I seemed to have tapped into my romantic side, sooo, I wrote a trilogy in a week of short romantic poems. I'll go in order, so this is my first. It has a personal meaning to it, and I was thinking of someone when I wrote it. I'll give a brief explanation at the end, so I can move on. Enjoy.

Here we sit. Our own dream world. Alone at last, apart from the world. Heart on heart, hand in hand. Hold me tight, keep me where I am.

Let's not speak, not just now. Our hearts will speak and we'll understand. And our eyes will show each other's souls. Lips and tongues have no purpose now.

Never has love felt so right. Pain is never one of our thoughts. Finally perfect is a meaningful word. And for showing me this, I thank you with all my heart, being, and soul.

Hmhmhm, I promised an explanation, so here is one. Okay, around, oh, three or four years ago, I had made friends with this new boy at my school. He was not really treated well, but I wanted to welcome him in and make sure he had a friend. It was the first time since a breakup with the only boyfriend I have ever had [so sue me], and I was not really trusting of guys much, or looking for love. But, as it turns out, I got a little crush that worked its way up. But, unfortunately, never got much of a chance, because he had to move away once again [he was running from an abusive father from what I can remember], and I learned that he had shared my feelings after he had called one of my friends some time later. I have moved on, but I feel that he has proved that I'm still capable of loving, so, I wrote this in his honor. Hope you all liked it.