Thirty gods lived in the world of Kenarim. Five gods-representing good-lived in the Jewel of Light while five other gods-representing evil- lived in the Jewel of Darkness. The rest of the gods were all neutral-and represented things that occurred daily or the looks and feelings of the people. Their home was the Jewel of Neutrality.

The Jewels floated in the sky. Each of them was located at a particular spot. The Jewel of Light was a diamond divided into five facets- one round crystal shard and four petal-like ones, placed like a flower- situated in the northern hemisphere. The Jewel of Darkness, made with a rare black diamond-divided like the Jewel of Light-, was located in the southern hemisphere. Finally, the Jewel of Neutrality was divided into twenty shards, of all shapes and sizes, and scattered around the planet like a belt.

The gods were worshipped by many humans giving them power. The devotion of a mortal was converted into power and therefore, the god who obtained it became strong. At this time, the most powerful of the gods was Avarik, the God of Good-nowadays, people were more oriented towards peace.

The God of Good-leader of the Pantheon of Light-was approved by Rahn, the Ultimate God and creator of the world. He found the teachings that Avarik procured to his followers correct. The God of Good was encouraged by the Ultimate God because of his friendly appearance as well.

But Avarik's desires included neither strength nor power. The only thing he wanted was for his siblings from the other Realms-the Jewels were also referred to as Realms-to reunite. Unfortunately, most of them had different thoughts. Kerish, the God of Wealth, despised Heredon, the God of Thieves, who dared to steal his rings during their previous reunions. Other problems similar to this one contributed to the separation of the gods.

* * *

It was a bright summer's day. The followers of the Gods of Light completed their few duties in this era of peace. The believers of the Gods of Darkness plotted their next offense.

In the sky, the Jewel of Light floated silently around the northern pole.

Avarik lived at the center of this Realm. His domain was called Lilacium because of all the lilac trees that filled it. A brick road led to his heavenly shrine, known as the Lilacium Temple. On the brick road, there was a brick circle-a splendid water fountain was fixed at its center.

Avarik was passing through his garden, looking for new flower buds-a fun pastime according to him. A few minutes later, he walked to the edge of Lilacium. The god turned back and looked at his plants-it seemed like he was doing so for the last time. He then flew off towards the Jewel of Darkness.

The center of the Jewel of Darkness was inhabited by Baran, the God of Evil-he was also the God of Good's twin. Avarik's destination was Naiva Tower, Omeru's domain.

Omeru was the God of Sorcery. But since the Mage Wars-the battle between the Goddess of Magic's followers and his-many sorcerers had perished, leaving him few followers. He was presently one of the weaker gods.

Naiva Tower was an eerie place. The vegetation near it was made up of strange plants because Omeru frequently tested his spells on them. The frightening sounds heard around it would have been enough to freeze the God of Good's blood if he had had any. The tower was tall. A black flag-with the rune of destruction drawn on it-adorned on its summit added to its horrific beauty. The bricks it was made of were old and grayish.

There was no entrance. The only way one could enter the tower, was if they were invited. And Avarik was invited.

He stood before his brother's dwelling and waited. Seconds later, a sinister laughter crowded the area. A silhouette appeared. The figure was wearing a black robe. He was wrinkled and old. The sorcerer's hand gripped a long wooden staff.

Omeru advanced towards Avarik. He grasped the God of Good's shoulder and whispered a word. Instantly they were teleported inside Naiva Tower.

They walked to one of Omeru's rooms. It was full of diabolical figures. It was dark, but candles did give it some brightness. Even though he had ventured in this room numerous times, Avarik still had chills when he entered his divine brother's chambers.

"Do you know why I called you here?"

"No, brother."

He looked around the room. It was darker than when he came in. The figurines' eyes changed to bloody red. The rune of destruction on Omeru's staff glowed as well-but Avarik didn't see.

"Avarik, we-the gods of the Realm of Darkness-are getting quite tired of your power. It is time that we benefit of the pleasures that you enjoy. You might be the old man's favorite, but even so." He left his sentence incomplete and pointed his staff towards the God of Good.

Avarik turned back immediately. But it was too late :

"No! Broth-"

"Ich necanda merucawa!" The God of Sorcery had said his spell. the Eternal Dream.

As soon as Omeru's mouth had closed, the God of Good fell down, unconscious. He was sent back to Lilacium.

* * *

The next day, news of Avarik's condition had spread through the world. Rahn had heard of it and seen it with his own eyes.

Some believed that Baran, the God of Evil, did it. Others thought it was Zied, the God of War. But those were all theories. Only one thing was sure, nothing could awaken Avarik.

Day after day, the creator of the world became more and more impatient. His favorite of all the gods lay lifeless in the Lilacium Temple.

Rahn looked very old despite his immortality. His long white hair cascaded down his back and was slightly under his waist. His beard was white as well and was a little less than three feet long.

Currently, Rahn seemed to have aged in one night. He was irritated by the gods who did and could do nothing.

The Ultimate God summoned the thirty-rather the twenty-nine-gods. They gathered in front of the Celestial Kingdom located above the Jewels. It flew around Kenarim twelve times a year.

Lighting ripped through the sky, and Rahn appeared.

"I'm very disappointed in your behaviors my children," he said. "If in seven days I don't find him freed of his enchantment, all of you shall be punished for what you have done."

He left in a flash leaving the gods shocked and confused by his words.

Sitting on his ricoon-a throne made of the most resistant yet lightest wood of Kenarim-Rahn patiently waited for the arrival of his servant. He heard footsteps. A young woman knelt down:

"I am here to serve you Lord Rahn."

"Yes, Verana. You must know that the Gods of Darkness will not listen to my warning. This means that you must find a way to release him from the spell that haunts him."

"I understand."

"What do you think will happen in fifty years?"

"Many things my Lord."

The old man laughed, making his beard tremble. Since the previous day, it was the first laugh she had heard from him.

"The world will become sterile. Verana, do what you must, but remember this. From a barren land, the prettiest bloom shall arise."

She bowed once more and left.

It is the destiny of mankind to face this trial, thought Rahn. May the Guardians have mercy on Kenarim.