Everyone for the Komani

Chapter Two

A/N: In case you can't tell by the description by the impaired author, a forgut is their version of an elephant.


Colesi walked into his cabin and flopped on his bed. His head hurt with the force of thousands of forgut-heavy, leather-skinned animals-jumping on him. He didn't know if it was being caused by physical discomfort or mental.

I wish the Copsernems would just. . . go away. He sighed and chuckled to himself. If only things were that easy.

They might be, his other side argued, the Copsernems are isolationists. . . if we leave them alone, they'll leave us alone. Hopefully.

He sat up with more energy and hope than he had felt in days and all but ran from his cabin.


"Asha," Colesi said the moment he stepped off the lift, "get me that politician on viewer."

"Aye, sir." She turned to her panel to hail the Valmont, where the politician was being held.

"Does anyone know his name?" he shyly asked.

"Sir," Asha turned to him. "Ambassador Dolak is resting."

"Well tell them to wake him. Goodness me, have they became so technical with their ships they-Captain, good day!" he glared at Asha and earned a smile in return.

I swear she has something for me.

"Yes, good day Captain Forsh. Why do you wish to disturb the Ambassador?"

"I wish to speak with him on this matter with the Copsernems."

The Captain of the Valmon scowled. "Aye, Captain. Please hold." The viewscreen clicked off to reveal space.

Colesi sighed. He silently thought Ambassador Dolak would think he was insane with this plan. Then again, perhaps he was. With that thought in mind he resumed his pacing.

Finally the screen formed to Ambassador Dolak's image. "Captain, what may I do for you?"

"Is you channel secure?"

Dolak motioned off the viewer, as did Colesi, ordering Asha to secure the channel. "It is now."

He nodded once. "Good. About this conference. . . could we not write this treaty here and now?"

Dolak looked shocked. "What do you mean?

"The Copsernems are isolationists, are they not?"

"Yes. . ."

"So what if we have a policy of isolationism with them?"

Dolak chuckled. "Captain, there is much more to a treaty than that."

"Who said we needed a full-fledged treaty?"

"Captain, a treaty is necessary to avoid future confrontations-"

"A treaty is easy to break." he reminded the Ambassador.

"An armistice is easier." Dolak retorted.

"But we have sensors that detect incoming vessels. A condition of this armistice could be that we are allowed border patrols, as are they. Sauce for the golt. The odds will be even." Silence was Dolak's reply. "Come now, Ambassador. This would prevent months of tiring negotiations. Let us see what the Copsernems say to this, shall we?"

He scowled. "Yes, let us." The screen went blank.

"Asha, Commander Golak if you would."

"Aye, sir. On viewer."

"Captain, how may I service you?" Commander Golak opened the pleasantries.

"I propose, Commander, that we negotiate an armistice here and now."

"Do you have the political knowledge?"

"I do not, but we have someone who does."

"It would save time and resources. . . I must contact my government. Golak out."

Colesi moved his lower jaw from side to side. "At least he's interested."


"Captain, I have Commander Golak requesting visual." Asha's voice pierced the silence of Colesi's cabbin.

"I'll be right up, Lieutenant." He stood up and this time walked calmly to the bridge. When the doors opened he commanded, "On viewer."

"On viewer, Captain."

This time, Colesi would start the pleasantries. "Commander, what may I do for you?"

"Captain, my government agrees with this plan of yours. This armistice shall be done." And the deed was done.

Colesi took a deep breath. "Asha, notify the Ambassador the Copsernems agree. The armistice shall be done."

"Aye, sir." Asha sounded shaken.

So shall we all be.

He hoped he was not making a huge mistake.