The five teens arrived at the deserted beach within minutes of each other. The first there was a blonde girl with deep blue eyes and a kind smile that never seemed to leave her face. The second was a boy with silvery hair and gray eyes that always seemed focused on something distant that no one else seemed to see. The third was a boy with wildly curling red hair and mischievous hazel eyes. The fourth was a boy who seemed to have an air of dignity around him. His hair was silvery like the second boy, but it seemed to glow unnaturally in the nearly complete darkness. His eyes were startlingly silver. The last to arrive was an innocent looking girl with flowing brown hair and smiling green eyes.

            Shana smiled when she remembered when she had been innocent like that. Her smile soon turned to a frown when she saw them head toward the water. She'd watched them from afar for the past week and had noticed something extremely disturbing. They continually used their powers for fun. Of course, she had used hers to get her out of a few scraps but never as blatantly as they used theirs. Shana wondered if someone might someday suspect something. She had to smile when she watched Water, as she had recently begun calling her when she thought about her, call up a huge wave and dive right into it. Fire called up a wall of fire around him so that every drop of water would burn before it got to him. Earth was content to sit at the edge of the water while the rest played.

            Shana wished she could join in but knew that she could not. Okay, maybe that was a lie. Maybe she could join if she wanted to but she knew she wouldn't. She'd have to figure out another way to talk to them. She slept under a pier again that night.

            She woke up in the morning feeling like she'd only slept for minutes. She shivered in the cold morning air then straightened her clothes and hair enough to avoid being bothered by nosy people. She went into a 7-11 down the street and used their bathroom to wash her face and brush the sand out of her hair. She went into the stall and changed into a pair of baggy black jeans and a long sleeved black t-shirt. She figured that being hot was preferable to having her pale skin burned and looking like a lobster. She pulled on some socks that barely had any sand in them and then put on her combat boots.

            She walked out of the stall and checked to make sure everything looked okay. She frowned and dug in her bag until she found her eyeliner. She outlined her eyes in black, adding to the dark look. She left the store and looked for a place to get some breakfast. She'd just grabbed some snacks from the 7-11 the other mornings but she really wanted something hot today. She still had a little money left. She spotted a diner and started walking toward it. Three letters on the sign were missing "D_N_Y'_ DINER". Hopefully, the lack of money to repair a sign signaled that it was cheap. Shana was beginning to think about things like that for the first time in her life.

            Needless to say, she was shocked when she was suddenly knocked to the ground. She tried to catch herself with her hands but only succeeded in hurting her wrists. The breath was momentarily knocked from her body and she had to force her lungs to inhale again.

            "God, are you okay?" a male voice asked. She looked up and was more than surprised to see the face of Fire. The others were coming down the street behind him on roller blades.

            "What happened?" Earth asked concernedly.

            "I swear I didn't see her," Fire answered defensively.

            Shana got up as gracefully as her injuries would allow. "No harm done," she said looking at the ground.

            "Are you sure?" Light asked his silver eyes filled with worry.

            "Yeah, I'm fine" Shana answered softly, tilting her head so that she could hide behind a veil of raven hair.

            "Hey, I haven't seen you around before. Are you new here?" Water asked in a friendly manner.

            "Yes, I am new," Shana replied.

            "Where are you from? You sound kind of southern."

            "I came here from New Jersey, but I spent my childhood in the south." Shana said becoming more comfortable speaking to them.

            "How did you get here from New Jersey?" Wind suddenly asked. Shana paled a bit remembering all of the miles she'd walked between the buses she'd managed to catch.

            "A bus," she answered. At least it wasn't a complete lie. She shifted her bag more comfortably on her shoulder.

            "Cool. Well, it's been nice meeting you, but we've gotta run. See you later," Fire said.

            "See you," Shana called as they left. Earth turned around to wave and nearly tripped over her own skates. Shana went into the diner feeling much better about the day.