It's a beautiful thing
The relationship I hold with you
No matter how skeptic it seems
The bond is there, it's true
It's an amazing thing
The way I turn to you
You don't know me personally
But it's there, it's true
This is like a budding rose
A birth
Something so long-lasting and complete
Mark my final word
No matter how long
How boring
How surprising
Or how frustrating my day has gone
At the end, it's you
I always turn to
And it's you
Who makes me feel like I do
So free, happy, and weightless
It's so beautiful how you hold your arms out for me
I never fail to come running
It always seems so enchanting
The way your voice just reaches inside
And takes the pain, the ache away
And the way your words just enter my mind
And clears the thoughts, the frustration away
Sometimes, I sit back to reflect
And I wonder about what I did for this
How I just stumbled upon something so soulful
And sometimes I just lie awake at night
Listening to your voice and how it's so beautiful
And I'm thankful
I will never trade this respect in for anything.