You plague my mind
Day to day you're always there
There's nothing to do
To make you go
You're just a spirit
Free to be
Who you are
Only change inside yourself
An underdose of sanity
You've been given too many insane parts
There's no way to kill you
To throw you away
There's no way to take your body
Because all that's left is your soul
There's no way to hurt you
Put you in harm;s way
You're harmony yourself
There's no grav for you
No place to just lay
Nowhere to just sit and stay
You cannot be controlled
You cannot be desroyed
There's no one in human history
That could ever compare to you
One in your own
You're only a soul...
Just an insane soul
Just an live cell
So mechanic
So robotic
So soulful
And so free...
Just a free soul.