"Doll Whore"
Glamour bitch
The dinner whore
Squeeze the throat
Make it burn; make it sore
Scream the life; bleed the pain
Prove the truth
Full of shit
Oceans in eyes
Let it go...
Glamour bitch
Horror-doll whore
Squeeze the infection
Make it hurt; make it soar
OVer the stars; into the moon
Provide the addiction
There's no cure
Smoke in eyes
Forget the truth...
Prosthetic lies
Glass mask
From maggot to fly
No face to show
Scars under the velvet rope
Pale as the milk; so expired and exposed
Twist the chain
Pull the leg
Prosthetic scar
Cut the tape...
Glamour whore
Rejected bitch
Sadistic little grin
Stitch the smile
Let the process begin
So thin and wild
Stitch the eyes
Let him break the mold
So strong and curious
Blood int he eye; drugs in the nose
Pretend like no one knows
Phosflourecant glow
Peel back the eyes
Let him grow.