. Ginger was a thirty-one year old red-head working as a playboy bunny at the playboy mansion
where Victor had first met her four years ago.

"So when is the divorce?" asked Samuel curious to know when his current stepmother will go back to working on the
Californian streets.

"There isn't one in the works son. I think Ginger may be the one. Even though she's a bit out of her element at times, she
makes me happy and at my age, that's all that matters. Besides, she signed a prenuptial agreement when we were married,
so divorce is an option should I ever feel that this is not working out."

Samuel grinned at the thought of what his father said. A prenuptial agreement guaranteed that Ginger would not be
able to demand half of his assets if they were to seperate. His father learned this lesson after his second wife Veronica
sued for two-hundred million dollars. Though the matter was settled after his father offered her ten million and their
home in the Hamptons, Victor Conweb did not want to go through messy situations like that again.

"I'm happy for you." Samuel lied. "I've taken a liking to Ginger too, she is afterall closer to my age than yours."

"Keep up with that humor of yours and you may find yourself jobless at Conweb Inc.." Victor replied sternly. His son was
always against him remarrying, and Samuel never bothered to hide it from his previous wives.

"I'm sorry father. Ginger is just an unrelateble person in my life. So I don't feel a need to get to know her better."

"I know how you feel. Don't be threatened Samuel, your mother was always the one I cared for, and I'm sorry I couldn't
be with her in the end."

Samuel was infuriated. How dare his father talk about his mother like he loved her? Victor Conweb never cared about
Susan Gray. Susan was just an one-night stand for Victor, the only reason he married her was because he found out she
was pregnant with his child. Victor was never there for her. The night when Susan had to stay in the hospital to test for
cancer, Victor Conweb was at home screwing Samuel's nanny Jennie. Even though at the time, Samuel was only six,
he understood what was going on before his eyes when he saw his father grab Jennie's ass and dragged her into the
master bedroom closing the door. Samuel never told anyone, not even his mother. And when she died two years later on
her hospital bed, Samuel shed a tear, and vowed to be better than his father, better than what his father wanted him
to be.

After hearing silence on the other end of the phone Victor Conweb began his proposal.

"Son, I have to speak to you before my birthday celebration in my penthouse next saturday, so I have arranged for a
meeting on friday night. Hope you do not have any important plans. Emily Osbourne will be calling to tell you the
time, so call her if you have any issues with the date. Its been nice talking to you Samuel, its been a long time. I'll
see you next week."

The phone line died, and the call ended.


Stephen Gianni is for lack of a better word, eccentric. He was eccentric when he saw Naomi's hair. He was eccentric
when he saw the way she drank from a cup. And he was eccentric when he realized that he was hired to makeover
this sarcastic, full of attitude woman into a highly respected and beautiful professional from the West. This was not
in the job description. Stephen would try his hardest to turn this grotesque mess into something worthy of Victor
Conweb considering he was not being payed to protest his client's wishes. He considered himself a professional, one
who was highly sought after by dozens of political femmes and celebrities.

Stephen massaged both sides of his head with his eyes closed, chanting some incomprehensible phrase.

"What are you doing?" Naomi asked as she sat down in the chair which was situated in front of a large mirror with 9
circular light bulbs on both sides.

"SHHH! DON'T bother me until I'm ready." He hissed. "Its called collecting my creative juices into a hair style that will
actually flatter your facial bone structure."

"Yeah well, could you please stop it? Sounds like you're cursing me or something... what ARE you chanting anyways?"

"I would not waste time and curse someone who has already been so obviously cursed with unruly hair." He replied

"I wouldn't talk. Your blonde fringes look much worse than what my hair could ever look like!"

To Naomi, Stephen Gianni looked gay. From his flamboyantly colored clothes, to the tone of his voice when he spoke,
Naomi Preston was convinced he was gay. As gay as the colors purple. Naomi did not consider herself to be an
overly judgamental person, however, Stephen was an exception. He screamed at everything Naomi did, and he fainted
when he learnt that she had never in her life used an eyelash curler. Naomi was not a tomboy, she had heard of coverup,
eyelash curlers, and lipgloss, but all through her teens, she had always been busy with school, jobs, and other projects
she was involved in. There was no time for makeup, clothes or anything that to Naomi, was considered non-essential.
And an eyelash curler was definitely a non-essential from where Naomi came from.

Money however, was definitely an essential and on the top of her vocabulary list. And that was why Naomi surpressed
the urge to punch out Stephen whenever he critisized her clothes, hair, skin, and everything else Naomi possessed
that was not completely feminine to look at. She knew Stephen was frustrated on how Naomi treated this as a big
joke, but she couldn't help that she had never had to walk in four inch heels before. Those 'skills' didn't exactly come
with her 'How to be a Girl' manual when she was born.

"Girl, I wouldn't try to flatter myself if I were you, and for your info - I wasn't chanting, I was simply reminding myself
that I've worked with Gisele Bundchen."

"Who's Gisele Bundchen?" asked Naomi.

"So you need a who's who lesson too? My god, what did Victor do to me?" Stephen said as he struggled to untangle
the knot in Naomi's hair with the black brush he held. "Hold still!"

Naomi struggled in response to the acute pain she felt in her scalp.

"OW! My hair is connected to my head, so yeah - THAT HURT !!" replied Naomi. "I'm just SO overwhelmed by
your heartfelt apology."

Naomi glanced at Stephen as he threw the broken brush accross the floor and sat down at a chair nearby.

"You just broke my brush! I recieved that when I won the 1999 VH1 Hair Parfait category! The first one from VS-3
collection! Its a limited edition!!!" Stephen protested.

VS-3 was always his favorite hair grooming collection, there was only a limited supply of them in the world. Growing up
on a rural farm in Kansas wasn't easy, especially when Stephen's ambition was to become a hairdresser. He left as the
joke of his whole town at the age of 17 and arrived in New York City where he struggled to rise to fame. The VS-3
collection that he recieved was a trophy that he brought with him everywhere he went, to remind him that he made it to
the top, that he won against all odds.

He can't believe he thought using that particular brush would bring him luck, luck that could help him transform her
into a beauty. Stephen couldn't have been more wrong.

Tears came into Stephen's eyes.

At first, Naomi found it humorous that he placed such importance on a hair brush. None the less, after watching Stephen's
reaction to his broken brush, Naomi suddenly felt bad for the guy, even if he had tried to seperate her scalp from her
skull. She really hadn't meant to break his brush. He was just brushing so hard, that not struggling would be impossible
for her to do.

She knelt down beside his chair and contemplated what to do next.

"Are you alright?" Naomi asked.

Hearing no reply, Naomi tried again.

"See, here's another brush that's much prettier than the other one." Naomi consoled as she grabbed a random brush from
the table next to his chair.

He burst into tears.

"Its not THE SAME!" He screeched, sobbing into the tissue Naomi had just handed to him.

Not ever having been put into a situation as bizarre as this, Naomi put her hand on his shoulder.

After awhile, the sobbing subsided, and Stephen looked up with his tear-driven face. Suddenly, he didn't feel like helping
this girl anymore. He just wanted to go home and watch his Days of Our Lives tapes. He was sure that seeing the love of
Hope and Bo Brady will help him overcome his loss and move on with his life.

"Please leave." He said quietly. "Tell Victor to find another beauty expert to help you. Tell him that an emotional situation
has left me crippled and unable to continue with my work."

Naomi was shocked. She was getting kicked out from a beauty spa for breaking a brush? Her beauty expert was quitting on
her? What was Victor going to say about this?

"I'm really REALLY sorry Stephen-"

"Please go." He pointed at the door.

With another look of guilt, Naomi Preston left the building and went to find her chauffeur Billy.


Victor Conweb was on his way home in the Mercedes after a long day of work. It was now nine o'clock. He was looking
forward to seeing Ginger in the little silk number he had Emily buy for Ginger.

"Bill!" Victor called to his chauffeur.

"Yes Mr. Conweb?"

"How did Ms. Preston's lesson go this morning?" he asked.

"I'm not entirely sure sir, she didn't mention anything about it to me when I took her home." Bill replied. "But she did look
slightly upset."

"That's certainly intresting.... " murmured Victor, "Thank you Bill."

"You're welcome sir."

Victor settled back into his seat. He certainly hoped Ms. Preston's appointement with Stephen Gianni went well, considering
the woman was in a desperate need for change, both in attitude and outward appearances.

He had spent the night late at work to finish off the deal with Signature Ricci, he left his lawyers with the final contract
so they could go over it and get back to Victor on it. To make sure he didn't miss anything important from work since
his departure, he dialed the number to check his voicemail. Two new messages.

The first message was from Ginger, she was cooing on the phone for him to come home for a midnight snack. Victor
grinned at this, his young wife certainly knew how to get him going.

The second message was what caused him to take two Tylenols in the car.

"Hey Mr. Conweb, this is Naomi Preston, you know the girl you hired to get with your son? What am I talking about
of course you know who I am, I mean - ... Anyways, bad news with Stephen Gianni, he kinda quit on me, he was brushing
my hair one minute and the next he told me to get out. I think breaking his brush really got to him. He told me to tell you to
find another guy for the job cause he was crippled from an emotional trauma I believe it was.. yep that's what he told me to
say. Um... Don't worry about me in case you're wondering - I'm completely fine, sooo, yah, I'm going to call Emily tommorow
and hopefully you will already have arranged for me to find another beauty guy. So bye!"

Good lord, this woman has caused the most prestigous beauty expert in New York to quit on him? Naomi Preston was
certainly turning out to be more trouble than he thought.

Well, he'll just have to deal with her later - after his midnight snack of course.


Well this was a little bit of a kooky chapter I'll admit - if I made you feel even some sympathy for Stephen Gianni than I
have accomplished what no other author in this category has done: Made you feel sorry for a guy who cried because
his hairbrush broke.

LOL, this chapter was fun to write, I also decided that it was time to make Samuel seem more human than just a rich
playboy after chapter three's comical relief with Billy Carner the chauffeur extraordinare!

And yes, I'll admit I am a Days of Our Lives fan - well not really a big fan, just one who watches cause there's nothing
better on at four after they canceled the Rosie show.

- Jhondie