My eyes a threat,

My face a wall,

My every being screams:

"Just leave me!"

Leave me alone

To shed hot tears, for

No-one must see my weakness!

Nothing's the way it seems to be:

My strength a rusty armour,

The happy smile a broken sword.

But don't mistake my warning for a jest,

There's still one weapon left to use:

My words, so simple yet so strong,

Can cut so deep and

Leave your heart bleeding.

Your kind words make it only worse,

For it's not comfort that I'm seeking.

When I have these feelings

I'm in my private little hell.

The only place where I can be myself.

I won't let you ruin this perfect day.

So if you get hurt it's your own fault

For I gave you fair warning.

If you still don't leave me

I'll make it even worse:

Use my power for my advantage.

For hurting others is such a cruel art

Which over the years I learned to master.

I'll laugh in your face:

I don't want your pity!

I'll make fun of your fears

And reopen your scars.

But the worst thing:

I'll make you fell like myself.

With only hatred and rage inside:

Two fires to burn you, leave nothing behind.

The first that die are emotions.

Solitude is all that I seek,

No-one will block the well-known path.

And if you still want to help me,

I will take you and drag you

Down with me to my favourite place:

A black, cold, empty heart of stone.