The List.

Life isn't always what you want it to be. It can be so messed up you would want to kill yourself and get it over and done with. You may be bored, broke, convicted or outlawed. They can take your house, your family, your money and your job. They - your enemies.

But you can change all that. There is always a way for you to be happy with what you are. I know I've found a way. I've found a deeper, darker side of myself I never even knew existed. It was the part of me my parents never brought up, and deprecated when it somehow managed to surface. But now I know it is there, and slowly, but surely, it's sprouting, until I will totally bring it under my control.

I've discovered the list. And that piece of paper changed my life. From a timid deer to a prancing panther, my attitude, my views and ideas are succumbing to that dark side of my soul. And I continue to evolve. Expanding my horizons and opening new doors of possibilities, always testing my potential and taking my self - confidence to its full extent. And the list grows longer with each passing day.

My enemies - the people I'll hate to my death - will be the first to taste the power of the new and improved me. They will pay for what they have done. I'll make them wish they never laid eyes on me. They will beg on their hands and knees for mercy, but there will be none. They will cry out in terror as their whole life flashed by them in a second and then everything will grow dark. And if anyone dares to ask me why, I will tell them:

Life is too short to feel anger and resentment every day. So I won't waste precious seconds suffering - I'll make them suffer instead. Life is too elusive to see the real truth - so I won't even try. The world is too small to allow scoundrels live on its surface and eat from its ground. The ocean has too much salt without the tears of the victims whose lives they ruined.

There is only one place for them - hell. Hell made them, so hell will take them back. Forever shall they burn in the fire of their own doing, while heaven will continue to prosper in the world. And the happiness in the hearts relieved from their burdens will paint the Earth in bright colors.