This is defiantly not the best, but it is not the worst. I've been wanting to write this for so long, and I came around to doing it. Please load well, please! Um, okay, hope you enjoy.

Hello, Love, remember me? You came to me once within a dream. It was so sweet, and oh so real. Bit sadly it wasn't true.

Before you left, you said to me, "Patience child, one day the dream will come true." Then you vanish with dawn's first rays. That little dream staying with me.

Every day and every night I wait. Always hoping to see my new life. Praying that it will be today. Wishing you will come soon.

Hurry, please. My faith's dying. My heart's breaking. Please, I'm just so lonely.

Maybe not the most romantic or flowing poem, but, hey, turned out better than some things I've tried.