***Whoa! Like I said I never really meant to leave it like that but it worked out semi-well I think. So I really am sorry for all the people who are upset for leaving it hanging, or having Timber lied to, and confusing everyone. I promise on all that is holy (well maybe not that seriously) that I will start working on the sequel soon. At this paticular moment I'm trying to finish the third and last installment. You know…my other two stories that go along with this one. Really don't think it'll solve…oh wait it'll probably give it away. Dude! How could you have read the other two and not have a clue? Come on people I may not be direct but it certainly wasn't subtle.

So I really want to say thank you for all the reviews. Truly I was surprised when I got my first one. It was like cool so I posted up a few more chapters. Then I got nada. So I was about to scrap it and actually got some more. It's really flattering that y'all like my story. I hadn't thought it was possible but go me, I guess.

Okay, so the way I'm planning this is finish the last installment and then move on to the sequel. I won't say anything or give out any hints because I want it to be a surprise. It would be better if I kept silent then you will have to come back to satisfy your curiousity.

Oh and hey I'm gonna get to your story soon, okay? Just been busy. You know who you are. Atleast I hope you do because if you don't then I think we have a problem here.

Well over and out…Ember. THANKS YOU GUYS.***