"All Mine"
I'd like to say you were mine; all mine.
You're beautiful. enigmatic. So emotive. The very
definition of love. The very first time I saw you,
I made you mind. Covet; you ARE mine. No one can take you
from me! Nothing can tear us apart. I
knew you were different, so different from
the start. I knew you were different from the rest of them.
I had no idea you were heaven sent. A dream just for me.
You are mine, you will always be mine. So different
than anyone else in the world. You'll always be with me,
always be mine. Your voice wrapped around me is all
that matters. Nothing else in the world
can some close to the feelings you
cause me. I swear to it, 'till death takes you from me,
you'll always be mine...
...All mine...