When the universe was first created, all it was, was a vast blackness, an emptiness. But there were bright lights that flew through it. They were all different shades, and colours. The first one to appear was a yellowish-white spark. It grew and grew until it had a body, arms, legs, feet, hands and a tail. Whatever it was had also grown wings. Pure, white, feathery wings. It's form was not like that of a human's, but of a small dragon. A dragon with not scales for skin, but light. It had no ears, but a single horn like thing sprouting from the back of it's head. It's eyes were kind, and small, like that of a young child. She named herself Fraher Nora, meaning Light One. From herself, she created others.

She created a dark red light, and made it look identical to herself, except for the wings, personality and facial features. The red one's wings were made of fire. His eyes were red, and hot. She named him Rychee Nora, meaning Fiery One. The third one she created was light green. Her eyes were full of wisdom and knowledge. Her wings were made of leaves that would change colour during the fall, when the seasons would be created. The name that Fraher Nora gave her was Farrell Nora, meaning One of the Earth. The fourth one that Fraher created was tiny, and more aerodynamic than the others. He was a light blue colour, and his wings were like that of a faerie. His eyes were full of joy and pure happiness. She named him Ochs Nora. His name meant Little One of the Skies. The sixth one she created had no wings, nor feet or arms, but flippers. The sixth one's tail had a big, elegant, dolphin-like tail flipper. His eyes are almond shaped and mysterious. They seemed to hide a secret... He was named Brac Nora, Keeper of the Waves.

The last one Fraher created from herself was not made of light, but of pure darkness. His wings were like that of a fierce dragon, and his eyes were cold, and full of hatred. On his forehead, appeared a silver crescent moon. Fraher had not known how it appeared, for she did not make it. She named him Criona Nora, Keeper of the Night and Moon.
Over the millennia, planets and starts were born. Giving some light into the universe. On one planet, the group of dragon-like entities each created a kingdom for themselves. Farrell flew around the planet, spreading seeds, which quickly grew into grasses, trees, and other vegetation. She also created animals of all sorts of species.
Brac filled mighty holes with a blue liquid that had currents. He had made the seas, rivers, and lakes of this world. Rychee created lava, fire, and heat. He also made a tower of fire, deep in the hearth of a volcano. There, he went to sleep.

Ochs saw that the sky was empty and thought that it needed a little bit of touching up. He flew through it faster than the naked eye could never pick up. While he flew, the sky became the same colour as he, a light blue. When he stoped flying, he breathed out white puffy clouds, and made them glide along with the winds. Fraher added a bright circle of light in the sky. She had created day.

Meanwhile the others were making this new world habitable, Criona had other plans. He wanted the whole planet to be shrouded in darkness. He wanted the whole world to feel the way he did. So while the others slept, Criona created a silver ball in the sky. This ball had many phases. He next shrouded the entire planet in black. But it wasn't pitch black like he wanted. The light from the silver ball was lighting up the world, but only a little bit. He grumbled with little satisfaction, even though he had just created the Moon and Night.

When Fraher had waken, the ball of light rose with her. She had created the Sun. Criona was displeased with this, but could do nothing about it. When the Moon rose, Criona took delight out of frightening the animals. He made unnatural noises and bumps, but when the Sun rose, he slept... This is the way things stayed when humans were created. After the creation of humans, the six dragon-like entities went to rest until needed.