Your heart's been broken
So many times before
Your sanity's been stolen
Love's seemed to have walked out the door
Left alone in silence
Thinking, 'How can I take this?'
Before a friend's showed up
And seemingly took you by storm
Your cards haven't been laid right
Life hasn't been played right
Now it's time for you to take over
And let you inner beauty take flight
I've told you before
As I'll tell you now
You're truly amazing and beautiful
They can't see, I don't know how
You don't deserve this pain
You deserve so much more
Someday one love will stop the rain
And throw pain out the door
Until then, just know this
I'll be there forever for you
Now, you just take care
And know you've got a friend
A friend who's thinking of you
A friend that'll be there
And smile, just dry those tears
Happiness will soon shine through
It'll take all these fears
And destroy them just for you
So know that all those years
That pain that was so unbearable
Will soon never rain on your parade ever again.