~*Little Girl*~

Little girl laying down
Her heart pounding in her ears
The precious air which she holds so dear
Is slipping away from her tender lips
Black, blue, purple her body is covered with scars
The scars from being beaten, by someone held so close
She can hear the footsteps as he returns
His belt held in hand, he stands tall and proud
A devil like look plastered on his face
He begins his rein of terror upon her fragile body
Mouth filled with blood, it gets harder and harder to breathe
Knowing her life is slipping away, he puts all his strength into it
She screams out the last word that he will ever hear
The words coming from tainted red lips

Ok, so what didju think? It took me awhile to think of, and hopefully it makes sense~! ^^; Umm..please review, even if you hate it, just say so, so then I can improve~! Arigatou~*