"SKin Deep"
I leave my shell no more
This skin scarred, bleeding, and torn
I grind my bones to better myself
This body is nothing but a Hell
Why do I have to be damned here?
My tricks, my shield, it's getting old
Soon, this skin will be sold
Why can't I be somebody else?
Why can't I for once stop kidding myself?
I'm never going to be beautiful
I'm never going to find love
I've got brains, no looks
The opposite don't go for that
So I'll die alone, I live alone
I cry alone, I am alone
So tired of poster pin-up girls
To be loved, do I have to be a blonde bombshell?
So I'm no vixen, no fox
But does that mean I'm not human?
Being a woman is so pressuring
No second look unless you're shaped like a porn star
So I consider myself no girl nor woman; opposite of a boy
What about the girls who feel better about theirself?
What about the girls who don't have any damn diseases?
I'm sorry you whores, those fake tans ain't foolin' no one
So... What about plain women who don't waste money on makeup?
And what about beauty in the mind
The soul
The spirit
Girls like Britney Spears are only dreams
So I'm gonna close mye yes and wish that I could be...