Its . . . over. Wow, I never thought I'd ever actually say that. The original Guardian started in about September, just after I completed Final Fantasy 9. It started out as an idea for a roleplay game, then became a manga, then, in February, the first chapter was typed on Microsoft. A story that I planned to have finished by Summer, ended up taking 13 months to write up, and I still plan on re-editing it after the exams. I also have plans for a Sequel.

But first, I want to thank these people. For always encouraging me and giving me hints . . .

My brother: You were the one who first got me interested in the Final Fantasy games. I would never have become so obsessed with role plays if it hadn't been for you, and Guardian would never have been created. You were also the first to read it, and tell me what you thought.

My Dad: Who always told me to write as hard as could, to make him rich. And to my mum, as if it hadn't been for her, this story would have probably been finished months later!

My friend Jennifer: You were the only one of my friends who ever bothered to ask how it was going, and then take the time to try and read it.

* * *

And of course, to all my reviewers . . .

Damion Axces: My first reviewer. I hope you read it till the very end too.

Sorceress_Rina: Thanks Rina! You were the one who told me about Everyone thank her! You would never have read Guardian if it wasn't for her!

Cinnabar Scarlett: I was close to giving up on Guardian until you showed up. I had written so many chapters, and only got two reviews. I'm sorry you couldn't take the name Gau seriously though^_^

Autumngold: Where do I start? You've reviewed practically every chapter. You and Crystal Angel entertained me during the reviews, you lavished me with praise, AND you both checked out my website. You even included my characters in a humour story you wrote, and wanted to do a 'You Know You're Obsessed With Guardian' list!

CenYa: As far as I know, Maegan's first fan. I hope you enjoyed the fact that it was Maegan in the first chapter.

Crystal Angel1: You, like AutumnGold have been there through thick and thin, and didn't hesitate to tell me when you didn't like an idea (especially when it included death). You checked out the site too, and then complimented my pictures (by this time my ego cant GET any bigger!)

Ravyn Crescent: Hmm, well, you kidnapped my characters, then stole some of my funnier lines, THEN got me obsessed with OCC's, taking my attention away from Guardian. Oh who am I kidding? You're one of my closest friends, and faithful Guardian fan.

Hikari4: Glad you enjoyed the story!

Eika: You came in pretty late, but reviewed almost as much as RC, AG, and CA. AND your name is easier to write than theirs!

Shadow Dancer: I first found out you were reading Guardian when I was added to your favourite authors. BTW guys, she has a good original fic she's working on too, but I never got round to adding it to Zeke's 'advertising' scheme.

Magic Girl2: Ravyn told you about this story, and I started to realise something around this time. People DO actually like my work when they start reading it. Its just GETTING them to read it. (My mother tried reading it, but decided after the chains in RECTON, that she would pass)

Liz: I went into Maegans past. I hope you enjoyed it.

Lady of the Wolf: Ditto

Evilryokojesseandfiend: I'm glad you enjoyed Guardian, and gave me a chance (even though I don't like Cowboy Bebop^_^)

Honeybear: Oh yeah. My dream is for this to become a game. Not that it'll happen though.

Pinkpiggy: Maegan seemed to get a lot of fans very quickly! And to think, I was originally going to send Rei with them!

Hiro-0911: You'll probably be the first to read this all the way through without waiting for updates!

Big Illusionz: Don't worry, Rettin's still alive!

* * *

These are the people that make up my 219 reviews. I should have author notes up tonight as well.

NOTE: I'm planning to re-edit the story, and take out all OCC and links. So next time you read this story, it could be completely different . . .