No more chances. I am giving the world no more chances, for I have had enough. I never did anything wrong to the world. I recycled. I didn't litter. The world, however, did do wrong to me. Because the world was so cruel to me I am now going to recycle one last thing, and that thing is my life.

I live surrounded by tall buildings in New York City that stare down upon me. They laugh at me. They laugh at my wasted life. I know that the world put them up to being so cruel to me. And when I jump off of them they will laugh at me on my way down, and when I hit the ground they will laugh even harder. I will jump off of the Empire State Building. When I do the people that are on the observatory will laugh at me. They will call me a psychopath and laugh as I fall to the ground. The buildings will laugh with them. The whole world will drop what they're doing and laugh at me.

I see the entrance to the Empire State Building laughing at me. Everytime it opens to let somebody in it takes the opportunity to laugh at me. I do not turn away. I take the first step towards my fate and enter.

It is now time to enter the elevator and that too is laughing at me. I push the elevator's button, and it laughs. With every floor that the elevator takes me to it laughs.

Why did this happen to me? Why has the world been so cruel? I was once so succesful, and let nothing laugh at me. But I am now the world's personal freakshow. I am the laughingstock of the world. In college I was supposed to be the one most likely to succeed. I was a succeeder. But then everything went away.

I made elevator buttons for 15 years. I made them so efficiently that I became rich, and well respected among the elevator button community. I remember when anybody that laughed at me was a fool, and subsequently got laughed at by my friends and followers. I was on the verge of getting a promotion to manager of the elevator button sweatshop that I worked in, but then it happened.

The owner of the elevator button company that I worked for died, and his son inherited the company. His son decided to let factories do all the work. I was laid off, because the new owner saw no use for me. When I tried to protest, he merely laughed at me. This was the first laugh out of many. I am now jobless, moneyless, and lonely. I am laughed at everywhere I go. The elevator doors open, and I step outside. It gives me a final laugh and I walk to the observatory, and I jump. I am laughed at on the way down, but I know that when I hit the ground nobody will laugh at me anymore.