The Fate.

My friends were just saying goodbye to me after our late night together, when I saw something that made my blood turn ice. I gasped and stared in its direction. Several of my friends turned to see, and my best friend clamped her hand over her mouth. I heard somebody scream with terror. Soon, everybody saw the gruesome site that was lying on the pavement about two meters away from where we stood. The lamp shone above it, but we could barely say what it was. But its terrible position and blood- soaked pavement around it made us guess it was a case of murder. The woman's body was curled up in a horrifying knot, her blond hair all over her face. But what petrified us even more was her ripped- out throat. I immediately knew this wasn't a man's deed. An animal's teeth or claws could have ripped it out. I became so frightened that I couldn't move.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, something leaped at one of my friends. I saw Andy fall to the ground, a horrifying thing on top of him. We were scared out of our wits, and we all ran, leaving Andy behind, struggling to fight the thing off him. I thought I heard him shout out after us, but we were all so scared, that we just kept running. At the nearest police station, in a rather shaky voice, I told the policeman on duty about the two attacks. I told him about the thing that attacked Andy. Then I got scared all over again, remembering how we abandoned Andy in the one moment he needed us. I felt another pang of guilt- Andy was my close friend, and also the boy I was currently going out with. My best friend realized what I was thinking about, and put a comforting hand on my shoulder.

When I got home and to my room, I just couldn't stop crying. I felt responsible for what happened, and could not face my friends until two weeks after, when my best friend's mother phoned me. As soon as I started to talk to her, I sensed grief and sadness in her voice. When I asked her what happened, and when I heard the news, I nearly dropped the receiver. It was a few minutes later that I finally trusted myself to speak, and managed to tell her that I'll be at the place in five minutes.

I didn't even arrange my hair, or change my clothes. I rushed to the side- street my friend's mother indicated over the phone. Upon approaching it, I noticed the police car, and ambulance and I spotted all my friends through the thick crowd. I looked for my best friend's mother, but, as I couldn't find her, I decided to push my way to the front. When I finally reached the spot, I wished I hadn't. I turned my head. It hurt me to see my best friend- my only real friend for ages- now lying on the ground, a large scar all over her face, and her throat.

When I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around to see my best friend's mother. I put a comforting hand around her shoulders. Then, as I started sobbing, she embraced me tightly. I couldn't stop my tears- they were flowing uncontrollably now, and I knew they would never stop. Later that day, as I returned home, I threw myself on my bed, and started crying all over again. I've lost my best friend, and the only boy I ever liked. Normally I would talk to my parents, but I didn't. This was too personal, I decided, and I made up my mind to get my revenge.

That night, I couldn't sleep, so I went out to the alley where Andy and my best friend were murdered. I could almost see them lying on the pavement. I shut my eyes, for I knew the tears were going to come again. When I opened them again, however, I froze in my tracks. Just a few inches from me, I saw it- fearsome, and then- the sharp fangs, dripping with blood. I knew that I had to run, but somehow I couldn't find the will to even scream. I thought about my friends for the very last time, and then, as the thing jumped at me, all I could see was darkness.