Yellow Tints Around The Resort

The yellowed spider as
Dangerous in spun silk
Resting on the
Wrought iron chair---a child
Is crying the air is like
And rain and the nondescript
Sound made by
Raucous ibises
A Caribbean sun(close to it)
Then, yellow-
Eyed birds like
Yellow rain and yellow
Sky open-mouthed
Birds in the winded
Heat of people and the movement
That is rest and movement
For fear of rest
At movement.

Hornets flock about
Statues and Victorian
Architecture that is evidence
Of previous escape
And there is a heaviness here that even
The statues bend beneath.
Children still
Crying the men, sweating almond and salt.

Yellow flowers
As dangerous as the
Yellow son as the
Threat of rain.

The birds
Make tropical sounds to remind
The people that they
Are far-from-home by choice.
(What an odd species)
Chairs scrape cobbled
Sand and stone,
Paper dotted with the beginnings
Of another