"Believe" - Alicia

Do you believe in things unseen? Like fairy
dust, and angel's wings? Do you believe in love
and dreams? Or do you leave things the way
they seem?
Do you see through children's eyes? Nor laugh
nor tear can dim your sight? Do you still
wish on stars at night? Still love the colors
of a sun setting sky?
Do you still know what you want to do, when
all is said, and all is through? Or do you
follow the path they want you to? Do you act
yourself, or who they choose?
Do you believe in yesteryear? Or forget the
road, when they ask you where? Do you
believe in today, when you are ready, and all
is okay? Do you believe in tomorrow, do you
look forward to the pain, or forget the
sorrow? Remember the child who can forgive,
loves everyday, for he lives. Be as he who
can love, dream, and above all, believe.