My friends stare at me

At my pale white face

And they notice

That I'm losin the race

The race of life

Of eternity

And I wonder when it will be

The end of me

They all ask me

If I am ok

And I smile

And say yes

Theres no other way

These are the words that I want to scream

And the ones, that I want to shout

The ones that I wish I could get right out

No I'm not ok

I won't be for a long time

Till I can feel the bony touch of each rib of mine

No I'm not ok

My life is not endin soon enough

I wish I had some love, a little human touch

No I'm not ok

And that's the way I'll stay

With the blocking of the darkness

Standing in my way

No, I'll never be ok

I'll never be ok