I see myself staring to an awe of nothing
I lye seemingly lonely through the dark night
Trying to escape my thoughts, circling around me
Like a chain I've been futile to break
My life travels too complex to comprehend
Rustling through in a silent eerie fashion
Relaxing to a flow of chilled breezes
My heart yearning for escape to a state of passion
Escape of the lost emptiness is gruelingly hard to break
Times passes torturing my inner soul
As though heartlessness has as no concept of time
Time is merely what is seen to the eye of the beholder
Emotional repairs never arrive at a reasonable time
What has been said before is said once again
Pain is temporary, to sadness, suffering is universal
But happiness will relish, and be victorious
Love will prevail and reign once again as before
Pray from the heart will conquer spirits to come
What we see as life will be cheerful
Motivation for living will be a guide
Joyousness must overcome our hearts as it has before