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Written by Peter Beshara


Lakeside Cemetery 1799…

ightening strikes down across the sky as rain pours down. A young boy runs through a cemetery holding up a lantern and squinting through the fog around him. His heart starts racing, as a feeling of fear comes over him. He hears dark, sinister whispers around him, calling his name.

The boy suddenly trips over and falls face down on the dirt, his lantern smashing into pieces on the ground. He hears an evil laugh in the air and a raspy voice whispering "you cant escape". Afraid the boy quickly gets back on his feet and starts running through the fog. "You can run but you cant hide" came a voice around him as the boy ran past the tombstones to a small opening.

He quickly gets down on his knees and starts digging through the dirt as the rain pour down making the ground muddy. He hears the voices getting closer and nearer. "Please be here, please" said the boy to himself as he dug deeper into the ground. "Found it!" whispers the boy as he pulls out a golden amulet with a sliver chain attached to it. He gets to his feet and shouts "come and get me Primagen!". Lightening strikes as thunder roars vibrating the ground. Zombies erupt from underneath the ground and slowly walk toward him. The wind howls as darkness eclipses the entire cemetery, the Primagen is coming…

The boy puts the amulet around his neck and makes a run for it through the bushes. He looks up and sees an Indian man on the cliffs holding up a burning stick in his hands. He smiles at the Indian as he nods and throws the stick down into a batch of leaves. A fire is ignited as it begins to spread across the entire cemetery.

Dozens of zombies catch on fire, but still walk after the boy. A burning zombie grabs the boys leg, the boy turns around and kicks his head. The zombie lets go as the boy runs into a giant, dark cave. Breathing heavily he makes his way down the gloomy archway of the cave. Spiders and insects crawl around the ground he slowly walks on. He can still smell the smoke of the fire outside as he hears the dripping sound of water from the ceiling above. "Douglas" whispered a dark voice, calling out his name. Douglas follows the voice down the cave, a hint of fear roaring inside him.

Douglas comes to an opening of the cave as he notices a huge ball of purple light in the centre of a circle. He looks closer and sees the ghostly faces of hundreds of people trapped, their souls trapped. "I see you have found my lair" came a voice behind him as Douglas turns around. He sees a hooded man in a dark black cloak standing only metres away from him. "Are you the Primagen?" Douglas asks staring coldly at the hooded figure. The hooded figures heads tilts up revealing his red glowing eyes, "yes" he replies.

"What have you done to our town? You have turned everyone into lifeless beings!" exclaims Douglas. The Primagen lets out a deep crackle, "I have captured their souls, their souls belong to me now" he replies. The Primagen points his finger to the purple ball of light, "I believe you know those people". Douglas looks and sees the ghostly faces of his parents trapped in the ball. "No!" shouts Douglas "release them! Release them all!".

The Primagen lets out a sinister laugh, " I admire you, you do not fear me". Douglas gives the Primagen a cold hard stare, "you will die for this". The smile on the Primagens face disappears as he glares at the boy, "your mistaken, your soul shall be mine!". With that the Primagen unleashes a ball of light that strikes Douglas and forces him to the ground. The Primagen walks slowly towards him, "once I captured this final soul I shall be the most powerful and immortal creature in the world!". Weak Douglas digs down his shirt searching for the amulet as the Primagen began chanting a spell. Douglas feels a force taking hold of him, grasping hold of him, draining his body. Douglas takes hold of the amulet and looks into the Primagens eyes. The Primagen unleashes a magnetic force to take his soul as Douglas holds up the amulet just in time. The amulet absorbs the power as Douglas notices the surprised look on the Primagens face. "No!" shouts the Primagen as the amulet unleashes a blue laser beam that cuts right the Primagens chest. Douglas gets up on his feet as he sees the Primagen howl and roar in pain as he makes his way out of the cave and into the burning cemetery. "Nooooo!" roars the Primagen as rises his hands in the air in pain as lightening flashes across the sky followed by thunder. The Primagens skin begins to turn to plaster as he transforms into a statue. Douglas stands outside the cave staring at the statue of he Primagen whose hands remain reaching in the air. Douglas sees the Indian man on the cliffs and smiles, the Indian man smiles back.

The dark clouds begin to disappear as sunlight shines across the remains of the burnt cemetery. Broken tombstones and burnt leaves cover the entire cemetery and all that remains is the statue of the Primagen in the centre. Douglas and the Indian man walk up to the statue and look at it. "Everything is back to normal" says Douglas still staring at the statue. "Yes" replies the Indian man who turns to look at Douglas, "but for how long?". Douglas turns and looks at the Indian man, unable to answer the question as the statue stood there watching and waiting….


he bright sun shone down brightly on the small town called Lakeside. It was a small community based next to a large lake. The town had a long history dating back to the colonel times were there was war against the Indians. There were many landmarks such as the old Lakeside fort and the sinister cemetery that an old folk legend has made the residents of Lakeside feel uneasy whenever the cemerty was mentioned.

The old legend had told that there was once an evil force, which arrived to Lakeside 200 years ago. The evil force created many hideous creatures, which caused panic and fear in the whole town. The evil force was called The Primagen a force which wanted to rule the world. The cemetery was the center of his unstoppable evil and he used it as his own fortress of evil.

Legend had it however that the Primagen had one fatal weakness, which could stop his reign of evil. A young boy discovered his weakness and used it against the Primagen who saw to his down fall. It is believed that the Primagen was sealed forever beneath a statue that stands till today in the cemetery. The statue of a figure with his arms in the sky a silent roar of his down fall. The story passed on to generation to generation but to most was seen as an old folk myth to explain the statues origin. Even so the community of Lakeside have stayed far from the cemetery believing that it was the source of all evil.

"Are you sure this is a bright idea?" asked Alex wearily.

"Your not chicken are you?" replied his friend Michael.

" I've heard stories guys, weird ones" chimed Alex's brother Jason.

"Come on guys the sooner we do it the better you don't want us to go back to school looking like a bunch of wimps do you?" Michael asked. Alex and Michael looked at each for a moment in silence. The three boys were standing in front of Lakeside Cemetery, the sun had gone down and it was becoming windy. Alex gripped tightly on his camera he regretted taking Fred Mitchell's dare in the cafeteria that morning. Fred had called Alex a wimp in front of everyone and Michael defended Alex. So Fred asked them both to prove it by going to the cemetery and taking a photo with them in the picture of the statue which stood in the middle of the cemetery. Michael had quickly agreed but Alex wasn't sure, he had heard the dark sinister stories of the cemetery and the statue. Yet Alex agreed not knowing what was in store for him. Alex's brother Jason also wanted to come and now there they stood in front of the large iron gates of the cemetery.

Michael slowly opened the large Iron Gate as it made a screeching sound. "Let's go guys," Michael said flicking on his torch he led the way as Alex and Jason followed closely behind. The graveyard gave Alex an eerie feeling he could hear strange sounds as they trotted along the dead grass. The dead trees stood high they're branch's slowly decaying. Alex and Jason looked at the tombstones and the inscription on them. Michael shone his torch through the thick fog unaware what laid ahead. Suddenly he saw what looked like rumble of stones. All three of them circled the remains of the destroyed statue. "Where's the statue?" asked Jason looking at the empty platform where the statue had previously stood. Michael shone his torch on the heap of stones on the ground "there it is, or what's left of it" he explained. "But who destroyed the statue?" Alex asked, "I don't like this one bit" Jason said. "Stay cool guys I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for what happened to the statue" Michael chimed "maybe it fell over and broke". "From what?" Alex asked " I don't know but we better split before-" Michael stopped in silence as he heard a rustling in the bushes. "Did you hear that?" Michael asked. The bushes rustled again "I heard it" Alex said as they turned around and saw a figure slowly waking towards them.

"Run!" shouted Michael as the three boys made a run for it into the fog. Michael slipped as he fell to the ground the torch hitting the surface hard and turning off. Alex helped Michael up as he picked up the torch. " Great it's broken, " Michael said angrily flicking the on and off of the torch again and again. Jason looked down at the dirt and noticed the corner of a box sticking out of the dirt. He bent down and dug into the dirt until he pulled out a small black rectangular box. " What is it?" asked Alex " it's a box that Michael tripped over". Suddenly two large hands grabbed Jason's collar and he began screaming as Alex rushed to free him from the grips of the hands. The hands let go of the collar as Michael, Jason and Alex began to run further into the mysterious fog.

After a while they stopped beside a tree and began huffing and puffing. "Who was that?" Alex asked trying to catch his breath " I don't know maybe it was the gravekeeper or something" replied Michael calming down. " Who ever it was they were trying to kill me!" puffed Jason. "Maybe who ever grabbed you was after that box in your hand" Alex suggested looking at the box which lay in Jason's hands. "Open it" asked Michael "no way I've got no idea what's in it what if it's a dead rat or something I mean this is a graveyard" replied Jason. "Ok" said Michael grabbing the box from Jason "I'll open it". Michael slowly opened the lid of the box when a sudden flash of light erupted from the box. Alex and Jason huddled around Michael as they peered into the box. There inside were large golden coins. Inscribed on them were the words CARNEVIL ADMIT ONE and had the face of a clown grinning sinisterly.

"Woah! Carnevil, what's that?" asked Jason picking up one of the coins.

"Admit one? Is this some sort of joke?" Alex wondered.

"I get instead of carnival it says Carnevil I guess it's like an amusement park" Michael chimed. "A carnival in a cemetery? That doesn't make sense" replied Alex. Suddenly they all could hear faint musical sounds coming from one direction. "Let's follow the music!" Jason exclaimed. "I don't think we should isn't it strange a carnival in a cemetery with the words evil? I think we better go home now" Alex lectured. "Home?" Michael replied "as you can see with all this fog we can't see the exit those sounds are our only guide". Alex nodded "ok lets follow them". The three boys continued on through the cemetery as the carnival sounds became louder and closer. Suddenly there they were standing in front of the giant gates of Carnevil. They could see a rollercoaster and Ferris wheel in the distance behind the gates and see the bright dazzling lights light up the cemetery.

"Cool!" Jason exclaimed at the sight he saw.

"See just like a normal carnival" Michael uttered.

Alex looked at his watch, which read seven thirty. "Hey Alex still got that camera?" asked Michael. "Yeah why?" Alex asked in reply. "What do you think the others at school would think if we showed up with pictures of a carnival in a cemetery?" Michael asked. "You want to go in?" Alex asked surprisingly at the suggestion. "Alright!" Jason shouted. "You don't want to go back to school with nothing to show do you?" Michael asked "and us being labeled as wimps?" Alex was silent for a moment. "Alright I guess you have a point" Alex confessed. "Good we've agreed, Alex take a photo of the sign on top of the gate" Michael commanded. Alex raised his camera and took the photo of the sign, which had the words WELCOME TO CARNEVIL. Jason walked up beside the gate and noticed a clown head coming out of the fence. He knocked its head, which was made out of wood. He read the sign next to reading TO ENTER THE WONDERS OF CARNEVIL ENTER YOUR GOLDEN COINS INTO THE CLOWNS MOUTH.

"Guys" shouted Jason "take a look at this". Alex and Michael came running over to Jason. They both read what was on the sign. "The coins that we found earlier" Alex remembered. Jason dug into his pockets and pulled out the three golden coins and gave one to Alex and Michael. "Put yours in first" Alex asked Michael. Michael placed his coin in the mouth of the clown as it made a click sound. Jason was the next person to place his coin in the mouth then came Alex's turn. He slowly and reluctantly entered his coin into the clown's mouth. Suddenly there was a great tremor as the clown's mouth laughed and slowly closed his mouth as the gates slowly opened.

The three boys looked at each for a moment trying to comprehend what had just happened. "Lets go in" Michael finally replied breaking the silence. The other two boys nodded as they all entered Carnevil. As soon as they entered the gates quickly closed behind them. Alex turned around "the gates are closed!" he exclaimed. Michael and Jason turned around. "Maybe there's a different gate for the exit," Michael said reassuringly as they continued on. "Where is everyone?" Jason asked as they looked at the deserted carnival. Everything was on the Ferris wheel, the roller coaster and even the merry go round everything was alive expect for the sounds of other people. "We're early that's all" Michael said as they walked up to a sign. They read the sign, which was in shape of an arrow pointing to the Freak Show. "Cool!" exclaimed Jason " a freak show". " Let's go" replied Michael grinning with excitement. "Guys it's getting late and all" replied Alex. "What's the matter Alex? Chicken? Was Fred right?" Michael asked with a smirk grin on his face. Alex boiled up in anger he hated being called a chicken especially from Michael his best friend. "Fine! Let's go!" exclaimed Alex in anger pushing Michael and Jason out of the way land leading them to the Freak show.

The three of them stood outside the entrance of the Freak Show. The entrance had a giant clown with his mouth wide open, which lead to the show. " Hey Alex sorry about me getting you all angry and that" Michael apologized. " Don't worry about it I guess your right I do need to have sense of adventure" Alex replied. " Let's go guys" Jason urged as they all entered the Freak Show.

Alex, Michael and Jason walked through the dark tunnel with torches on the wall leading them. Suddenly they reached an open space with numerous tunnels leading to different directions. Each tunnel had a sign that stated what attraction is in there. " Let's go and see the Lizardman!" Jason said pointing to the tunnel that read LIZARDMAN. Michael and Alex agreed as they entered the tunnel.

The three boys then came into a room with a glass window in front of them. They peered in the glass but could only see some bushes and trees and a small pond. " This is a jip where's the so called Lizardman?" Michael asked impatiently. Suddenly a green figure smashed through he window as Alex and Jason jumped out of the way. A green hand grabbed Michael's leg dragging him towards the thing that had grabbed hold of him. " Ahhhhhhh! help me! it's got my leg" screamed Michael as the hand grabbed tighter pulling him closer. Alex got up and looked around for anything that could help Michael. He suddenly noticed an axe on a mantelpiece and ran over and picked it up. Michael could hear the grunting of the Lizardman coming closer and closer. Alex ran up and lifted the axe and with all his might chopped off the hand of the Lizardman and freed Michael. The Lizardman suddenly jumped out of the darkness to reveal himself as Michael, Alex and Jason stared in Terror. It was a Lizard only it stood on two legs like a human and had spikes going down its back. It roared in rage as its red thin tongue reached the air. It looked at Alex with its dark red eyes and pranced at him with its remaining claw. Michael raced up to it but the Lizardman swung its long tail and knocked Michael to the ground. Alex grabbed the axe and swung it at the Lizardman as it dodged the swing and knocked the axe and Alex to the ground. It looked down at Alex its tongue swinging side to side ready to eat its prey. Suddenly Alex had an idea, he grabbed the camera, which was laced around his neck and took a photo of the Lizardman with the flash. The Lizardman screamed in pain with its arms at its eyes unable to see. Alex quickly got up and grabbed the axe and cut off the Lizardman's head as the body slumped to the ground lifelessly as green blood oozed all over the floor.

Alex dropped the axe on the floor and ran over to Jason who was hiding in the corner. "It's over" Alex assured helping Jason up. He went over to Michael and also helped him up. "Are you ok?" Alex said. "Yeah" coughed Michael flicking the glass off his shirt. He noticed the dead Lizardman on the ground. "Nice work" grinned Michael with a weak smile as they walked over to Jason. "I think we better leave this isn't no ordinary carnival" Jason suggested. "I agree this place is giving me the creeps," Michael said. " I'm glad we all finally agree on something" grinned Alex as they left the room.

The three boys soon saw themselves standing outside the freak show entrance. Alex looked up to the sky and noticed dark clouds forming. "We better leave before it rains" suggested Alex looking back at Jason and Michael. "I wonder where the exit is to this weird place," asked Jason searching around the park. "Let's go back the way we came in" Michael suggested as they back- tracked to where they were originally. Alex grabbed on the iron gates of the entrance and shook them with all his might but nothing happened. A great sound of thunder erupted as it began to rain. "Now how do we get out here?" Michael asked. Suddenly they heard the reply "you won't" coming from behind them.


he three boys suddenly turned around in fear to see who was the stranger who had made the reply. There high on the platform stood a shadow figure who looked to be wearing a cape. "What do you mean we won't?" said Michael angrily in reply. "You are the fools who entered Carnevil your souls are mine" replied the shadowy figure in raspy voice. The words of the dark stranger sent chills down the three boy's back. "Our souls?" asked Alex weakly trying to cover his shear terror that was waiting to come out. "Listen jerk I don't know who the hell you are but we want out of this insane carnival now!" Michael bravely responded.

A sudden flash of lightening glowed the sky revealing the dark stranger as a clown with a red cape. His face had dark colors painted on them, his eyes glowed dark red and he wore a Jester like hat. This sight was such a shock to the boys that they jumped back. The sinister clown grinned a menacing and evil smile as he threw his red cape over his shoulders. "I am the Primagen king of all evil!" he roared his hand high in the air. "The-the Primagen?" Michael said slowly stepping back. "That explains the statue" whispered Alex in fear. The Primagen looked down at the three boys. "For years I have waited to be released from the dark chains which held me back but now-now I can form my army and my reign of terror shall rule supreme again!" the Primagen explained. "What's that got to do with us?" Jason asked loudly. "When I got unleashed I decided that the way to form my army was to make them come to me!" laughed the Primagen sinisterly. "I formed Carnevil to attract fools such as yourselves to become my army of warriors" the Primagen explained. "I scattered boxes all over this town containing the coins to enter". "You mean there's more?" Alex said his eyes widening in shock. "Of course and as soon as they enter they shall become my troops who shall dominate the world!" the Primagen wickedly responded.

The Primagen suddenly jumped off the platform and stood flying in mid air. "Now your souls shall be mine!" he laughed lifting his hands in the sky as lightening broke out behind him. "Wait!" Michael shouted. The Primagen stopped and looked down at Michael glaring at him with his red eyes. "Is that it? Do we become your slaves just like that? Where's your dignity? shouldn't we at least have a chance at freedom?" Michael asked. The Primagen was silent for a moment but a wicked grin soon formed on his face. "Your right" the Primagen replied " let's make it a bit more interesting". The three boys gave a sigh of relieve. "What do we have to do?" Alex asked. The Primagen snickered at the three boys. "There are six major rides here in Carnevil" the Primagen explained "should you complete each ride from start to finish I will open those gates and set you free. However should you not complete one of the six rides your souls shall be mine!" exclaimed the Primagen.

"Deal" Michael replied "but how do we know you'll keep your word?" he asked. "You won't, this is going to be highly amusing" the Primagen replied laughing an evil laugh as he slowly faded away. The three boys stared at each other quietly. "Are you sure we should do this?" asked Alex in fear. "It's our only chance of getting out of here alive and I'm willing to do anything to get out here" Michael replied. "Any way how bad can a couple of rides be anyway?" Michael assured as they walked deeper into Carnevil.

The dark clouds continued to hover over head as they could hear the soft yet wicked gusts of wind. The three boys could hear the flapping of a wing they looked up to see a black crow staring spookily at them. It suddenly swaked and flapped it's wing and flew away. The three boys looked up to see a giant roller coaster in front of them. They read a sign that read THE SCREAMER.

"Cool!" Jason exclaimed in anxiety.

"Is this our first ride?" Alex asked staring the sign, which showed a person screaming.

"I guess so" Michael replied holding on the railing of the stairs that lead up to the roller coaster. They all climbed the rusty metal steps of the stairs until they reached the platform of the ride. A long line of carriages suddenly appeared in front of them with the front carriage door slowly opening. The three boys raised their eyebrows in shock. " I guess we better go in," Michael said slowly sitting down on the seat. The other two boys sat in the carriage as a harness slowly came down and fitted on their shoulders. "I have a bad feeling about this" Alex squeaked as the carriage began moving with a sudden push as the roller coaster began slowly moving up a hill making click clack sounds.

Alex closed eyes in fear he hated roller coasters. The carriage reached the top of the hill and stopped suddenly. The three of them waited for a few seconds. "Why we've stopped?" Jason asked. Alex opened his eyes and looked down at the steep drop. The harnesses suddenly clicked off. "What the?" Michael said in shock realizing the harness we're off. The carriage suddenly made a push but still remained on the top. "Hold on to something!" Michael shouted as they all felt another push. Alex and Jason grabbed the handles of the door as the carriage went down the hill at an incredible speed as the three boys desperately tried to hang on with all their might.

Alex's hair blew wildly in the wind as the three boys gripped tighter. The strain was too much for Jason who let go and went flying off to the side of the carriage. "Jason!" shouted Alex who looked over to the side of the carriage to see Jason desperately trying to hang on. Alex reached over to the side and grabbed Jason's arm and tried pulling him up. "We're coming to a loop!" shouted Michael. Alex quickly tried pulling Jason up and with one final heave he propelled Jason up back onto the carriage.

The three of them braced themselves for the loop holding on tightly as the carriage went up the loop. All of them screamed at the top of their lungs when suddenly the carriage stopped in the middle of the loop. All of them held tightly to the bar of the carriage as their legs dangled in mid air. They looked own at the drop and were holding tight. The carriage suddenly began to move slowly around the loop as the three boys were slammed against the side of the carriage and were struggling to get back on. They all managed to get back on as the carriage increased speed as it went over another hill. Suddenly they realized that the track up ahead had a small gap. "What do we do?" shouted Jason. They all held their breath as the carriage increased speed and jumped over the gap as the rest of the carriages fell down the gap. The carriage slammed down the track throwing the boys wildly side to side until it finally came to a sudden halt back at the platform.

The boys were breathing loudly trying to catch their breaths and accept what had happened. "This is too weird" Alex puffed as they all got quickly off the carriage. " I see you have completed the screamer," shouted a loud voice from the sky, it was the Primagen's. "You'll have to do a lot better than that!" shouted Michael in anger. "Michael what are you doing?" whispered Alex beside him. "I will" laughed the Primagen as his voice faded away.

"What do we do now?" Jason asked as they left the screamer. Suddenly a sign in front of them started spinning wildly. It stopped and they realized it was an arrow pointing to their next ride, TERROR TRAIN.

The three boys walked through Carnevil onto the way to terror train. They could hear a loud train whistle as they walked up to a sign which read TERROR TRAIN and below it read BEWARE THOSE WHO BOARD NEVER COME BACK. All of them shivered in fear of the words as they came onto the platform. They read a sign, which told them to get their tickets from the booth. They walked up to the booth where they could see a figure inside. "What will it be?" came a raspy voice from the booth. "Uh three tickets please," Alex asked. He noticed three tickets come out of the slot with a bony finger holding them! All the three boys' eyes widened as they noticed that the person in the booth was a skeleton! He popped his skull out and laughed out "enjoy the ride!". All three of them screamed as Alex grabbed the tickets as they ran away from the booth.

They all waited at the platform for the train. "I don't like this one bit I mean a Lizardman a talking skeleton what next?" Alex said in fear. "We have to find a way out of here I don't think we make all six rides, we bearly made the first one" Michael replied. They could all suddenly hear loud train whistle sounds but they couldn't see the train. "Where's the train?" Jason asked looking at both sides of the track. The train suddenly appeared before their eyes. It was an old steam train and smoke was all around it. The door of one of the carriages suddenly opened. All of three of them looked at each other for a moment. Michael was the first one to board followed by Jason then Alex who took one last look outside before boarding. The door began to close as the train began to move onto its mysterious journey.

The three of them looked around the interior of the train. There sat people in trains but they were silent and zombie-like. The people looked old fashion; there was a man in colonel time clothing wearing a top hat. Alex, Michael and Jason sat sown at the back of the carriage. Alex looked outside from the window and could see endless dead tree's as the train went by. They could see a ticket conductor walking down the aisle. He came to where the three boys were siting. The conductor moaned "tickets please", Alex gave him the tickets as the conductor's eyes glowed red and he faded away. "Did you see that?" Alex said in shock, the two boys nodded. "He was a ghost" Jason replied fearfully at what he just saw.


he train suddenly got at a faster speed down the train track. The whistle blew as the three boys held on tightly. "Oh my" Alex said looking out at the window. "What is it?" Michael asked. "Take a look" Alex said moving out of the way to let Michael look at the window. Michael looked outside and all he could see was fire, huge flames of fire. "Where are we?" Michael asked as the train came to a sudden halt. The door of the carriage opened as some people got off and a figure in a red cape got on.

The train began to move again as the boys looked outside and noticed the fire fading away and the same dead trees they saw before appear. "Now that was weird," Jason said sitting down on his sit. Alex looked outside and saw a sign reading DEATH VALLEY. The train came to another stop as the man in the red cape boarded off. The boys noticed that he held a pitchfork and had horns. "That was a demon!" Michael exclaimed in shock. Suddenly they realized that zombie's were boarding the train! "This is getting scary," Ale said in fear as the train began moving again. "I say we get off," Alex said standing up. As he did all the passengers turned around and stared at Alex and the other two. All of a sudden the passengers stood up and held out their arms and slowly walked to the three of them. "Run!" shouted Alex as the three boys ran down the aisle as the zombies followed them.

They opened the back door of the carriage and slammed the door. "What do we do?" Alex asked. Michael grabbed a plank of wood and looked up. "Up that ladder it leads to the top of the train" Michael replied. They all grabbed hold at went up on top of the train. Meanwhile the zombies were trying to open the door and with one push they smashed the door down. One of the zombies looked at the ladder and could Jason's foot. He grabbed Jason's foot. "Help! It's got my foot!" Jason shouted as Alex and Michael ran over to help him. They tugged hard but the zombie finally released his hands and all three of them were now on the roof of the train. All three of the boy's hair blew wildly in the wind as they made their way across the roof.

The zombies were also on the roof after them. "They're following us what do we do?" Alex shouted in the wind. Michael held up the plank of wood. "Let's play some baseball" Michael smiled as he held up the plank of wood. A zombie leaped for Michael but he swung back the piece of wood and knocked the zombie off the train. Another came as Michael hit him in the head and knocked him off. "Keep moving I'll hold off as many as I can" Michael shouted as he continued to knock the zombies off. Alex and Jason continued across until Alex slipped and went flying across the roof. He held onto the edge tightly as his feet dangled in mid air as Jason ran to help him.

Meanwhile Michael continued to fight off the zombies until the plank of wood snapped in half. Michael threw the pieces at the zombies and made a run for it. He came across Jason who was holding on Alex's arm trying to heave him up onto the roof. Michael looked ahead and noticed a tunnel; he looked the other way and could see the zombie's slowly come near them. Michael helped Alex quickly just in time. "Duck!" Michael shouted as they all lay down as the train went under the tunnel. The zombies were knocked off the train as they came across the tunnel.

The train came out of the tunnel as the boys looked across to see no signs of zombie's. They gave a sigh of relief as they climbed down the ladder to the porch. "That was close" puffed Michael trying to catch his breath. They entered the second carriage and noticed they were in the boiler room. In front of them was the door to the driver's room. The door suddenly opened and there in front of them was the driver. He was big and had one eye and grunted. Alex yelped when he noticed that the driver was holding a large axe. The driver swung the axe at them but they all jumped out of the way as the axe got stuck in the wall of the carriage. The driver roared and tackled Jason down to the ground with a loud thud. Alex looked at Michael and said "distract him to the door I've got a plan". Michael nodded and looked at the angry driver. "Hey fatso! I'm not scared of you! Hey why don't you munch down some more pork chops?" Michael teased standing in front of the driver.

The driver roared in rage his large muscles reaching the air. He then started to run after Michael getting ready to tackle him down. "Now!" shouted Michael as he jumped out of the way as Alex opened the door making the driver run right out and fall off the train. "Give me five!" Michael said as they slapped each high ones. "Jason are you ok?" asked Alex. "Yeah I'll be fine" Jason replied standing to his feet. "Hey if the drivers dead then who's controlling the train?" asked Michael. They opened the drivers door and peered inside the train was running on auto. "Oh no" Alex said "what?" asked Michael. "It won't get off auto and there's a turn coming up ahead we'll derail!" shouted Alex pushing the stick up and down. "We've got to jump off the train!" said Michael "are you kidding? at this speed?" Alex replied. "I've got an idea we've got to get on the roof of the train" Jason chimed.

The three of them got on the roof of the train as the turn came closer. "Look there's a tree over there we can just grab onto the branch before the train derails" explained Jason. Michael and Alex nodded as the turn came closer. All three of them got ready as the train got on the turn. They all jumped up and grabbed onto the branch as the train got of the rails and screeched across the surface before falling off a cliff and exploding in a great fire fall which lit up the dark night.

The branch then suddenly snapped as all three boys screamed as they landed in a pile of bushes. "Is everyone ok?" Michael asked weakly as he popped his head out of the bushes and wiped off the pieces of grass on his head. "Yeah" the other two replied coming out of the bushes. "Remind me never to ride a train again" Jason replied shaking off the dirt on his jeans. The three boys wearily followed the track until they reached the platform where they had started. They all hoped onto the platform and were very tired. Alex noticed the same crow they saw before perched high onto of the sign of terror train squawking at them before flying off again into the darkness.

Michael, Alex and Jason left terror train and continued on through the park. "I need a rest I'm tired" complained Jason. "There's no time for a rest we better finish this so we can go home" Michael replied. "I wish Fred was here I bet you he'd be crying right about now" Alex chimed in as they approached another sign. The arrow sign read MONSTROUS MAZE.

"Monstrous maze?" Jason asked in curiosity.

"Maze? I don't like the sound of that" replied Alex.

"Let's go the sooner were done the better" Michael ordered as they all followed the arrow. They reached the entrance of monstrous maze, which had a monster face with its mouth wide open, which lead to the start of the maze. They walked up and a sign which read BEWARE ALL THOSE WHO ENTER MONSTROUS MAZE UNLESS YOU ARE ONE OF SKILL AND COURAGE YOU WILL BE LOST IN THE MAZE FOREVER, BEWARE WHAT LURKS AROUND THE CORNER.

"Beware what lurks around the corner? this is freaky" Alex said.

"Chill guys how hard can a maze be? rats can do it so why can't we?" Michael replied.

"I'm not sure that's a normal maze" Jason chimed.

"Let's go" Michael ordered as they entered monstrous maze.

The three boys walked down a long corridor until they came to a T intersection. They read the sign in front of them, which read: CHOOSE THE PATH WISELY FOR MANY DANGERS LURK AHEAD. "Which way should we go?" asked Jason. "I say we go right" Michael answered. "No we should go left" Alex replied. The two boys looked at each other for a moment. Then Michael got out a coin from his pocket. "Ok I flip it you call it then we'll see which way to go" Michael suggested. Alex nodded in agreement. Michael flipped the coin high in the air as Alex called "heads". The coin landed down on the ground showing tails. "We go right," Michael said picking up his coin from the ground as all three of them went right.

They followed the path and walked left again until they came to a long straight corridor. There in front of them was a small lake and a vine dangling above it. The three of them read the sign, which read: IN ORDER TO PASS THE LAKE YOU MUST SWING ACROSS IT, BUT BEWARE FOR WHAT TERROR LURKS BENEATH THE LAKE. "Swing across the lake?" Alex asked in a surprised expression. Michael grabbed the vine. "Easy guys just take a run off and off you go" Michael said. "If it's so easy you can go first" Alex replied. "Ok" Michael answered calmly grabbing the vine and taking a step back. He then ran and lifted his legs as he swung over the lake and landed on the other side. "See that was easy" Michael said passing the vine back to the other side of the lake. "My turn!" Jason said enthusiastically grabbing hold of the vine. He took a few steps back and ran for it and swung easily over the lake landing on the other side. "That was fun!" Jason exclaimed passing the vine to Alex.

Alex held the vine nervously and stepped back. He thought to himself that if Michael and Jason could do it so could he. He swung off with great power that he made it to the other side put couldn't land and the vine swung him back and forth across the lake until it stopped in the middle. Alex held the vine in shock trying not to fall in his feet dangled just above the lake's surface. "Hang on!" Michael shouted to Alex "we'll think about something to do". Alex could hear the vine slowly snapping.


ake it quick I don't know how long this vine can hold!" Alex shouted back. Suddenly they heard a loud snap and the vine broke as Alex fell into the lake. He got out of the surface "don't worry I know how to swim" Alex said swimming towards them. Suddenly Alex shouted, "help! Something's got my leg" and went under the water. "Alex!" shouted Jason "don't worry I'll get him" Michael replied as he dove into the dark gloomy lake.

Michael continued to swim under until he saw a giant octopus with one of its tentacles around Alex. Fear ran through Michael as he submerged deeper and closer to the creature. He grabbed a stick, which was lying on the bottom of the lake and swam up to the octopus and dug the stick on the tentacle, which had Alex. The octopus howled in pain as its tentacle unwrapped around Alex's body.

The octopus suddenly leached forward at Michael swinging of its tentacles at him. Michael dodged the swing and grabbed Alex by the collar and proceeded up to the surface. Michael grabbed a gasp of air as he rolled Alex over to the bank as Jason ran to over to Alex. "Is he dead?" Jason asked frantically. "No move back" Michael said as he put his hands on Alex's neck for a pulse. There was no pulse so Michael performed CPR on him. It was luck that Michael had done a life saving course and had learnt CPR.

Michael placed his hands on top of each other and pressed against Alex's chest as Jason nervously watched. Suddenly Alex started to cough out water as Jason and Michael sighed in relief. "Are you ok?" Jason asked running up to Alex to give him a hug. "Yeah, Michael you saved my life thanks" Jason weakly replied. "No problem we better get moving this place is getting too much for me " Michael urged as he helped Alex up as they turned the next corner.

The three boys continued to walk down the eerie path until they came up to a sign, which read: TO BEAT THE BEAST THAT COMES AHEAD YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR HEAD. The three boys looked down to the ground and there they saw a match, a lantern, a piece of rope and a long sword. "This is all that we need to beat him!" Michael said picking up the sword. "You two stay here" Michael commanded "be careful" Alex replied.

Michael slowly walked down the long passage when suddenly out leaped a three-headed giant dragon. It was dark screen with rough pointy spikes going down its scaly back. Each of its heads roared out fire its dark red eyes making eye contact with Michael. Michael began to shake nervously as thoughts of returning back to Alex and Jason flashed his mind. But no they were depending on him to come through so Michael shook off the fear and grabbed tightly on his sword. The dragon swooped down one of its heads came close to Michael. He swung to cut it off but missed as the dragon's second head rammed Michael to the ground his sword sliding across the floor. The dragon's head looked down at Michael who was down. Smoke exhaled from its nostrils as it growled.

The dragon suddenly lifted its head high in the sky ready to squash Michael with the weight of one of its heads. The dragon's head descended down closer reaching for Michael. Michael suddenly rolled just in time as the dragon slammed its head down into the ground. Michael took this opportunity to retrieve his sword as the dragon struggled to get back up.

Michael grabbed his sword and swung it down as the sword sliced one of the dragon's heads. The dragon howled in pain as it got back up and swung its two remaining heads side to side. Michael's jaw suddenly dropped as he noticed the dragon grow another head! It now had three heads like it had originally before!

Michael ran away in shock as he approached Alex and Jason who were sitting down around the corner. "Michael are you alright? Did you kill the beast?" asked Jason. "I'm ok but the beast I couldn't kill it. It's a three-headed dragon and if you cut off one of it's head one just grows back" Michael replied trying to catch his breath. "Maybe you have to chop all three heads at once" Alex suggested. "Maybe but I can't keep it still" Michael replied. "I know!" Jason exclaimed "we have to use the tools that we found, I've got a plan but it's going to take the work of all three of us". The three boys huddled as they listened to Jason's plan.

Jason lit the lantern with a match and nodded to Alex and Michael who were holding the rope. Jason walked down the passageway until the three-headed dragon appeared from around the corner. Jason held the lantern high as the dragon suddenly stared at it. Jason moved the lantern side to side as the dragon's three heads moved side to side following the lantern as if it was possessed by it. Jason walked forward as the dragon stepped forward. Jason took another step as the dragon silently took another step closer. Jason then nodded as Alex and Michael threw the rope around the three necks of the dragon. Jason dropped the lantern to help as the dragon roared in fury trying to move. The three boys finally tightened the ropes another so that the three heads were squashed together around the rope as the dragon fell down to the ground.

Jason gave the sword to Michael saying "quick before it gets out of the ropes!". Michael held the sword tightly as he chopped off one head as the dragon growled in pain. Michael then chopped the second head. "Quickly! I don't know how long I can hold it for!" Alex said holding the rope. Michael swung the sword and gave the final blow by cutting off the third and final head as the dragon's body ignited in flames and turned into a pile of black ashes. The three boys stood there silently recognizing their efforts as working together.

The three boys continued through the maze as they turned left then right then left again until they came across a long passage that had a sign. The sign read: TO ESCAPE THE MAZE YOUR FINAL TASK IS TO GET OUT OF THE MONSTER OBSTACLE ALIVE! The three boys in shock looked ahead of them to see three giant spike balls swinging to side to side, spikes coming in and out of the ground, a giant battle arena, a rolling log over a pit of lava and moveable giant blocks moving side to side. "This is going to be tough" Alex commented.

All three boys held their breaths this was the final obstacle to get out of the maze. They all looked at each other and nodded that they were ready. They walked up to the series of giant spike balls swinging from side to side. There was about three in a row before the next obstacle. The three boys ran missing the first ball as they ducked to the ground as the second ball came swinging down and they all rolled forward just missing the third ball from hitting them.

"Phew that was close" Jason commented whipping off sweat from his forehead as they approached the next obstacle. Ahead was a path which lead to the next obstacle however the path had spikes randomly coming in and out throughout the path. "What do we do?" asked Jason to Alex and Michael. "I guess we better take it slow but at a pace and we stay together" replied Alex. They walked down the path as spikes appeared all around them. Suddenly one came out in between Alex and Michael as they gapped in shock. Alex and Michael made it but just as Jason was going to make it a spike grabbed hold of his shirt. "Jason!" Alex asked as he went through the path dodging the spikes that came out from in front and beside him. He rolled and grabbed hold of Jason as they quickly made it back the spikes just missing them as they made it off the path. "Thanks" puffed Jason "be careful next time" Alex replied as all three of them made it to the next obstacle.

The three of them stepped onto the giant circular battle arena as Michael drew out the sword that he had kept from the previous battle. Suddenly a wall of fire surrounded around them as a giant beast jumped into the arena. The beast looked like a wolf only it stood on two feet. Black hair covered the beast, its long tail swinging behind it. Its face was hairy and it had dark red evil eyes and razor sharp teeth and claws. It drooled watching the three boys and growled as it prepared to kill its prey.

The beast leapt at Michael as Michael swung his sword to move it back. "Stay back" Michael ordered Alex and Jason his eyes not leaving sight of the beast. Michael suddenly swung for the beast but missed as the beast used its feet to knock Michael down as his sword slid across the floor to Alex's feet. The beast meanwhile stared down at Michael who was down on the ground. The beast's tongue slid out as he swung it side to side ready to eat his prey. Just as the beast was about to eat Michael Alex suddenly ran up to the beast and striked it with the sword as the beast stumbled back growling in pain as the sword remained stuck in the beast's stomach. Alex helped Michael up as the beast stumbled into the wall of fire and was burnt to death.

The fire around the arena suddenly disappeared, as the three boys were free to continue on wards through the obstacle course. The boys came up to a rolling log, which lead to the other side. They looked down at the hot bubbling lava that was simmering down below. The log suddenly stopped rolling for a few seconds then began rolling again. "Ok so when the log stops rolling we cross we'll have about five second" Michael explained. "Who goes first then?" asked Jason, Alex and Jason looked at each other for a moment. "Well who?" Jason asked again impatiently. "I will" Alex responded " you sure?" Michael asked. "Positive, it's time I don't act like a chicken, I'm going to do it and it's final" Alex replied as he held his breath as the log stopped rolling. Alex thought to himself that it was time, time to prove himself.


lex stepped onto the log cautiously he then began to walk across it gradually getting faster. He finally made it to the other side just in time as the log started to roll again. Alex blew a sigh of relief as Jason and Michael gave him a round of applause for his efforts. "You can go next" urged Jason to Michael. Michael stood by the log then it stopped, Michael raced across the log almost slipping but eventually making to the other side with two seconds to spare.

Jason nervously stood by the log waiting for it to stop. He looked down at the lava below. " You can do it!" Alex and Michael cheered from the other side as the log suddenly stopped. Jason raced across the log but suddenly stopped in the middle in fear. "Jason!" Alex shouted as he hoped on the log and reached out to Jason. "Hold my hand!" Alex shouted. Jason reached and grabbed on as Alex and Jason leapt off the log just as it began rolling again.

The three boys soon came to the finally obstacle to be free from monster maze. A series of blocks appeared from the ground coming in and out of the wall. The blocks made a stairway to the tunnel at the top, which was the exit. "Ok guys this we do together as soon as one block goes up we go up and them we'll have to jump onto the other blocks to the way out" Michael explained. The three boys got ready as the first block came out they stood on it. Suddenly the second block higher came out and they jumped onto it. They continued this until they came to the final jump to the tunnel. Michael and Jason leapt and made it. Alex leapt and just held on the edge as Alex and Jason helped him up.

The three boys walked up the long stairs, which held outside. The boys could feel the fresh cold wind blow on their faces as they made out of monster maze. "We did it!" the boys said happily give each other high fives. "I must admit I underestimated you three" came a voice from the sky; the boys recognized it as the Primagen's. "We'll get out of this crazy park!" Jason shouted to the sky. "We'll see" laughed the Primagen in an evil laugh "we'll see".

The three boys continued along through the dead silent park by following a dirt trail. Alex looked around the park "funny there's no lights, you'd expect lights in a carnival" he observed. "Well your forgetting this isn't no ordinary park" Michael replied as they approached a sign. The sign read: AHEAD LIES FEAR HOTEL WHERE ALL YOUR FEARS SHALL COME TRUE. OVERCOME THEM TO PROGRESS TO THE TOP OF FEAR HOUSE FOR YOUR FINAL BATTLE.

The three boys swallowed as they approached a hill, onto top of the hill stood a large three-storey house with the words Fear Hotel labeled. They climbed up to the hill where they now stood in front of the old house. The house was a wooden one and had bars on its windows. Three boys looked up to see a crow on the roof watching them with its sharp eyes. The crow them silently flapped it's wings and disappeared in the dark sky. "Now that was spooky" Jason commented as they stood silently looking at the house.

Michael walked up the creaky steps and onto the porch of the house. He tried looking through the windows but couldn't see a thing. He walked up to door and tried to open it but it was locked. He suddenly noticed a sign, which read: ENTER FROM THE BASEMENT. Michael didn't like the sound of that a he walked back to Jason and Alex. "Well what did you see?" asked Alex anxiously. "We have to enter from the basement" Michael replied. "Basement?" Jason chimed "I hate basements!". "Well we have to go from there" Michael responded as he turned his head back to the house. "Let's check the back" Michael suggested.

The three of them went around the back where they noticed a flight of stairs leading down to a door. "Well there's the basement" Michael observed as they all looked at the door silently. They all slowly walked down the stairs made out of stone and were in front of the door. Michael slowly turned the doorknob and opened the door as it made a soft creaking sound. "Lets go" Michael commanded as they all entered the basement.

The basement was dark and gloomy, cob webs lay all over the place and the air was still. "I can't see anything," Jason shouted staying close to Alex as they continued to walk on. Suddenly Alex felt something crawl up his shoe. "Uh guys I think there's something crawling up my shoe" Alex squealed weakly. They all looked down to see hundreds of hairy spiders crawling all over the ground! "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" the boys screamed as they made a run for it through the basement. Suddenly a flock of bats came flying down towards them as the three boys let out another scream of terror as the bats hit them one by one.

"Quickly this way!" Michael said as they all turned around to se an old elevator in front of them. The elevator was an old one, which had the cage door that opened and closed. Michael quickly opened the caged door as the three boys got in and closed the door. The elevator suddenly jerked and started moving up. "Alex this place freaks me out" Jason told his brother. "Don't worry this will be over soon" Alex assured as the elevator came to a complete stop and the cage door opening. Michael tried hitting the button for the next floor but the elevator wouldn't work. "I guess this is our stop" Michael replied stepping out of the elevator followed by Alex and Jason.

The three boys looked around the first floor. It was just like a hotel, expect everyone was deserted. They looked at the check in counter and all they could see was a bell and a black leather book lying on the counter. Furniture dominated the room and there was a red carpet, which led up a flight of stairs to the next floor. Michael walked up to the check in counter and looked at the black leather book. It had the names of who was in the hotel. "What's the book say?" Alex asked in curiosity. Michael ran his finger down the page and replied " It says the names of the people who are in the hotel". "There's names like Fred the Freak, Alan the Axe Murderer, Scar face Stan the list goes on". Michael rang the bell for amuse nothing happened. Michael turned around and looked at Alex "hey where's Jason?". Alex turned around to see no sign of Jason. "He was here just a minute a ago" Alex replied in disbelief "we better go find him".

Alex and Michael entered the next room and called out Jason's name but there was no reply. The room they were in was the games room, they noticed a pool table and a dart board hanging on the wall. Suddenly a dart flew by Alex just missing him and hitting the dartboard dead in the center. Alex and Michael turned and were shocked to see the balls on the pool table moving by themselves as well as the pool sticks! " I don't think were alone" Alex told Michael as suddenly a dozen darts flew their way. Michael and Alex jumped out of the way as the pool sticks took a swing at them. Michael helped Alex to his feet as one of the pool sticks swinged and just missed Alex as it smashed on the floor in pieces. "Let's get out of here," Michael said as the boys ran into the next room.

The next room was the bar, there were rows of glasses and champagne bottles on the counter and tables and chairs all empty. "Hello is anyone here?" Michael asked, there was silence. "Jason!" Alex shouted in hope of a reply but there was nothing. "Let's go" Michael said as he began to walk out. Suddenly all the champagne bottles began to smash as pieces of glass scattered around the bar as glasses began flying around the two boys and smashing to the ground. The boys were in a state of shear terror as tables and chairs began mysteriously flying in the air and smashing around the bar. Michael grabbed Alex arm as they ran out of the bar.

The two boys entered the next room where they noticed Jason tied up and gagged. Alex and Michael ran up to Jason and untied him. "Jason what happened how did you get here?" asked Alex. " When Michael rang that bell I suddenly felt these two hands grab me and they brought me here, the two were ghosts they called themselves the Shadow men they freaked me out and they said they would be back" Jason explained in fear. "Don't worry we're here now" Alex said giving Jason a lift to his feet.

Michael looked down at the floor and noticed long shadows forming. "Um guys I think we have visitors. Suddenly the boys could feel an evil presence and dark whispers saying, "who dares challenge the power of the Shadow men". Suddenly the boys noticed two dark sinister figures forming on the walls. Alex grabbed Jason from the wall as the Shadow men continued their chant. Windows around them smashed as the dark figures approached closer. "What'll we do?" asked Alex looking at Michael fearfully. "Your camera we need light!" Michael replied. Alex grabbed his camera and started taking photos of the Shadow men as they howled in pain. Alex continued doing this until all the film in the camera was used up. The Shadow men disappeared into the darkness.

"You did it!" Michael congratulated.

"Alright!" Alex said in gladness.

"That's twice the camera has helped us out" Alex replied in relief as the three boys walked back to the main foyer. Alex looked at the spiral staircase "I guess we better go up". The three of them walked slowly and cautiously up the stairs until they were on the second floor. In front of them laid many hallways and rooms it looked just like at hotel expect it was silent, no signs of anyone. Suddenly they could hear loud footsteps coming their way thump, thump, thump. "Who's there?" Jason asked weakly. The footsteps were becoming louder and louder, closer and closer. They suddenly noticed a dark figure at the end of the hallway, who was holding a long sharp axe.


he dark figure revealed himself from the dim of light coming from a light bulb above. He held the axe with his two strong arms and his eyes were fixed like a trance on the three boys. He grinned sinisterly showing his yellow decayed teeth. He made a deep growl as he held his axe high above his shoulders without taking his eyes from the boys.

"Uh there's a maniac with an axe I think it's about we…. run!" shouted Michael as the three of them began to run through a different hallway. The axe maniac started to chase after him growling as he swung his axe high and followed them down the hallway. Alex looked from behind to see the axe manic turn the corner and come right after them. The three boys turned another corner and went down another hallway. Suddenly the doors on their side opened and out walked zombies! The three boys screamed as the zombies grabbed hold of them as they struggled to get free.

The axe maniac turned the corner to see the three boys being held back by the zombies. He slowly walked up to them holding his axe high ready to finish them off. Michael suddenly kicked two of the zombies as they let go freeing the three boys. The axe maniac took a swing at them but missed as the three boys continued running with the axe maniac tripping over the zombies.

The three boys finally made it to an elevator. "Come on, come on" Alex said vigorously hitting the up button and waiting for the elevator to open. "Any sign of him?" asked Michael to Jason. "No" replied Jason as the elevator door opened. They all ran inside and Alex pressed the roof button. The elevator with a jerk started to ascend. "That was a close one" Jason sighed trying to catch his breath. Suddenly the elevator came to an abrupt halt. "What the?" Michael cried as he walked up to the door of the elevator, which wouldn't open. "The elevator's stopped half way!" Alex observed looking at the buttons they were on the third floor and there was six. "Just great we're stuck, at least nothing else can go wrong" Jason said angrily. Suddenly they heard a loud THUD coming from the roof of the elevator. "What was that?" asked Alex.

Suddenly an axe smashed through the roof of the elevator as the three of them screamed at the top of their lungs. The axe maniac was on the roof of the elevator hacking away with the roof trying to get in. "What do we do?" shouted Alex frightfully as the axe plunged again through the elevator roof. Michael rapidly was pressing all the buttons in hope that the elevator would start moving again. "GRRRR!" shouted the axe maniac who rapidly hit his axe on the roof as it started to fall apart.

"Quick I've got an idea!" Michael commanded as he pushed Alex and Jason against the wall. The axe maniac finally broke up the hatch of the roof as it went smashing to the ground of the elevator in front of the three boys. "Don't make a sound" whispered Michael as the axe maniac peered in the bottom of the elevator. He gave a grunt and scratched his head he wondered where the boys were. He threw his axe down as it dug into the elevator floor. He leapt down and looked in front of him no signs of the boys. The three of them stood behind the axe maniac and they suddenly pushed him against the elevator wall as he got knocked out. Alex tried lifting the axe from the floor but it was too heavy. "Don't worry about it come on it won't be long until he wakes" Michael said as he dragged the heavy body of the axe maniac right underneath the roof of the elevator. Michael then hopped onto the axe maniac's back and managed to get onto the roof. Michael let out as he helped Jason onto the roof of the elevator. Alex was next and he grabbed hold of Michael's arm as he was hoisted up, suddenly there came a loud grunt, the axe maniac had come to!

Just as Alex was going to make it a strong hand grabbed his leg. "Help! he's got my leg!" cried Alex as he struggled to free his leg. Michael and Jason grabbed Alex's arm tighter and got him onto the roof of the elevator as one of Alex's shoes fell off and fell into the axe maniac's hand. He threw the shoe and grabbed his axe and leapt up and down trying to reach to grab onto the side of the elevator roof. Meanwhile the three boys were climbing up the cables trying to get to the rooftop. They heard a clang and looked down to see the elevator moving up! There inside the elevator was the axe maniac grinning menacingly.

The three boys began climbing the cable faster as the elevator came closer. They noticed a ledge and they hopped onto it. In front of them was an elevator door to the rooftop. "Quick!" shouted Jason as he saw the elevator coming closer. Michael finally opened the elevator door just in time as the elevator came to a complete stop. They stood in front of elevator waiting for it to open. The elevator opened and there was no sign of the axe maniac, suddenly the axe maniac leapt from the side of the elevator and took a swing at the boys. The three of them jumped out of the way as the axe maniac hit his axe on a fuse box and was electrocuted. The axe maniac was nothing more than a pile of ashes. "Phew" Michael said breathing rapidly as he looked around the room they were in. He noticed a staircase leading to the roof. Each of them walked up the stairs where they noticed a sign reading: IN ORDER TO ESCAPE FROM FEAR HOTEL YOU MUST ENTER ONE AT A TIME TO FACE AND OVERCOME YOUR DARKEST FEARS OTHERWISE YOU SHALL BE DOOMED!

The three boys looked at each other for a moment. "I'll go first I'm not afraid of anything" Michael proclaimed. Michael grabbed the doorknob tightly. Alex suddenly grabbed his wrist "are you sure you want to do this?". Michael looked at Alex and answered "we all have to face our fears sometime or another, I don't have any, but to get out of here we have to go through this door, so I will". Michael turned back facing the door and took a deep breath. "Good luck" Alex replied as Michael slowly opened the door and walked in, the door closing behind him.

"Michael, Michael wake up " whispered a voice in the air. Michael awoke to find himself lying in his bed in his bedroom. He thought to himself was Carnevil all but a dream he dreamt? He tried to remember how he got in his house but he couldn't remember at all. He got up and looked down at himself and realised he was wearing his pyjamins. He looked at the mirror in his bedroom and was shocked with what he saw; he was five years old! Suddenly the dinosaur nightlight on his drawer beside him flickered off and his whole room was dark. What did this mean? Why was he here? What did this have to do with his darkest fears? Michael suddenly remembered and looked at his closet. He remembered when he was five he believed that there was a monster in the closet and always had hid dinosaur nightlight beside him to overcome his fear, but now he had to face his own fear. Suddenly the closet started shaking and Michael heard the whispers "Michael come to me, come". A shiver went down Michael's spine as he tried to reassure himself there was no monster in the closet. He hopped of his bed and slowly made his way to the closet at the end of the room. Sweat came down his forehead; he tried thinking why was he so scared? He turned to his side and looked at the toys on his drawer. Suddenly his toys went into motion as his robot turned on and started walking, his toy car began driving around in circles and his bear's eyes turned red. Michael was terrified now as he approached the closet. The toys suddenly chanted "open it, open it, open it!" as the closet began shaking with raspy voices of "enter, enter, enter". Michael's breathing was rapidly increasing he was afraid. His bedroom door suddenly opened, it was his way out, but he thought to himself should he take the way out or finally face his fear?". The toys continued chanting, as Michael's trembling hands grabbed the doorknob of the closet. Sweat went down his face, his stomach knotted as he held his breath and opened the door as a ray of bright light hit his face and everything went black.

"I hope his ok" Alex nervously told Jason as the door suddenly opened. "I guess that means one of us go through" Jason observed. "I'll go" Alex said holding his breath. "Be careful Alex" Jason said as Alex cautiously stepped up to the door. He turned around and looked at Jason and nodded "I will" as he entered the door.

Alex opened his eyes abruptly. He looked down at his feet and noticed he was standing on a pillar. He looked forward and saw a series of pillars leading up to a door, which was the way out. Alex stepped to the edge of the pillar he was standing on and looked down. There was total darkness. Alex's stomach knotted, he was afraid of heights! Now Alex had to jump off one pillar to another with the risk of falling into the darkness. His knees trembled as he tried to take a deep breath and jump onto the next pillar. Alex stepped back and was about to jump when he reluctantly stopped at the edge which left him balancing on the edge. "Woah!" Alex cried as he lost balance and fell off the pillar. He quickly grabbed onto the edge of the pillar, his feet dangling above the darkness below. He thought to himself don't look down and you'll be ok. With all his might he made it back onto the pillar. Alex took another deep breath and leaped onto the other platform.

"Yes!" Alex sighed in relief; it wasn't that hard after all. He proceeded leaping onto the next pillar and the next one until he had only a couple more pillars left until he reached the door. Alex suddenly heard a loud growl and he turned around to see a green slimy goblin jumping onto the pillars coming Alex's way! In desperation Alex leapt onto the next pillar. The goblin was coming closer! Alex jumped onto the next pillar tripping over and hitting the hard surface. He got back up he was now in front of the ledge which had the door. Alex leapt forward and grabbed the ledge. The goblin suddenly jumped onto Alex's foot and wrapped its slimy hands around his leg and tried to pull him down.


lex continued to hold on tightly onto the ledge as the goblin continued to try to pull him down into the darkness below them. Alex thought to himself don't look down. With that in mind he kicked the goblin off his foot as it delved into the darkness below. Alex got up and stood in front of the door, he stepped up and went through the door as every turned black.

Jason stood in front of the door as it slowly opened. "Well I guess it's my turn," he said to himself as he walked through the door. Jason opened his eyes and looked around the place he was at. He was in a city, expect everything was black and white! The whole city was deserted as Jason looked at himself. All the color on his skin was gone! Jason thought to himself, what did this have to do with his worst fear? Jason looked down and noticed puddles of blood; it was a trail leading through the city. Suddenly Jason could hear screeching and moaning coming from the alleys. Jason suddenly remembered where he had seen all this before. He remembered watching an old black and white horror movie called Revenge of the killer zombies. He remembered how frightened he was of the movie he couldn't watch all of it and had recurring nightmares about it. Now he was actually in the movie!

Jason began walking through the deserted city. Old cars stood silently on the street empty. Bakery, Police station, General store all destroyed. Darkness came over the city as Jason's heart began beating rapidly. Suddenly he heard low droning moans coming from the streets and saw long shadows coming towards him. Jason began to run as he could down the narrow street, he suddenly tripped over and ran into someone. "Sorry" Jason said looking up at the person he ran into, Jason mouth opened wide to scream but no sound came out, he has run into a zombie!

The zombie made a swing but missed as Jason got up on his feet and began running until he got to the Town Square. Groups of zombies from all corners began to appear all after Jason. "Ok, think Jason how did they stop the zombies" Jason said to himself as the zombies staggered slowly towards him. Jason suddenly remembered, they had destroyed the zombies by entering a radio station and turning on the frequency waves throughout the town. Suddenly a cold hand grabbed his shoulder; Jason turned around and saw a zombie giving him an evil grin. Jason kicked the zombie in the stomach and began running up a hill where the radio station was.

Jason kicked open the radio stations door and ran up the stairs to the sound room. He looked outside and could see the zombies slowly walking up the hill; he had to be quick. Jason looked down on the soundboard, there were so many buttons to choose from. Jason suddenly heard banging from below; the zombies were trying to get in! Jason began pressing all the buttons his heart beating faster and faster. The zombies began pushing the door trying to break the lock open. Jason grabbed a pair of headphones, put them on and hit the final button. The zombies broke open the door to hear a deifying high pitched sound. The zombies began screaming as they fell to the ground one by one. Jason ran out of the door where everything around him faded away.

"Jason, are you ok?" shouted the voices of Michael and Alex as Jason opened his eyes. He got up and looked around, they were all standing in front of the Fear Hotel. "You alright?" Alex asked patting Jason on the back. "Yeah, you wouldn't believe what I went through" replied Jason. "We all went through some nightmares, but at least we all made it" Michael told them. Suddenly the black crow swooped down and watched them sinisterly. "Two more rides and that's it, we're home free" Alex cheerfully replied as they all started walking away from Fear Hotel.

The pale white moon shone down on the three boys as they walked further on through Carnevil. They all stopped when they came across a sign reading RAPID TERROR. "Rapid terror, what's that?" asked Jason. They all suddenly hear the gushing of water as they followed the sound to the ride. There they stood in front of a river which had a log tied up to the shore. Alex walked up to second sign which read PADDLE THE RAPIDS TO REACH THE END OF THE RIVER BUT BE WARNED THERE LIES MANY DANGERS AHEAD. "Paddle?" Alex shook his head, "with what?" Alex turned around to see Michael and Jason holding paddles. "Great, we're in for one hell of a ride" Alex commented walking up to them.

The three of them hopped into the log and began to paddle down the river with the current. "Lucky we did canoeing at camp huh?" Michael said to Alex as they paddled on. Alex looked up ahead and noticed the water ahead was swirling. "Uh-oh guys there's a whirlpool up ahead!" Alex shouted as they began to try to paddle to the side. The whirlpool suddenly caught the log sending it spin around and around in circles. "Come on paddle harder!" shouted Michael as they pushed with all their strength to break out of the whirlpool. They gave one big push and broke out of the whirlpool just in time. "Phew that was close" Jason sighed. Michael looked at the two; "it's not over yet". The log suddenly went over a rapid and the log began to increase in speed as rapids of water hit the log throwing back and forth and side to side and making it uncontrollable. Water splashed into the log, wetting the three boys and making it hard for them to see. Jason suddenly lost his paddle as the log went over another rapid.

"Rocks!" shouted Alex "we're heading for rocks!". The log began to weave past the rocks as Alex and Michael paddled harder to dodge them. Suddenly the log hit a rock, which sent Jason flying off and into the cold water. "Help!" shouted Jason trying to keep afloat. "Jason I'm coming!" shouted Alex as he dove into the river and grabbed hold of Jason as the current made them reach the log. They both got onto the log; "are you two ok?" asked Michael. "Yeah we're fine" Jason replied grabbing his paddle and paddling. The water was calm now as they continued paddling. "Guys do you think we'll make it out of here?" Jason asked. Alex and Michael looked at each other silently. " Of course we will" Alex replied "we'll make it". However deep in Alex's mind he was asking the same question to himself, and was not sure of the answer.

Michael suddenly stopped paddling. "What's wrong?" asked Alex with fear in his voice. "Do you hear that?" asked Michael asked. They silently listen as the log moved down the current. They suddenly heard a gushing sound, getting louder and louder. " The water up ahead is going down!" Alex shouted "we're heading for a waterfall!".

The sound became louder as they came closer to the waterfall. "Hold on!" Michael shouted as the log went down the waterfall as the boys screamed at the top of their lungs. The log hit the water with a splash as all three boys flew off and submerged into the cold water. Alex suddenly submerged from the water as he looked around, "Jason! Michael!" he shouted. Alex dived down into the water again and swam deeper into the water. He saw Jason trying to swim back up, he grabbed Jason's shirt and pulled him up onto the surface. Michael surfaced from the water and swam over to them as they watched the capsized log float away from them. They all started swimming until they reached the bank of the river. They all got off the river as Jason began coughing out water. "Jason you all right?" asked Alex patting him on the back. "Now that we're off the river I am" replied Jason as he tried to drain out all the water from his clothes. "We better be moving on" Michael insisted as they began moving away from RAPID TERROR.

"This is our last ride, finally after this we can go home" Alex said happily as they reached their next ride. In front of them stood a giant Ferris Wheel, with brightly coloured lights and carnival music. There read a sign called THE WHEEL OF DEATH. One of the carriages eerily opened as the three boys stared at each other. "Well it is the last one" commented Jason as he got in. "Let's finish this and go home" Michael told Alex as they all got into the carriage. The door suddenly closed as the Ferris Wheel began moving around. Alex looked over his side; he could see the whole park from here. He looked at Jason who was looking over his side too, Alex knew he wanted to go home so badly. He looked at Michael who was staring at his watch, Alex knew Michael was scared but just didn't want to show it.

Their carriage had reached the highest point of the Ferris Wheel when suddenly it stopped. "We stopped!" Jason shouted starting to panic. Alex nervously looked over the side of the carriage; it was a long way down. "Ok guys we got to get off" Michael said calmly. "How? Just jump off?" Alex asked sarcastically. " Yep" Michael answered "but with the help of this rope". Michael took out a long piece of rope from his jacket. Alex and Jason looked at him stunned. "How?" asked Alex "how did you get the rope?". Michael pulled at the rope and answered "well I noticed the rope before we got on and I said to myself something like this could happen, after all each ride we get on something bad happens". "Good thinking" Alex replied as the carriage suddenly sung side to side. "We don't have much time," Michael said as he slowly stood up on the carriage. Michael looked up, "we'll have to climb up onto the roof of the carriage" he explained "from there we'll have to go across that pole that connects the carriage to the middle of the wheel. I'll tie the rope around the pole and we'll climb down, ok?". Alex and Jason were silent for a moment. "Are you sure we can do it?" Jason asked. "It'll be dangerous but if we be careful we can do it" Michael replied. Alex looked down again and took a deep breath. He thought to himself I can do it, Fear Hotel helped me overcome my fear of heights… I can do it. "It's our only chance to get off this ride and get back home," Michael said. Alex looked at Michael, it seemed that Michael wasn't afraid, wasn't scared….just calm. Alex envied Michael at how cool and calm he was, here was Alex scared with fear. Maybe Michael was hiding how scared he was, he didn't know. "He's right" Alex finally said, "It's our only way". "Good" Michael replied "let's get out of here once and for all!"


ne by one each of the boys stepped onto the side of the carriage window and pushed their way up onto the roof . Suddenly the carriage began to rock side to side; it couldn't with stand all their weight. Quickly Michael walked up to the pole and tied the rope around it. He then threw the rope as it went down to the ground below. Alex and Jason stepped up onto the pole watching their step as not to fall. "Who wants to go down first?" Michael asked. Alex was stunned at Michael's question, what was up with him? Why did he know exactly what to do and how?

"I'll go" Alex finally replied, he turned to Jason. "Watch me and be careful, you slip you fall" Alex told Jason as he stepped to the rope. He took one stare at Michael who looked back at him. "Be careful Alex" Michael said to him "break a leg". Michael snickered and Alex stared to shake his head as he knelt down and slowly let his body fall across the rope. Quickly he grasped the rope and began to make his way down. He looked up at Michael who was still smiling "that's the way Alex". Alex was breathing loudly as he slowly descended, just don't look down he said to himself as he continued further. One hand at a time he went until he finally felt the ground beneath him. He sighed a breath of relief as he let go of the rope.

Alex looked up, "I made it!" he shouted. Back on the pole Jason gave a smile of relief Alex made it. But soon he had the feeling of butterflies in his stomach as the thought my turn came. Suddenly Michael turned and grabbed his arm as Jason yelled out a cry of surprise. Fear rushed over Jason as Michael's eyes glowed red as he gave a sinister smile. It wasn't Michael…

Meanwhile down below Alex was beginning to get worried, "hey guys come on, hurry!". Suddenly Alex heard the cry of "Help!" coming from above. It sounded like Jason's voice. "Jason!" shouted Alex as his heart began racing. "No!" shouted Alex as he noticed two figures leap of the Ferris Wheel and descend down. But he noticed that one of the figures glided in the air as he grabbed hold of Jason. They landed a few feet away from Alex and to Alex's shock he realised that the person holding Jason was Michael. "Michael?" Alex asked, with fear in his voice. Michael's shining red eyes glimmered in the night as he let out a bellowing laugh. Suddenly a burst of light appeared and Michael began to transform into… the Primagen!

Alex's jaw dropped as did Jason's who was still in the grasp of the Primagen. Alex suddenly asked, "how could you be with Michael?". The Primagen's red eyes beamed at Alex, "I kidnapped him when you three fell down the waterfall, his soul is now mine". Anger filled Alex "but we had a deal!" he shouted, "we pass the rides we can go home!". The Primagen let out another laugh, "you're a fool" he replied "did you really think I was going to let you free?". The Primagen tighten the grip he had on Jason. "Now you and your brothers souls will be mine!".

At exactly the same moment the sun began rise to meet the new day. All of a sudden the Primagen let out a loud wail as he let go of Jason and grabbed his face. The sunlight Alex thought light was the primagen's weakness. Alex quickly ran up to Jason and grabbed his arm, "lets get of here while we still can". Jason and Alex began running for the closed gates as the Primagen shielded his eyes from the sunlight. Alex gave Jason a push up as Jason began climbing the gate. Alex grabbed hold of the gate and began climbing over it too. "No!" shouted the Primagen as he leapt into the shadow and watched as Alex and Jason ran through the graveyard. The Primagen suddenly smiled, they would be back to save their friend, and he'd be ready for them….

Alex and Jason continued running through the graveyard without looking back. They ran out of the graveyard gates and onto the road. They stopped to catch their breath, "you ok?" asked Alex. "Yeah" replied Jason; he looked back "we're free, finally free". Alex nodded "but we'll have to go back, we have to save Michael". "Should we call the police?" asked Jason as they began walking down the road. "No" Alex replied "they wouldn't believe us". Suddenly the wind picked up and a piece of paper flew onto Alex's feet. He bent down and picked it up, his eyes widen in shock. "What is it?" asked Jason in curiosity. Alex showed Jason the piece of paper; it was a poster advertising Carnevil. "Its grand opening is tonight" Alex explained, "he's going to take the whole town over!". "What should we do?" Jason asked, Alex looked at Jason and answered "stop him once and for all".

Dark clouds moved over head of the town of Lakeside as it began to rain. Alex and Jason quickly ran through the road, their jackets over their heads to shelter themselves from the rain. Lightening struck as Jason and Alex entered Lakeside Public Library. They both walked down the long halls of the library. "So why are we here again?" asked Jason shaking his head from the water in his hair. "I'm looking for a book on the towns urban legends" Alex replied as he began searching the shelves. "Hopefully there be something here that will tell us how to stop the Primagen" continued Alex as he ran his hand across the row of books. Jason turned to the opposite shelve and began searching the books. He came across a book labeled LAKESIDE URBAN LEGENDS. "Found it!" exclaimed Jason as he grabbed the book and held it his hands. "Good" replied Alex as he took the book from his hands. They both walked up to a table and sat down.

Alex opened the red book cover and began to go through the pages. The book was old, dusty and the pages were decayed. "What are you looking for?" asked Jason, "the story of the Primagen statue" replied Alex his eyes deeply buried in the book. Alex turned a page, "here it is!" exclaimed Alex. "Ssssh" came a voice behind them, it was the librarian. "Sorry" Alex whispered as he turned his focus back on the book. "This is the story of the Primagen" Alex whispered to Jason. They read the following story of the Primagen: In the year 1799 an evil force known as the Primagen arrived to the small town of Lakeside. The force took over the entire town and besieged it with hideous creatures, which attacked civilians by night. The people were helpless to the power as the Primagen took their souls in order to become the ultimate being. A boy by the name of Douglas Fox discovered that the cemetery was the Primagen's hiding ground. With the help of an old Indian man they he discovered that the Primagen's was a special light amulet. Douglas burnt the entire cemetery and confronted the Primagen. The fire raged through the Primagen's lair as Douglas used the Primagens power against himself by using the power of the amulet. The town was saved and the souls of the people were restored. The Primagen was concealed in the statue and legend has it he will free himself from his concealment and bring his evil forth again. However he will stay concealed in the cemetery until he has enough souls to be fully free to the entire world "Woah" Jason said, "that's quite a story". "I guess the Primagen waited two hundred years until he could free himself from the statue" explained Alex. "What do we do now?" asked Jason, "we have to find that amulet, it's the only way of stopping the Primagen". Jason got up; "the question is how".

"Maybe the museum can offer us some help" Alex replied closing the book, "it's the only hope we've got". As the two boys left the library they saw a crowd of people reading a poster on the billboard. They saw a small boy tugging his mother's hands asking her "can we go the carnival mommy? Please?" The mother turned around and answered "yes we will go". Alex and Jason stared at each other for a moment. "What's happening?" asked Jason as they walked down the stairs and onto the side path. "I don't know" replied Alex "but the Primagen is somehow using his power to convince people to go to the carnival tonight, he's luring them in".

The two boys made their way to Lakeside Museum and walked inside. They looked around the giant entrance and say old paintings, artifacts and books all dated hundreds of years ago. "Can I help you?" came a voice behind them a they turned to see a man in a suit wearing the museum logo. "Uh yes would you have anything here that's dated two hundred years old?" asked Alex. He noticed the man flinch as he wiped his glasses with a cloth "why yes we do" he replied "what exactly are you after?". Jason looked at Alex, as Alex took a moment to pause. "The Primagen" Alex replied, the man looked shocked. "Why, you know that's nothing but a made up legend" the man answered. "No its not" Alex replied as he showed one of the Carnevil posters in the mans face. The man glanced down "Oh my, I was afraid of this day" he replied. Alex and Jason looked at each other in confusion.

The man looked up; "allow me to introduce myself" the man responded "my name is Edward Fox I'm the head of this museum". "I'm Alex and this is Jason" Alex replied pointing to Jason. "Did you say Fox?" Jason asked "are you related to Douglas Fox?". Edward nodded, "we should talk somewhere else, I think I know what you're after". Edward started walking down the hall as the two boys eagerly followed him.


o let me get this straight" Edward said " the Primagen is back and he has a carnival in the cemetery and it opens tonight". The two boys nodded, they were in Edward's office and had just told Edward the whole story. " That's quite a story" Edward replied taking off his glasses. "And your friend Michael was caught by the Primagen" Edward asked, "yes" Alex replied "we have to get that amulet and stop him".

" I think I can help you" Edward responded as he sat down in his chair. " My great great grandfather was Douglas Fox" Edward explained "he defeated the Primagen with this use of a sacred Indian amulet". "Yeah we read about that," said Alex, " well after the Primagen was defeated he was not destroyed". "He became a statue and the Indians worried that he would break the seal in the future. So they allowed Douglas to keep the amulet in hopes that his descendants would defeat the Primagen should he come again". "So what happened?" asked Jason. "Douglas feared the amulet would get into the wrong hands so he hid the amulet and drew up a map of its location". Edward opened a draw and drew out a key then he walked over to a painting on the wall. He removed the painting and revealed a safe. "Douglas kept the map in his will with a letter explaining the importance of the amulet" Edward explained as he opened up the safe slowly and withdrew the map that was rolled up.

Edward handed the map to Alex. "This map has been passed generation from generation in my family in hopes that when the day comes we'll be ready". Alex unrolled the map as Jason leaned against him looking at. On the map it showed a path through Lakeside forest to the location of the amulet marked X. "You better hurry you haven't much time till sunset" Edward told them. "Can you help us?" asked Jason; Edward shook his head "I'm sorry I'm getting old, id only slow you down". Alex got up "thank you"; Edward got up and shook their hands "good luck". As Alex and Jason left the office Edward muttered under his breath "you'll need it".

"Alright!" exclaimed Jason as they left the museum "we're finally going to stop the Primagen". Alex smiled but stopped after he looked up at the sky, "what is it?" asked Jason. Jason looked up and saw dark clouds forming over the cemetery. "Lets go we don't have much time" Alex replied.

The two boys ran into Lakeside forest as Alex held the map up in his hands, "where to?" asked Jason. "This way" Alex said as Jason followed him through the bushes to a clearing. They stood in front of a giant close down mine. "We have to go in," Alex said looking down at the map, "what?" Jason exclaimed "the old Rogers Mine? Its been closed down for years". " It says here he buried here," Alex said as he walked up to the opening of the mine. Alex grabbed the plank of wood that said CLOSED and ripped it off. Jason ran up and got a shovel that lay on the ground as Alex pulled out a torch, he bought before they started to look for the amulet. He flicked on the torch and shone it inside, "well here goes nothing," Alex said as he and Jason carefully entered the mine.

Darkness was all that Michael could see…pure darkness. He slowly opened his eyes; his head was throbbing in pain. He titled his head and suddenly felt a rush of pain as he rested his head against the wall. He looked around and noticed he was chained against the wall as he pulled on the chains. Michael closed his eyes; he tried to remember what had happened to him. The last thought was of Alex, Jason and himself going over a waterfall and he remembered as he plunged into the water two hands gripped his shoulders and pulled him away. Then everything had gone black. Michael began to wonder what happened to Alex and Jason when he heard the sound of a door open. "Who's there?" asked Michael weakly as he tried to open his eyes wider. A figure appeared from the shadows, it was the Primagen. "Ah" the Primagen replied "I see that you have awoken". "We're are my friends?" asked Michael in anger, the Primagen grinned and stepped up to him. "They made it out of here" he replied as Michael gave him a cold stare. "No need to worry though" said the Primagen "they'll be back soon enough to try and save you". Michael was silent, the Primagen circled him "and when they do, I will take their souls along with the souls of your whole town!". The Primagen moved right into his face, "what do you think of that?". Michael frowned at him and suddenly spat on his face, "I'm not afraid of you". The Primagen moved back in anger and shocked Michael with a bolt of lightening as he shouted in pain. The Primagen glared at him, "well you should be" he responded "because tonight your town won't be known as Lakeside anymore, it will be known as hell".

Alex shone his torch down the mine as Jason closely followed behind him. Alex looked at the map "Douglas must have buried the amulet deep in this mine". They walked on as small rocks from the ceiling began falling down as dust began appearing around them. Jason coughed as waved the dust away from his face "I don't think this is really safe". Alex shone his torch on the ground and saw a bundle of helmets with cobwebs on them. He picked two up and threw one to Jason as he caught it. "Wear that it should keep us safe" Alex told Jason as he fasten the helmet on his head. They continued down the mine as Alex carefully read the map.

Suddenly the ground underneath the both of them cracks and collapses as the two boys fall down. The two boys shouted as they fell down and landed in a crate that was on a railway. Suddenly the crate began to move as Alex and Jason weakly sat up. "Oh no" Alex said as he looked around as the crate began to move faster down the railway. Jason looked around as they flashed past bundles of coal and rock. "This is cool" remarked Jason as the crate turned a corner and proceeded straight ahead. "No it is" Alex replied "according to the map this railway was never finished!" Jason looked at Alex in shock as they pasted a sign reading END OF RAIL NEAR. Alex looked ahead and saw the unfinished rail and the deep hole that followed. Alex began to panic his heart was racing, he looked around, he needed and idea fast or he and Jason were as good as dead. The crate began to approach the end of the rail, getting closer and closer…

Alex's eyes darted to the ceiling where he saw a group of cables hanging down. He had an idea; he and Alex could grab the cables just before the crate went over. "Jason" Alex commanded "see those cables?", Jason nodded. "We need to grab them before the crate goes over ok?" instructed Alex "Ok" replied Jason as he slowly began to stand up on the crate. The crate suddenly reached the end as Jason and Alex leapt up and grabbed the cables as the crate flew off over the cliff. Jason and Alex began to swing wildly on the cables as they try to keep control. "I'm slipping!" shouted Jason as his hands began to slide down the cable. Alex held tightly on his cable and tried swinging himself over to Jason as Jason began to edge lower to the cables end. Finally Alex managed work up enough control to swing over to Jason and grab his arm. The two then made it to the other side. "Phew that was close" sighed Jason as he got back on his feet; Alex began searching his pockets. "Oh no I lost the map" said Alex as Jason fiddled with the one torch they has left. It suddenly came to life shining only a weak beam of light, "well we might as well keep moving forward" suggested Alex as they started walking deeper into the mine.

The two boys continued walking until they came to a dead end. "Uh oh" cried Jason as they stared at the rock wall in front of them. "This is no good" Alex remarked "now we're stuck here and no one knows where we are!" Alex turned and leaned against the wall, suddenly a huge click sound was heard and the wall began to move revealing a tunnel. "Woah!" exclaimed Jason as he shone his torch through the tunnel "good work Alex". Alex peered inside the tunnel, "well let's go in".

They continued walking down the dark tunnel when they could hear a sound. "Do you hear that?" asked Alex as Jason stopped. "Yeah it's a gushing sound up ahead" replied Jason; the two boys made it out of the tunnel to large open spaced area with a waterfall and large lake. The boys realised they were standing on a ledge and water surrounded them everywhere. "Wow" Alex remarked "a waterfall all the way down here". "It must be coming from the lake on top" Jason explained as he shone his torch all around the room where giant pillars of rocks stood. "Now how do we find the amulet?" asked Jason "for all we know it could be someone underwater". "Wait I remember!" Alex exclaimed, "it's behind the waterfall".

The stone pillars made a path to the waterfall as Jason and Alex slowly and cautiously made their way from one pillar to another. They now stood in front of the giant waterfall as the water loudly gushed down. Alex put his hand through the waterfall as he got drenched in water. "Yep there's a cave behind this waterfall," said Alex as he removed his hand from the waterfall. "Lets go for it" Alex told Jason as he stepped back and walked through the waterfall as Jason followed.

Alex and Jason both made it to the other side of the waterfall as water dripped through their hair and clothes. Jason's torch suddenly flickered off as the two boys looked around the cave they were in. Alex turned his head and noticed a small source of light up ahead, "this way" Alex motioned as Jason followed him down the tunnel. They came to a small room with a hole in the ceiling giving sunlight. There stood a pillar with a golden box on top of it. Jason looked up at the hole above them "I know where we are!" exclaimed Jason "this is the old well nest to the lake". "Oh yeah" Alex replied looking around, his eyes finally fell upon the stone pillar with the box on it. Alex slowly walked up to the pillar and tried to pull of the box but it was stuck. So gently Alex opened the box by unclipping the locks that were on it. He opened it up to reveal a shiny, sparkling golden circular amulet that had a red ruby placed in the middle and was attached to a chain.


lex's eyes widened as he took the amulet from the box and held it up high. Jason walked over to him and saw the amulet "wow!" he exclaimed, "we found it". "You bet we did" smiled Alex as he put around his neck "this is what is going to defeat the Primagen". Suddenly the sunlight above them disappeared, as it grew dark, the ground beneath them began to shake. "What's happening?" asked Jason as he grabbed onto the wall to keep balance. Alex held on the stone pillar and looked at his watch, "the sun has set" he replied "its time".

Another shake came as a flood of water rushed through the cave to Alex and Jason. "This place is flooding!" shouted Jason, Alex looked up at the opening "that's good the water will rise us up to the top of the well" he explained. The water quickly entered the room as it began to rise up to their knees. Alex waded over to Jason and grabbed his hand "we're going to be ok". The water continued to rise further as the two boys began treading water. They continued to get higher and higher up the well. "My legs are getting tired" complained Jason as they made it half way up the well. "Keep on going we've almost made it!". The water had reached up to their necks as they continued treading water and get closer to the top. The two boys were panting and gasping for air as they reached the top of the well. The water flooded them out as they collapsed down onto the grass. They smelled the breath of fresh air as Alex got up on his feet and drenched the water from his clothes. Jason got up panting trying to catch his breath. Alex looked up to the purple sky as the sun set behind the clouds and the white moon appeared. Alex turned to Jason, "its time" he said "its time we stop the Primagen and rescue Michael".

The sun was down and the moon was up as darkness fell on Lakeside. Alex and Jason walked down the empty streets as they made their way to the graveyard. "Where is everybody?" asked Jason looking around. "Probably all at the graveyard, the Primagen must have cast a spell on the whole town while we were trapped inside Carnevil" explained Alex as they walked onwards. "Do you think we'll stop him?" asked Jason, Alex stopped and turned to Jason. "I think we have a chance, all we need is faith" replied Alex, Jason looked up at Alex and responded "I'm afraid". Alex nodded, "so am I Jase…so am I".

Dark clouds hovered over Lakeside Graveyard as the Primagen peered down on his carnival from his tower. He gave a wicked smile as he saw the queue of people waiting outside the Carnevil gates. He turned around and looked at the chained up Michael. "My souls have arrived" he sinisterly remarked. Michael gave him a cold glare "you won't win, you were beaten once and you'll be beaten again". The Primagen laughed "you underestimate me boy". He circled Michael "you are either extremely brave or extremely stupid for making such a statement" he replied. "You see when I take these peoples souls I shall become immortal and ruler of this entire planet. And you're my bait" he gleamed "and I'll catch your friends when they come". He turned around and looked back down at his Carnival and replied evilly "now if you will excuse me, I have a show to put on".

Alex and Jason quietly entered the graveyard gates and hid amongst the trees as they looked ahead at Carnevil. They saw a whole crowd of people waiting outside the gates of Carnevil in a zombie like state. "Look at all these people!" exclaimed Jason "the whole towns here!". "Lucky for us mom and dad are at Boston huh?" Alex said, as he looked amongst all the people "we should be able to sneak in easily". The two boys mixed in with the crowd and noticed they all had the golden admission coins to get inside. Jason accidentally bumped into his math teacher, "uh hi Mr. Ross". The teacher looked back at him blankly as Jason quickly followed Alex. "Your right Alex" said Jason "he did put all these people under a weird spell". Suddenly the gates opened and the people began walking in playing their coins inside the clown head statue and walking through. Alex and Jason quickly slipped in unnoticed as they entered the place they once escaped…. Carnevil…and there was no turning back.

The mob of people entered Carnevil stopped when they noticed the Primagen who stood tall on a high pillar. "Welcome Lakeside to Carnevil!" he shouted "the place where fun and horror are mixed into one great fun theme park!". The people cheered and whistled as Jason and Alex looked around in shock and confusion. "Feel free to ride any rides and remember to have fun!". The people let out another cheer and broke free going their separate ways. Alex looked to Jason "we don't have much time, when each person gets on a ride they will lose their soul". They noticed the Primagen enter a huge tower, "that way" pointed Alex as they both made run for it.

They entered the dark tower and noticed a long spiral staircase. They slowly walked up the stairs until they came to the entrance of a dark room. They saw Michael chained with a gag in his mouth. "Michael!" shouted Jason as he ran over to him, Michael was shouting something behind his gag as Jason and Alex ran up to him. Alex removed the gag from his mouth as Michael coughed "it's a trap!". Suddenly the door behind them closed and green light lighted the room. They turned around and saw the Primagen there in a black cloak "well, well look who it is" he grinned. Behind the Primagen stood a giant green electric ball with ghostly faces in it. "Those are the souls that are reaching me" the Primagen explained "I'm getting more powerful each second". His eyes glowed red as he let out a wicked grin. Alex stepped up "those souls wont be yours for long" he threatened as Jason freed Michael from his chains. "Oh please I've heard it all before" rasped the Primagen as he stepped forward "I will rule this world!" in anger Michael ran up to the Primagen, the Primagen turned around and pushed Michael. Michael went flying in the air as he smashed through the window of the tower as glass flew everywhere. "Michael!" shouted Alex as the Primagen turned and looked at him. "Your turn!" he rasped as he flew at Alex and punched him across the room. "No!" shouted Jason as he grabbed the Primagen's arm. The Primagen laughed and back-flipped in the air and kicked Jason across the room. Alex weakly got up as the Primagen threw sparks of lightening across the room, one missed Alex by an inch.

Michael meanwhile was hanging on a ledge looking down at the ground. With all his strength he pushed himself up onto the window and saw the Primagen and Alex in battle. Michael weakly made it over the window and back into the room. The Primagen swooped down at Alex and grabbed him. Alex could feel himself getting weaker as the Primagen tried draining his soul. Michael staggered behind the Primagen and struck him in the head with a plank of wood as the Primagen released Alex and fell back on the ground. "Let's get out of here!" Michael shouted as he helped Jason up from the ground. The three of them ran down the stairs and out of the tower as the Primagen got back on his feet and flew out of the tower.

Alex looked around and noticed the Fun house. "This way guys" he motioned as they all ran into the fun house. The Primagen noticed them and swooped down into the fun house. He let out a laugh; he was getting stronger and more powerful. The fun house was huge with glass mirrors everywhere. Jason, Alex and Michael continued running through passing the mirrors, which changed their shaped. "Why are we here?" asked Michael weakly he was bleeding and had cuts all over his face. "I have an idea" Alex replied as they heard the loud steps of the Primagen. "You can run buy you can't hide," he shouted as the steps got closer and closer to them.

Alex looked at Jason and told him "you and Michael stay here" they both nodded. Alex slowly got up and walked toward the sound of the steps. The Primagen continued to walk then stopped and turned to a mirror. Alex stopped suddenly and turned around and looked at the mirror in front of him, it had the Primagen looking at him. Alex gaped and ducked cover his head with his arms as the mirror smashed into pieces as all pieces fell on him. Alex got up and started running as the mirrors on his sides began smashing into pieces. Glass was flying everywhere as the Primagen closed in on him. Alex stopped as the Primagen looked at him and gave him a cold glare. The Primagen then spun around and threw an electric ball at Alex. It struck Alex and caused him to fly through the air and smash through a mirror backwards. Alex landed flat on his back as he could feel himself bleed. The Primagen laughed as he hovered in the air "I am the most powerful being on earth you don't really think you can stop me!". Alex felt so weak; he was breathing hard as he held onto the amulet that he had around his neck. He had flashbacks of all the horrors he had experienced the lizard man, the goblin, the zombies…he had survived all that and to give up now would be useless. Part of him was telling him to fight on to stay strong…to win. The amulet began to shine as Alex could feel the power to keep going to have strength over fear, honor over hate and peace over anger.

The Primagen walked up to Alex and shook his head, "so weak" he remarked "but your soul now belongs to me". The Primagen closed his eyes as his hand began to glow green as he began drawing out Alex's soul. Alex felt a sudden shock he could something being taken away, Alex breathed hard…I have to hold on…I have to have the strength…Alex fought for his soul and turned and held up the amulet. The Primagen's eyes widen "No!" he shouted. Alex smiled "yes!", and he shone the amulet the Primagen's face as his power was absorbed into the amulet. The amulet suddenly shone out a blue laser beam that ripped through the Primagen's chest as he let out a loud roaring scream. "Nooooooo!" screamed the Primagen as he began smashing into mirrors. Suddenly plaster began appearing on his skin he looked in shock "not again!" the Primagen began to slowly turn into a statue as the beam of light crawled all over his skin. He lifted his hands up in the air and roared as he stood still. Alex looked up and saw the Primagen was now what he was before…a statue.


ason and Michael ran up to the injured Alex who was lying down on the ground. "Are you ok?" asked Jason helping Alex up. "I'll live" Alex replied as Michael helped Alex up as well. They all stared at the statue of the Primagen "you did it!" Michael said walking up to the statue "how's it feel to be dead jerk?" the statue stood silent as Michael and Jason helped Alex out of the fun house.

They stared at the tower as all the souls began to fly out and go back into the people who were on the rides. The rides suddenly stopped and the people began to realise where they were. "We stopped it" Jason said happily turning to Alex who remained silent. "What's wrong Alex?" asked Jason. Alex shook his head "he's not dead, he's trapped". Michael turned his head and asked "what?" Jason nodded "he's right we read the legend of the Primagen". "He'll be a statue for another two hundred years before he comes back alive" Alex explained to confused Michael. Michael shook his head "why don't we just smash the statue?" he asked. Alex shook his head "no, smashing it might just release him again". "So what do we do?" asked Michael, Alex sighed "the only thing we can do, leave it here". Jason looked at Alex "and let the people in two hundred years time worry about it?" Alex sighed "yes".

The people around them started moving out of Carnevil in a hurry and soon enough Alex, Jason and Michael were the only ones left there. The dark clouds moved away as the stars of the night blinked and the pale white moon shone down on them. Alex slowly took off the amulet and looked at it "this is the key to stopping the Primagen who ever has it can stop him". Michael looked at him "what are you going do?" Alex looked back "give it to its rightful owner".

The sun shone down on Lakeside, the birds sang as the flowers blossomed; the town was alive again with people. Alex stood outside the Lakeside museum as he noticed Edward Douglas walk up the stairs. He stopped when he saw Alex, "Alex!" he exclaimed as walked over to him. He noticed a sling on Alex's arm "you did it didn't you?" he asked. Alex nodded smiling then he revealed the amulet in his hand. Edwards eyes widen " I believe this belongs to you" Alex said as he handed the amulet to Edward. "Thank you" Edward replied "I'll take special care of it". Edward then said "I was at Carnevil last night but the funny thing is I don't remember anything". Alex looked at him and replied "the Primagen had the whole town under his spell, I stopped him the thing is he'll be back". Edward nodded in response, "and we'll be ready for him". Alex smiled "I hope so".

Alex said goodbye to Edward and walked down the stairs to Michael and Jason. "Towns back to normal all evils gone let's party!" Michael shouted happily. Alex grinned "yeah this does call for a celebration". Alex turned to his friends "you know what this whole experience has taught me?" Jason looked at Alex "what?". Alex smiled then replied "never to take dares again" they all laughed as they walked towards the sunrise.


The graveyard stood still and bare, the remains of Carnevil scattered and destroyed by wind. The golden admission coins lie on the ground the rides all motionless as the wind blew slowly through what was left.

There in the smashed fun house stood the statue of the Primagen with his hands up in the air. The soul of the Primagen beats inside waiting, waiting to be released. A small pick up truck drove through the graveyard and stopped in front of the Carnevil gates. The door opened and a tall man in dark sunglasses stepped out. He shook his head as he looked at what was left of Carnevil.

He opened the gate slowly and walked through Carnevil staring around the area. He unfolded a piece of paper, looked at it and placed it again in his pocket. The man started to walk over to the fun house as he stepped on the glass that lay scattered all over the ground. "There you are" the man smiled as he walked up to the statue of the Primagen, the man shouted "Jimmy come over here!" the door of the pick up truck opened again and out stepped a young boy called Jimmy. He entered through the gates and walked over to his father "did u find it pops?" his father turned around "yep it's exactly where the letter said it would be". "Looks like we got ourselves another statue" his father grinned "how much do you think we'll get for it?" asked Jimmy.

His father shook his head "I'm not sure, but help me move it over to the truck". They stepped over the statue as the father took one side and Jimmy took the other. "Now be real careful" his father told him as they started moving it out of the fun house and to the pick up truck. Suddenly a small gust of wind blew in they rocked the statue a bit. "You got it?" asked Jimmy's father. "Yeah it was just the wind" replied Jimmy as they continued to move the statue out to the pick up truck. Just as they were about to load the statue onto the pick up tuck another strong gust of wind blew in and rocked the statue. Jimmy let go of the statue as it flew out of their hands and smashed into pieces onto the ground….