Fire and Ice
© Black Tangled Heart

My throat is parched; thirst overwhelms me
The darkness surrounds me like an inky cocoon
Salty tears streak my alabaster skin; my body trembles with fear
Sweat slides across my face and through my tresses
A weight is pressed eternally upon my chest, constricting my breath
Scalding fingers of fire surround my shoulders and arms.
The pain snakes hungrily along my thighs and curls beneath my toes;
Devouring muscle and flesh
The sheets beneath me ignite and my blonde halo of curls catches the indigo heat
I am aflame with anguish
I attempt to fall into the blissful realm of dreams but am unsuccessful
Poisoned by the hot venom upon me; tormented by the pain
Every single cell of me aches because you are not here;
The flames are oily
My whole being is burning; I can see the sparks through my blurry, tear filled vision
You promised to return by sunset
And when the sky was filled with liquid golden light and swollen scarlet clouds
You were not in my arms
And still I lie in this empty bed; my skin bubbles as I fight off the offending linen
In an attempt to cease the fire's hunger
I cannot close my eyes; the numbing blackness will never lull me to sleep
The smoke hisses; the heat roars
And then it is as if I have been lifted from this torture chamber
Your silhouette fills the doorway;
I can see the green of your eyes from my searing prison
Your soft footsteps and your rich voice caress my last shard of hope
Arms of ice surround my tiny frame and I am swept away from pain
My tears mingle with yours and as we kiss, the flames are extinguished
We are caught up in a fervent whirlwind of ice and sparks
You are my frozen angel
I run my fingers through your frigid hair and am eager to taste the salt
That lingers on your mouth
The heat sputters as our bodies meld together
I am in the embrace of my chilling savior
My flesh heals, my singed hair becomes silk again
You look upon my face and whisper your love for me
We fall asleep with serenity in our hearts
Your encirclement brings me into a parallel universe of dreams
And I awake to find myself curled beneath a downpour
Of water from a frigid showerhead