A/N:  Yeah, I have no idea where this came from…not written about anyone really, just something that popped into my head one day that I had to get down on paper. Hope you like. :D

You gave me red roses, I gave you my love,

I thought I was blessed by an angel above.

But you hurt me and taught me love comes at a cost,

I'm scared and alone now, my whole world is lost.

You said you would love me 'til death do us part,

That you'd hold me and nothing would tear us apart.

It's too good to be true, I wish I'd known then,

That those words were all lies, you just hurt me again.

I gave you my love with a heart that was true,

Lost my family, my friends, and my innocence too.

What you gave in return was not love, I'm now sure,

Just heartbreaking pain and a soul that's now torn.

Why did you leave me when you said you'd stay?

My life has no meaning now that you're away.

You're all that I had, why'd your life have to end?

I'll miss you forever, my lover, my friend.