Detached from reality you are
So spineless
No feeling can touch your crimson streak
So powerful; agressive
So sadistic; a masochist
Fucking brutal
You're on fire
Bash that body
Kill the liar
Hypocrisy not an issue
Destroy the cure
Become the virus; Infect us all
Sever the ties of law and order
The only rule now; there are no fucking rules
Just a *crow*, a clown, and no cure
Surpass the test
Contaminate the world; dispose evidence
Recent findings prove no one competes
Nothing comes close to
Nothing rules over
Nothing completes
Nothing like your disease
Maim the government
Overthrow with victory
666 and little more than pissed
Blast more powerful than a gun to the head
So expressionate
No one will compete, even when you're dead
Fear to conformity
Tear down the walls of history
Show the world the face that rules them now
No smile; a sadistic grin
No flesh; burn skin
Blood amess
Horns protruding
Crystal blue eyes that hold all the secrets of sin
Show the world who rules now, Clown
Show them the 6
The blood; the nerve
The truth.