Um...yes. This is the reason why the water bill is so damn high at our house. I did something strange with this one - I just let it flow without stanza restrictions, and it came out rhyming. I'll tell you what inspired me, though - Serj Tankian. Lead singer of System of a Down. For my birthday, I received a book of his poetry, and damn was it inspirational. Wai.

Half-an-hour Shower

Yes, I'm the cobbler of broken metaphors -
waiting for love,
jaded cuticles,
and faded bliss.
The piss of mankind -
have I been so blind?

If words are only words
then it shouldn't matter if
I bid you good day with a frown
or damn you to Hell with a smile.

If everything is soon to be swell
we might as well stop
to smell the roses
in their graceful poses;
a leisurely montage to be plucked,
made into corsages...

But time stands still and
runs itself ragged over
flipped lips, gnawed raw
from interlingual semantics,
singled out and played over and over -
elevator music underneath my fingernails.

Yes, I'm a snail
snatched from the pools of genesis,
scratched as a Bohemian
and revealed to be a bourgeois
with half-lidded insecurities.

Tough love,
a near-death experience;
I always manage to part
with an argument
but all the while
meaning to leave peacefully.
So what's keeping me?

Yes, I'm a beggar of fortune in heavenly fray,
shredded prayers
embedded in a fleeting inspiration
for a memory of two.
But I will wait -
this and you shall pass...

And so
I'll let the snow globe settle.

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