The breeze drafted across the tranquil land as the shadows flickered playfully over the willows, chasing one another as the dry leaves flew with autumn's gales. The grasses rustled under nature's gentle breath, sending the world into a harmonic rhythm, going ever so steady under the crimson sunset. The clouds floated majestically overhead, reflecting the sun's colorful rays into the eyes of the earth. The fiery red maples shed their burden as they prepared for their winter slumber. Fields of beautiful reds and lavenders scattered about; the nature's decoration.

Bouquets of roses had been set honorably in front of the places of rest. The mixtures of the perfect breed seemed even to make the darkness of their shadows come to life has they cast their colorful shades across the well polished marble. Her hair flew along the current of the wind, her long pretty lashes dewed with tears. Her dress swayed also, unable to fight nature's power. Her tears gave hope to the grasses beneath them, nourishing them slightly in this parched season.

It has almost been three seasons since Seta and Reia passed, she thought as she gently shook away her tears. Before her she set a light picnic, taking care to chase away a fly away from the meal she had set for them. Falling to her knees, she clasped her hands together in prayer, and the rays of light about her seemed to answer them. Leaves were cast in circles about her as they began to dance, a fiery twirl maple. In the midst of it all, she held fast in her prayer, still and unmoving as the flames about her slowly were set to rest.

When they passed away, I could not help but weep my drenching tears. But now I have learned another important knowledge about us, living as an emotional race of people.

When one passes away, there will always be those who weep for them. No one will pass unremembered, not even those who believe so. Tears are the only traits that separate humans from all other species. Tears are the only reason that we are human. Tears make us who we are, for tears we all have to shed.