First I just want to let everyone know I'm totally lost on ideas. This isn't one of my best stories for sure, but if I write maybe it'll help. I can only hope, I guess. It may start out a little slow…this is just a sort of intro. Bare with me people and I could use any insight or constructive critism. Thanks…Ember


No one really knows me. I guess they know of me but that's different. It's not the way I would hope for, but I have no other choice. Every school has them and Madison High is no exception. So, I'm the school's bookworm. The teachers love me, and the student population teases and joustles me. There is nothing I can do about it. I have no friends anymore…not after the accident.

Instead of ever going to a party I stay locked up in my room doing my homework. I'm a little…well a lot obsessive about it. If it's assigned I have to do it right away no matter if it's not due until next week or next month. How am I going to attractive friends or even a guy with my face permanetly planted in a book? Sure, I'd love to go to a party. They'd never invite me, and if I did manage to get in they'd all laugh me right out.

My summer was spent studying of course. Now I'll be prepared tomorrow when senior year starts. I'm really looking forward to going. I know I know I'm a nerd. If I had a warning sticker I'd stick it my forehead so everyone would be warned beforehand.

Now I'll tell you about the school's heirarchy. It's like a food chain almost. There's the lowest class. It's filled with the socially retarted…yeah well you can guess where I go. Then there's the middle lower class. It's made of the dorks that think they're cool and try way too hard to be. Then you have the middle class. I guess that's as normal as you can get. They're kinda popular. Everyone knows of them in a good way, and they do okay in acedemics. The middle upper class are those that have just barely missed the top. At the very top of our little food chain you have the supreme upper class. They're filled with guys that are gorgeous and play every sport imaginable. The woman are what every girl wants to look like but can't afford the platic surgery their daddies pay for. On the very top is Summer Neilson and Jeremiah Mattthews. They are the couple of course.

I don't want to tell you this, but I guess I have no other choice. Sigh I really like Jeremiah. Of course I do right? Yeah it's pathetic and it's not like he's about to befriend or even care about me. Things like the most popular guy falling for the school bookworm never happens in my world. This is reality people and the real world.

"Timber," my mom called me from downstairs. "Come on and I'll give you a ride."

"Coming mom." This is how it goes. I have my own car, but my parents won't let me behind the wheel. It hurts that they trust me to be a responsible driver. Well here comes the first day back at hell high.