The Chase.

It was dark, and I was running through a long tunnel. It never seemed to end. I could hear my heart pounding wildly, and the sound of my sneakers on the wet floor. It smelled damp, and somewhere I could hear running water. Behind me I heard footsteps. Could this be him? I wanted to stop and turn around, but my legs kept on carrying me further down the tunnel. Suddenly I came to a cross- road. I panicked- which way should I go? Finally, as I heard the footsteps behind me grow louder, I seemed to make a decision. I had to rely on the passage I chose to get me out. I felt my legs turning me down the right- hand side. In my terror I didn't quite notice it as I turned. I did not care whether this was the right one. All I wanted was to get away from him.

Just as I thought the footsteps behind me ceased, I crashed into something hard and damp. I regained my balance, and felt my way around. It was now that I realized the terrible truth- it was a dead end. I stood against the wall and watched the dark passage in front of me. I could see him now- strong and muscular, a white knife- blade shining dangerously in his hand. He had a menacing look on his face, and I pressed hard against the wall. Before I knew it, the wall gave in, and I could feel myself being thrown down. I was petrified- was this the end? But as I hit the cold water, I knew I was safe- for now. I held my breath and swam up to the surface. As I looked around me, I realized I was in a place I've never been before. I looked up from where I fell, and saw him staring at me, with a look more terrifying than terror itself. I scrambled on shore, and tried to run, but my legs felt like lead. I steadied myself for a moment, and I looked around.

It was a small churchyard, with gravestones, which were half- covered with soil. This site was gruesome enough to make my hair stand on end. I started running again, each second looking back over my shoulder. Anytime, now, I thought, I would collapse. My body was tense, and drops of sweat formed on my forehead and around my neck. I continued running on, and it was only now that I noticed him. He was behind me, and he was gaining on. I screamed, and ran, until I saw a small farmhouse. I ran up to it completely out of breath. I knocked as loud as I could, and an elderly lady opened the door. Seeing my condition, she immediately let me in, but before she managed to close the door, he jumped at it. I saw the steel of the knife glint, and a second later, drops of blood covered the wooden floor. I screamed again, and started running up the stairs to the attic. My fear was more than my consciousness, and once I was up, I knew what I had to do. I opened the little trap- door in the roof and climbed out into the night. From up here I could see a village, and hastily climbed down. It wasn't easy, but I did it. I looked back at the cottage, and saw him following me. After catching my breath for a second I started running again, towards the village lights. When I finally reached it, I thought I was going to drop. I knocked on the first door I saw, and before I could let myself in, I crashed to the ground.

In the morning, as I woke up, I remembered the events of last night, and as I was telling them the story, I saw images in my head. There he was, staring at me, chasing me, and then I saw the bloody corpse of the old woman, lying in a pool of blood in her little cottage. I was scared all over again, and I started to cry. The jeans and t- shirt I was wearing the previous night were beside me on a chair. They were all wet and covered with mud, but now that they dried up, the mud clang onto my clothes in little pieces. I stood up slowly and got dressed. They offered me some food, and I accepted. While I was walking in the sunshine, I still could feel his presence around me, watching me, whatever I did.

It was already late afternoon that I finally made my way back home. As I arranged my hair and cleaned my clothes, I decided to phone up my friend, and that evening I told her everything about what happened to me. I did not want to go to sleep, fearing that he might return, but finally, I fell asleep near the window.

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